New Seraphine Campaign: STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT TO SIT!

Pregnancy etiquette is making the headlines this week! Join the campaign now: #TheRightToSit

Would you like others to stand up and offer you a seat?

Many of you will have seen over the weekend how, pregnant Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson  sparked this country-wide debate about when it is right to give up your seat for a pregnant woman. It all started last Wednesday when Jo, currently seven months pregnant, stood at the back of the House of Commons for half an hour, clearly visible in her vibrant Fuchsia Seraphine Knot Front Maternity Dress, and nobody around her thought to offer her a seat.

It seems that even dressing your bump in the brightest, most beautiful maternity dresses around doesn’t guarantee that you will get noticed! Seraphine Founder Cecile Reinaud is taking a stand to defend the rights of pregnant women to a seat. She said: “Transport For London have been actively campaigning  to get people to give up seats for pregnant women for some time now  but priority seating should be available in all public areas. There needs to be greater awareness amongst  the public at large, that carrying a baby puts a real strain on your back and legs, and that having a seat is not a luxury but a necessity. As leaders in the maternity fashion market, we at Séraphine feel  that we have a role to play in voicing this issue.”

At Séraphine, we’re launching a campaign to give pregnant women a voice STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT TO SIT.


Jo-Swinson-2463958It has been fantastic to see such a positive public figure as Jo in our Seraphine maternity styles.

We are thrilled that she particularly loves our Turquoise Colour Block Maternity Dress.

We really admire the way she represents women in politics and manages to look effortlessly stylish along the way. We consider her to be an excellent role model for women in the work place.

Jo herself took to twitter to refute claims that she would consider the offer of a seat to be sexist:


So it is safe to say that Jo has no problem with accepting a seat if one is offered.

Here at Seraphine, we are seizing the opportunity to raise awareness, and get Britain standing up for the rights of pregnant women to sit.


For further information or to join the campaign, please contact Seraphine at or call 02074720210

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