Versatility is Key when Choosing Maternity Dresses

Fabulous fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Amy Antoinette recently wrote a lovely piece about our LUXE multi-way dress.
The ingenious front tie style of this beautiful cornflower blue maternity dress enables you to create many different looks from just one dress, and Amy has included some truly stunning pictures illustrating just a few of the myriad ways this dress can be worn.
This is a dress that you truly can wear again and again and yet never wear the same look twice – the ultimate versatile maternity dress !

This post got us thinking about what is important when putting together your capsule maternity wardrobe and the conclusion that we came up with, is that versatility is key – especially when it comes to maternity dresses. The aim is to find pieces that help you to look and feel sensational, that you can wear again and again without anybody noticing that you’re in the same dress. This may sound like a tall order, but here at Seraphine we have some truly excellent versatile maternity dresses for you to browse and try.

If it’s high octane glamour you’re looking for, you will be pleased to know that the multi-way maternity dress which Amy Antoinette reviewed is also available in a full length version which comes in an opulent royal blue. This red carpet worthy style is perfect for making a statement at the most glittering of evening affairs.


Multi way dressA classic versatile style, why not opt for one of our stylish little black maternity dresses?

The LBD is a notoriously versatile style – In the words of the great Karl Lagerfeld “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress” and we couldn’t agree more! There are simply so many ways of wearing it, and it can be truly astonishing how different one little dress can be made to look, simply by styling it with different accessories.

If you are looking for something a little more colourful, check out our signature knot front dress in vibrant orchid purple.

The flowing fabric and clever cut of this fabulous maternity dress makes it incredibly flattering on the female form before, during and after pregnancy, and the simple design and stylish jewel colour mean that it will look equally magnificent whether you are off to a glamorous evening party, a day in the office, or just picking up the kids from school!

So there you have it, with just a few fantastic looking, well made maternity dresses, you can get through your entire nine months in comfort and style, knowing that you will have a fresh new look for every occasion that comes your way!

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