HELLO! Editor Rosie Nixon: Pregnancy, Celebrity Gossip & Beauty Tips

Rosie Nixon is the editor of Hello! Magazine, and one of the most glamorous women in the media today. With previous credits at Grazia, Glamour and Red Magazine to her name, it’s safe to say that she knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and lifestyle! Rosie lives in London with her husband and 18 month old son Heath, and is expecting her second baby (a little brother!) later this year.


1)     We love your style! Can you sum up your look in 3 words?

 Classic with an edge (4 words, sorry)


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2)     As editor of Hello! You have a stylish image to maintain. How do you manage dressing your bump for work?

Seraphine has been my pregnancy style saviour for the second time, I honestly think you have all 3 trimesters covered better than any other maternity brand. During the early months I find more loose-fitting styles work better but once the bump ‘pops out’, figure-hugging dresses and tops are more flattering. I tend to wear mostly dresses at work as they look smarter, but at weekends I live in leggings with smock tops, vests and cozy sweaters or wraps.


3)     We’ve loved seeing you in Seraphine through both of your pregnancies. Do you have a favourite piece from our collection?

The Bump Kit London has been my wardrobe saviour throughout pregnancy. And I’ve totally fallen in love with the Graphic Floral Maternity and Nursing Dress – I love the slightly edgy print, clingy flattering style, and the fact I can wear it when I’m nursing too. I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it for as long as possible.



4)     There must be plenty of glamorous events to attend as part of your job – what’s the most exciting event you have coming up & what are you planning to wear?

I’ll be attending the GQ Awards soon and the following night am hosting a HELLO! table at the British Olympic Ball. I’ll be wearing Seraphine on both occasions – the claret lace dress for GQ and black lace detail wrap maternity gown for the ball. 



5)  You’ve interviewed a lot of famous people with Hello! what’s been the most exciting interview or celebrity home you’ve visited?

I’ve just returned from interviewing Jackie Collins in L.A. – she was fabulous personified and I can’t wait to invite you inside her Beverly Hills home in an upcoming issue. Other memorable interviewees include Robbie Williams on the eve of his wedding, and Sharon Osbourne is always a scream.


6)     We’ve heard a rumour you’ve written a book…

Yes, I’m very excited that my first novel, The Stylist, is going to be published by Harlequin (HarperCollins) in late January 2016. It’s a feast of red carpet fashion, celebrity meltdowns and features a big, exotic showbiz wedding. I REALLY hope you’ll enjoy reading it!



7)     With so much going on, finding the perfect work life balance must be tough – if you could have one super power what would it be & how would you use it?

To click my heels, Dorothy-style, and magic myself around town – especially at the end of the day when I can’t get home quick enough to put my little boy to bed.


8)     What’s your favourite restaurant for a romantic dinner, and which is your favourite for brunch with the girls?

I’m loving the new Soho House on Dean Street in London for mocktails, and I’m a fan of The Breakfast Club for their extensive brunch menu. I like to keep it local for romantic dinners and it’s always a treat to visit Trinity in Clapham, the food is exceptional.



9)     We are confiscating your makeup bag – you’re allowed to keep three essential cosmetics. What do you choose?

L’Occitane, Precious BB Cream SPF30 – it keeps skin moisturized, protected and is a fast, effective way to cover blemishes; Mac cream blusher and Bourgeois Ultra Curl Mascara. And I’ll beg you for my Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Wear Lipstick!


10)  We can’t get over your gorgeous shiny hair – what’s your secret?

Pregnancy. It is a miracle worker for hair.



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