It’s never too early to start bonding with baby! Stimulating your growing baby’s senses in the womb can be a lovely way of beginning to introduce the little one to the world that’s waiting to meet them.

Here are some fun ways to begin to awaken your baby’s senses through pregnancy:


Taste/ Smell

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Mix it up and experiment with plenty of flavours and foods during your pregnancy and your baby will be able to taste and smell the differences! The foods you eat affect the flavour of the amniotic fluid, and your baby can taste the difference between sweet and sour.  Some experts even believe that a babies who have been exposed to a variety of flavours in the womb are less likely to grow up to be fussy eaters! Here at Seraphine, we think this is the perfect excuse to go out for dinner and try all sorts of new cuisines – and we have the perfect selection of date night maternity dresses to choose from! For more info, check out this article on your baby’s developing nutritional intelligence in Plum Organics.



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Why not set aside 10 minutes every day to massage your belly with specialised pregnancy products like Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter or Oil. Taking this time out everyday will help you to relax, stimulate your baby through touch and will even help to prevent stretch marks while you’re at it. We think this is the perfect way to relax and wind down before bedtime – and this week we’re offering 20% off across our entire range of maternity pyjamas and nighties!



During the final month of your pregnancy, it can be fun to feel how your baby reacts to strong light stimuli, so why not try shining a torch at your bump? This can even be a good way of keeping baby awake longer in the evenings so that mummy and baby can get a better night’s sleep! Just make sure not to do it too often, and only when your little one is awake and active or else you could disrupt their sleeping patterns.



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Talk to your baby – read stories and play music because they can hear you! Not perfectly it has to be said, but they can respond to rhythmic speech patterns and music. As their mother, babies can distinguish the sound of your voice above all others and find it incredibly soothing to listen to. You can get dad involved in this too, as low frequency sounds travel the best, so why not let him read a story and introduce baby to the sound of his voice. Music is a great thing for you all to enjoy together, and it doesn’t have to be classical music either – any music that relaxes you will relax your baby!


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