Spring Baby Names: 10 Fresh Name Ideas For Your Spring Baby

There’s something extra special about a spring baby.

If your little one is set to arrive soon, you might like to consider one of our beautiful spring baby names.

Lush, vibrant & green or delicate feminine & floral – we’ve got something for everyone.



Spring baby names - April

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A beautiful month name, April is a classic choice enjoying a bit of a revival lately.

A cool quirky option compared to her ultra-feminine sister-month May, April brings images of spring showers, bright sunshine & vibrant flowers.



Spring baby names - Lily

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Light, delicate & incredibly feminine, Lily is one of the most popular classic flower names.

It has a lovely elegant sound and symbolises purity & innocence.



Spring baby names - Bud

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A strong boy’s name of English origin, this one brings to mind grassy fields & wide open spaces.

We think it’s a stylish choice for a little explorer.



Spring baby names - Eden

A biblical name meaning paradise, Eden conjures images of lush gardens in full bloom.

It’s been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years, and while you’re still more likely to hear it for a girl, we think it’s also beautiful for a boy.



Spring baby names - Rain

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Another gorgeous unisex name, Rain or it’s slightly more sophisticated cousin Raine has a cool, bohemian vibe about it.

We love the fresh feel and think it would make a perfect middle name for a boy or a girl.



Spring baby names - Pascal

A classic French name, traditionally given to boys born around Easter or Passover.

We also love the feminine version of this name Pascale.



Spring baby names - Magnolia

Another classic floral name, Magnolia blossoms are amongst the first to appear each spring.

Offering feminine charm and a whole host of adorable nicknames – Maggie, Nola, Noa, for a start – we believe this one is set to enjoy a revival.



Spring baby names - Heath

A common shortening of Buddy but not often seen as a name in its own right, we think Bud is an adorable option for a little boy.

Bringing to mind the first buds of spring, it’s perfect for a spring baby, putting a unique nature spin on the name.



Spring baby names - sage

Another nature name that works perfectly for both boys & girls, Sage manages to feel totally fresh & modern while conveying some truly ancient meanings.

Wisdom with an earthy, herbal twist – we think it’s beautiful.



Spring baby names - Clover

A nature name with a little more spark than your classic Rose or Daisy, Clover is a lovely choice for a little girl.

Associated with good luck, it conjures up images of lush green grass & sunshine.


Whether you opt for one of these lovely Spring baby names or you have something else in mind, we wish you all the best for welcoming your new little one!

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