My nursing wardrobe – by fashion writer Kerry Law

Kerry Law is a PR consultant and owner of KL PR + Communications. She also writes about fashion and style for a number of clients including Fashion London magazine. She welcomed her first baby into the world this April.



My little bundle of joy (Max) has now arrived – and with him, a new host of wardrobe issues that I thought I’d left behind in the delivery room.


Because now that I can start easing out of the maternity clothes that accommodated my ever-growing bump (although not immediately of course), I still can’t utilise the rest of my neglected wardrobe as I’m faced with the challenge of dressing practically for the next few months of nursing.

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For breastfeeding, it’s not just about ease of access. When getting dressed in the morning I look at every top, tunic or dress and also find myself considering how ‘discreet’ or ‘modest’ that item may be if there’s a chance I may be breastfeeding in public that day. Because sadly in our society, breastfeeding within sight of a stranger is sometimes frowned upon and even considered taboo. Some people believe that the most natural thing in the world – feeding your baby – should be done away from the public gaze and shamefully carried out in a locked cupboard (if they had their say!).


Thankfully, high-profile incidences, such as the mother who was labelled a ‘tramp’ by an unidentified troll on Facebook, has galvanised people to stand up for the right to breastfeed in public. Actress and ex-model Jaime King was deemed to be making a political statement when she recently shared an “intimate” snap of herself on Instagram breastfeeding her eight month-old son – “breastfeeding should not be taboo” she added.

So, I’ve decided to take inspiration from these women and ensure my wardrobe choices aren’t strangled by feeling I must hide away when nursing. Luckily, the nursing range at Seraphine is too good to hide away in!



My grey leopard print Seraphine scarf has already enjoyed a lot of outings for those times when I feel a bit of drapery is required (sometimes you may want to spare other people’s blushes, especially when you’re with friends or family who you know are too easily embarrassed). It’s large enough to amply cover breast and baby, and lightweight enough not to suffocate him in the summer heat. And it doesn’t look like an apologetic cover-up; just a really cool accessory!



I’ve got my eye on a few Seraphine dressesthe wrap dresses (loved by the Duchess of Cambridge) offer very easy access without compromising on style. I’m also currently wearing an ‘A Wear’ flamingo print dress that saw me through pregnancy as its wrap style is now perfect for nursing.



As with dresses, wrap-style tops are great nursing choices (my Top Shop wrap top from several seasons ago was ever present throughout my pregnancy, and is now a nursing wardrobe staple), but sometimes you need a change from the ‘same-same’ wrap style. Button-down shirts and blouses are great (and can soon, I hope, be tucked comfortably into my jeans again), especially bold colour and prints to add style and interest to an outfit with almost no thought or effort required (essential after nights of no sleep!). I still wear my Seraphine maternity tunic and long-line top as they both have shoulder zips or shoulder poppers to allow access for breastfeeding, while still offering a high neckline. I’ve also got my eye on the Seraphine striped long-sleeve top (great to wear with jeans or denim shorts) to keep up with this summer’s trend for stripes.


Now with a refreshed nursing wardrobe, I feel freer to get out and about and there’s no need for me and my little one to hide away!



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