Maternity fashion faux-pas and the real you

Kelly is mum to Isaac (2) and eight months’ pregnant with her second child. She has worked in media for over 15 years with roles spanning advertising, publishing and product management. She recently started blogging for MSN as their Royal Baby blogger on how it feels to be expecting at the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge


As MSN’s royal baby blogger, I am transfixed by the royal pregnancy and all things Duchess of Cambridge currently.  I admire the way that she has kept true to her tailored style and hasn’t morphed into someone she isn’t by swapping elegance for bodycon dresses and leggings.  For me she’s an excellent example of someone who has stayed true to their own style but has ensured that pieces remain flattering and colours brighten her complexion.

On the other hand, thanks to the Mail Online. I am totally up to date with Kim Kardashian’s latest fashion faux pas. I applaud her for being normal and putting on weight whilst pregnant (although maybe not for declaring that her sister was bigger in pregnancy than she is – ouch); it makes a change to see a celebrity bloom in pregnancy rather than refuse to succumb to their cravings.

IMHO she had a very hot body pre pregnancy and still is a gorgeous woman but perhaps not all her previous clothes are going to suit her. It’s a lesson that all pregnant women learn. That empire line dress that you had pre-pregnancy and you thought would stretch through your pregnancy, at some point becomes indecently short at the front. Your favourite tight fitting jacket becomes a shrug. There are days where you literally have nothing to wear that feels comfortable apart from an old sweatshirt and leggings.

The other lesson is that if it didn’t suit you pre-pregnancy, it won’t suit you now. Dresses that look mumsy on you pre-pregnancy will look even worse, tops that show too much cleavage, will look playboyesque and colours that drained you, will do you no favours now that you’re knackered and nauseous.

I never learn this of course. In preparation for our babymoon I ordered several pairs of loose summer trousers online to try. I’ve always found trousers really difficult to buy (I’m an apple shape) and have never, ever, ever, ever managed to find a flattering pair of wide leg linen trousers. So here I am with a big bump (and no brain) imagining now is the time to try to conquer styles that never suited me before. Each pair looked more and more ludicrous than the previous ones, climaxing with a pair that were so clown-like I could see the big top before my eyes.

So my top tips are

1.       Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you need to dress totally differently. Thankfully maternity smock dresses have been left in the 1980s.

2.       Be aware of your changing shape. If your legs are still your best feature you can enhance them in skinny jeans and shorter dresses.  The old saying “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative” still holds true

3.       If it didn’t suit you before it definitely won’t suit you now. You haven’t lost 20 pounds, you’ve gained 20 pounds (ouch!)

4.       Try to buy some clothes from shops where you regularly shopped before. They’ll have clothes that are true to your own style.

5.       Head to a specialist maternity fashion store like Seraphine for some wardrobe staples such as a great pair of flattering jeans, tops that flatter and skirts that don’t cut you in two.

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