Get the Best out of your Breakfast: Tasty Ideas for Busy Mums

We’ve all heard it before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but it’s especially true when you’re expecting. Running out the door & grabbing a latte-to-go just won’t cut it any more – you are eating for two now, so a full healthy breakfast is vital to kick start the energy you’ll need to get you through the day. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely weekend breakfast lounging in maternity pyjamas, or grabbing something quick before you head into the office – here are our top tips for getting the best out of your breakfast.


Toast topping ideas

The humble slice of toast tends to get a bad rep when it comes breakfast – it’s seen as the safe, predictable, somewhat boring option. When actually, with just a little imagination and a touch of creativity in the kitchen it can be so much more! Your average slice can form the basis of a whole world of incredible culinary creations! The tried and tested options will always be a hit – let’s hear it for avocado & egg, a decadent smoked salmon & cream cheese, and a totally indulgent peanut butter & banana… But what about mixing it up with some brand new combinations? Try peanut butter with chopped celery & raisins – ants on a log on toast anyone? -, fresh basil with cream cheese & mixed berries, or creamy ricotta & honey topped with juicy sliced pear – yum!

Check out this mouth-watering Buzzfeed list for all these and more!


Breakfast smoothie ideas






















A breakfast smoothie is a fantastic way to kick off your day – packed full of vitamins, nutrients and all sorts of other good stuff; they taste great, are quick to make, easily transportable, and can even be prepared the night before, making for a super easy morning option.

These are a few of our favourite recipes at Seraphine HQ:

The Green Smoothie from Bri at Our Savoury Life.

The Berry Smoothie from Chungah at Damn Delicious.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie from Ashley at Baker by Nature.


cereal ideas






















A bowl of cereal is another standard morning option which is often unfairly judged as unimaginative. All it takes is a bit of yoghurt and sliced fruit, raisins, nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, a drizzle of honey or whatever else you fancy, and you take your bowl to a whole other level.

Why not try making your own granola for a totally unique breakfast experience.


Hungry for more breakfast themed inspiration?… Check out our Breakfast Pinterest Board!



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