NEW ARRIVAL: Our first-ever baby carrier is here

Seraphine’s baby carrier, the CARIPOD is here created by our design team to ease the babywearing worries they know new parents have, because they’ve had them, too! Find out what makes this game-changing carrier different from others on the market

Speak to most new parents and many will tell you they love the idea of using a baby carrier. However, after investing in one, they come to find it too uncomfortable or tricky to use, thanks to overly complicated designs which make them nervous about putting it together correctly.

With this in mind, Seraphine’s product design team (comprising mums at different stages of the parenting journey, from first-time mums to more experienced ones) decided to make its own version that could be used with confidence. The result is the unique CARIPOD™,  an effortless and stylish carrier with features you won’t find elsewhere.

Six reasons to love the CARIPOD™

1. Its front-loading design provides stress-free solo carrying

Finding a carrier you can feel confident putting your little one into safely when on the go (especially solo trips) is vital. With its two-part Harness and POD design, the CARIPOD makes things so much easier.

There’s no need to twist to adjust straps or click buckles into place behind you or out of eyeline when you’re putting your baby in. Securing and adjusting the carrier happens at the front, meaning you can see what you’re doing, assured in the knowledge your baby will stay just where they’re supposed to.

2. Its super-quick access makes feeding, changing and nap transfers a breeze

Another reason the two-part design is gold dust! It’s not necessary to take the whole carrier off to feed, change, transfer your baby (for example, to the buggy or car seat) or anything else you’ve got to do. Simply detach the POD from the Harness, do what you need to and reconnect the two parts when you’re ready. In short, this carrier offers super-convenient, super-quick access whenever it’s required.

3. It has a streamlined Harness for outdoor ease

As well as being ergonomically designed for comfort, our CARIPOD™’s Harness has been made to sit under your outerwear: cue no bunching or scrunching over your coat, just your usual out-and-about silhouette. This means you can put it on before you venture off and attach the POD (which folds up neatly) later.

We love this, especially for those days when you’re going out in the car (or taking the stroller) but may want to carry your baby later. As you’ll already have the Harness on, once you’ve arrived at your destination, simply attach the POD, put your baby in it and you’re ready for walks and cuddles. When it’s time to head home again, the two-part design makes transferring your baby back into the car seat or stroller oh-so easy.

4. It’s fully adjustable for all body shapes and sizes

The CARIPOD™ has been designed to fit anyone from 4’11” to 6’6” in height and from (UK) size 6 to 26. We’ve numbered the strap settings, too, so it’s a breeze to switch between one size and another if you’re sharing the wearing: no need for guesswork or random strap-pulling.

5. It’s supportive and comfortable for you and your baby

The CARIPOD™ has been made with premium comfort and support for you and your baby in mind.

  • The Harness has an ergonomic design that helps to spread the weight of your baby more evenly so you can carry them for longer (it’s suitable for full-term newborns up to toddlers, 7lbs to 33lbs/3.2kg to 15kg)
  • There are no criss-cross or buckle straps between the shoulder blades, which avoids discomfort to your upper back
  • You can widen the POD seat as your baby grows
  • You can adapt the neck support for your baby based on their age, if they’re sleeping or if they’re inward- or outward-facing.

6. Our easy-to-access user guide will build your confidence

Even though our carrier has been safety tested, approved and designed to be as simple as possible to use, we know lack of sleep as a new parent can sometimes mean the brain fog kicks in when it comes to things like baby gadgets. 

That’s why we’ve sewn a QR code into the CARIPOD™, which will take you straight to easy-to-watch instruction videos to give you a reminder on your phone or tablet – handy if you’re out and about and get stuck. They’ll give you the simple guidance you need to fit your Harness and POD on the spot.

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