Christina Milian Does Social Distancing with Seraphine’s Babywearing Hoodie

As the mother of a brand-new baby, actress & singer Christina Milian’s journey through the coronavirus pandemic has been 100% relatable.

Like the rest of us, over the course of just two weeks, she’s gone from worry & last-minute changes in travel plans to making the most of life at home with family.

And our 3 in 1 babywearing hoodie has seen her through the whole saga.

Christina Milian carries her son Isiah in a Seraphine babywearing Hoodie

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Christina’s son Isiah was born in January, and she was visiting family & friends in Paris at the start of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe.

Christina had to make some last-minute changes to get home to LA before the US travel ban came into operation.

Our 3 in 1 Babywearing Hoodie was the perfect cover up for her travel day. The kangaroo pouch at the front allowed her to zip up the style over her son in his baby carrier, keeping both mum and baby cosy & covered in the airport and throughout the flight.

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Since then, she’s settled into life at home & is now enjoying the down time with her partner, baby son and 10-year-old daughter Violet.

She posted the above picture to Instagram, wearing Isiah in our 3 in 1 hoodie, along with the caption:

“On the bright side of it all… Goofing around, making tiktok’s, cooking, FaceTiming friends, Netflix and chilling, eating, exercising & then eating again.. it’s not that bad at all. Let’s make the best out of this, cause who knows what tomorrow may bring. Sending love and light 😘”

We couldn’t agree more!

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