Products that help cheat sleep – as road-tested by Ellie Crompton

This baby is going to be an ‘Angel Baby’ and a great sleeper I smiled to myself as I lay on the sofa reading The Baby Whisperer and playing Mozart to my bump. I am fairly relaxed, I reasoned, some might even say happy go lucky. I LOVE sleeping, ergo, my baby will be just the same as me. Babies pick up on vibes you know, so if I am all chilled out and zen, the baby will be too non? NON. My first baby hated being put down, would happily fall asleep in my arms and then having been gently lowered into a pre-warmed (I tried all the tricks) cot would wake instantly on next to no impact.  She hated naps in the day and woke at least twice a night until she was one.  This meant that I was very, very tired for about a year.  All I thought about was sleep. I became enraged when friends told me about their snoozy little bundles sleeping soundly through the night AND for two hours during the day and I began to look as demented and sleep starved as I felt.


Having returned to work at heat magazine after 7 month’s maternity leave I was extremely fortunate to have access to a whole arsenal of tiredness antidotes. As I hooked myself up to my breast pump in the fashion cupboard (seemed perfectly normal at the time) which doubled up as a beauty cupboard I would scan the shelves and grab any product that promised to soothe my puffy eyes and tighten and brighten my grey, sagging face.  There are of course no miracle potions and lotions out there but there are some creams that really do perk you up and make you feel a whole lot better. Yes, you may have walked to the corner shop with your jumper on inside out and a pair of knickers tying your hair back, but with a few wise beauty buys you can at least feel reassured that your face isn’t falling off and at the very least your thighs feel invigorated.


Maybe the sheer act of rebelling against the tiredness and doing something, anything to take control is what helps the most? Here are the products that I discovered in the fashion cupboard and a few more that I found during the early months with my second daughter. No, she didn’t sleep much either.


• Guerlain Midnight secret late night recovery treatment 30ml £65
A lovely indulgent treat that smells gorgeous and really does make your skin look better in the morning. Best reached for at around 3am.

• Eve Lom Cleanser 100ml £55
If you have time to do this three times a week it really is worth it. This cleanser may smell like a pet shop but it always works wonders when I have tired, flakey, spotty skin and I kick myself for not using it all the time.

• Origins Plantscription Anti-aging cream £46
I am dedicated to this cream which really does feel like a drink for my skin. I do think it has improved overall lines and complexion too.


• Bliss Hot Salt Scrub £28.60
Uplifting and invigorating  this is like a mini spa treatment in your own bathroom.

• This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray £16, This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil £25
When sleep is limited you might as well make the sleep you do get the most restful and effective sleep you can get. These products are relaxing, soothing and make you feel wonderfully cosseted.

• This Works Energy bank Bath and shower oil £37
Need to wake up? The essential oils in this will give you a boost.


• La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream, 20ml £212.00
Crazily expensive but definitely the best eye cream I have ever tried. I would consider buying it if I was flush otherwise I stick to Bobbi Brown’s excellent Hydrating Eye Cream £29

• Sarah Chapman Facialift Massager £25
This is a recent discovery and I am addicted. It gives you a mini lymphatic drainage massage and helps relax forehead wrinkles. I really notice a difference after a few minutes of rolling.

• Floradix – Floravital Herbal Iron and Vitamin Formula £9.99
A great tonic to help boost your energy levels and make sure you are getting enough vitamins especially good for when breastfeeding.

• Bobbi Brown creamy concealer £18
A thick concealer  with a great texture that covers the darkest shadows.


• Daniel Sandler WATERCOLOUR CRÈME ROUGE BLUSHER In Soft Peach £15.50
This ultimate flushed cheeks shade will instantly freshen up a sleep drained face.

• Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Nude £33
This is my hero product. Never clinging to wrinkles, not too sheer and not too heavy it creates a luminous, dewy complexion that looks very natural.

• Rimmel Wake me up instant radiance shimmer touch in shimmering sand £4.99 
An instant pick me up for the face. Dab on cheekbones, brow bones and apply a tiny dab on inner eye corners for a dewy, wide eyed look



Ellie Crompton is mother to Beatrix and Mathilde and a freelance Style Editor who has worked for Company, Elle and most notably heat magazine over the years. She recently started her blog The Mumday Times  ( where you can catch up on all her shopping tips, mum musings and more. 

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