The tee-tuck feature: What it is and why we created it

Our tee-tuck feature allows you to have a put-together French tuck look to your outfits throughout pregnancy 

Here at Seraphine, we’re dedicated to creating products which will make your pregnancy journey that little bit easier – when it comes to dressing, at least!  

Our product designers are committed to excellence in crafting clothes you’ll love, and are regularly producing innovative looks to make styling a breeze. Our tee-tuck feature, which you’ll find in our jeans, is no exception. 

What is our tee-tuck feature? 

Our tee-tuck feature is a simple but oh-so effective little device which allows you to have a neat French tuck which will stay in place, even as your bump grows. 

Essentially, the tee-tuck is a gap of around three inches at the front (just behind the button-front waistband) of the stretchy maternity band, which you’ll find at the top of our maternity jeans. This gap allows you to easily tuck in your top for a more put-together ensemble, which has become known as the ‘French tuck’. 

The rest of the maternity band is just as stretchy and sturdy as any of our non-tuck bands, and will offer your bump support while being silky soft against the skin.  

Stephanie Mackey, who devised this nifty design element, says: “We know that our mums-to-be want to look great throughout their pregnancy and so we definitely see it as our job to give them the option to style their looks with ease and elegance as their body changes.”  

The French tuck 

As a reminder, or in case you weren’t aware of it, the French tuck is the name given to the art of tucking a billowy / oversized shirt in at the front and keeping it out at the back, which gives a super-stylish and contemporary silhouette. It was coined by British fashion designer Tan France (now living in the USA), who put it in the spotlight in recent times, though it’s definitely a look people have been doing for years.  

Our styles which feature the tee-tuck: 

Break the rules for great maternity style

Everyone has heard fashion commandments like thou shalt not wear socks with sandals – they’re passed down by magazines, friends and our mothers to prevent us making faux pas that might be embarrassing in public. However, while certain advice may still apply, we think some of these rules are outdated. We’re here to show you how breaking them can result in great maternity style that will really make you turn heads this summer.


1.     Horizontal stripes

You probably think that horizontal stripes are best avoided, but this definitely isn’t the case. Particularly during pregnancy, they can actually really flatter your figure and make for a cool nautical feel. Try maternity dresses in white and navy, or a top in darker colours paired with jeans to see what we mean. Alyson Hannigan often wore stripes when she was pregnant, so check out some past photographs online if you need some inspiration.


Get the look with Seraphine:


2.     Patterns with prints

There was a time when you would never have seen spots mixed with stripes or geometric put with paisley, but this has gone out of the window as we get more adventurous with what we wear. Summer 2013 is the season of the print, so why not make the most of it and adorn yourself with more than one? As long as you go for similar base colours or complementary hues on the maternity clothes you choose, it’ll look avant-garde rather than appearing as though you ran through your wardrobe covered in glue.


Get the look with Seraphine:


3.     Mixing black with brown … or navy with black

It’s often said that black and brown don’t go together, but look at women in many Mediterranean countries and you’ll see this isn’t the case at all. Black and tan look particularly nice as maternity fashion choices, as frequently demonstrated by Victoria Beckham. Likewise with navy and black – we don’t know who first said you shouldn’t wear them together, but they were wrong. However, mix them fairly evenly rather than just wearing, for example, a black dress with brown shoes, as this can look accidental.


Get the look with Seraphine:


4.     Clashing colours

If there’s anything that the long-running trend for colour blocking should have taught you, it’s that clashing different hues is absolutely fine, contrary to popular belief a few years ago! We especially like to see bold shades coming together, as it creates a really summery feel. For example, maternity tops that are bright pink will look eye-catching with azure as opposed to just black. Even shades you wouldn’t think would go together (like rust and fuchsia, or purple and orange) can be dazzling – it’s just a case of trying them out and seeing what works.


Get the look with Seraphine:


Go on – be a rebel and break the rules this summer!

What’s your maternity style? – Annabel Kerman

Annabel trained in costume, and worked in television and stage design before moving into fashion styling. She worked as Fashion Editor of a national newspaper for 15 years from age 21, and now primarily styles celebrity clients, editorially, for television, and personally.


1.  Describe your pregnancy style

I have tried various styles throughout my 3 pregnancies, during the first two I wore a lot of empire line and bodycon dresses, showing off my bump.  This time around I’m having a bit of a ‘Victoria Beckham’ moment:  I’m not wearing so many figure hugging pieces, prefering outfits that just skim, rather than shouting out ‘I’m pregnant!’ I’m also bigging up the accessories with statement bags etc.    I’m trying to achieve the idea that my bump is not the main focus of my style.


2.  What is your fail-safe outfit?

 A couple of failsafe outfits are a mini smock dress, or a stretch mini dress with a statement looser top worn over.  Then a statement bottom covering coat to cover any sins.   I am also NEVER without some bump covering thick black opaques or leggings


3.  What is your favourite piece from Seraphine?

I am  currently LIVING in my denim hotpants from Serephine- they work well with my pre pregnancy style- I team them with studded ankle boots , black opaques and a looser top. However I’m just off on holiday, and looking forward to wearing a beautiful black jersey maxi dress  from the summer collection with a deep v and cap sleeves.


4.  What is the one style tip you want to share with other pregnant women?

Concentrate on showing off your best bits, and don’t think that you have to wear a generic ‘maternity’ style just because you’re pregnant, try to adapt your pre pregnancy style which will always suit you best. Plus make maternity bump covering tights and leggings your friends.


Fashion and Celebrity Stylist and Consultant

Find me on twitter @akermanstylist

What’s your maternity style? – Katie Lester

Katie Lester is the Fashion Editor at You Magazine, the hugely successful colour supplement to the Mail on Sunday. Having worked her way up the Fashion Department for the last 10 years, she edits the magazine still life pages and also styles and directs main fashion stories leading her to travel the world and work with some of the best known models and celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Mary-Kate Olsen and Behati Prinsloo. Katie helped launch and continues to work on Inspire Magazine, the Mail’s luxury bi-annual magazine

Katie has appeared on television, most notably BBC Breakfast and ITV’s This Morning as a Fashion Expert and her commercial clients include marks and Spencer’s, Boden and Next

Katie is married and has a two and a half year old son, Saul and a ten week old daughter, Sylvie


Describe your pregnancy style?

My pregnancy style pretty much mimicked my non pregnant style.

I lived in skinny jeans. I found a black pair that flattered me and teamed them with blouses and neat jackets for work with statement necklaces and cashmere jumpers and patterned scarves for the weekend.


What is your fail-safe outfit?

My seraphine black skinny jeans, white blouse top and Zara long-line tweed jacket (it doesn’t fasten over the bump but still looks great) with a pair of ankle boots.


What is your favourite piece from Seraphine?

I love the burgundy knit with zip details on the shoulder. Such an on trend colour and flattering shape whilst being really practical too.


What is the one style tip you want to share with other pregnant women?

Invest in some great support vests. Whatever I’m wearing I like to wear a comfy long-line vest underneath. These staples give a good silhouette making clothes more flattering. And the best bit is that you can continue to wear them after.



Timeless Maternity Pieces – By MyChicBump

If you are anything like me, when you found out you were pregnant you had a million questions and knew that life would never be the same. Strange cravings, hormonal roller coasters, and the fear of losing that body you worked so hard for… And then the moment comes… you’re pulling on your favorite pair of skinny jeans, ready to head out with your hubby and something just isn’t working. GASP! That’s when you realize that your regular clothes just wont cut it anymore. So now what do you do?


Don’t worry, just because your body is changing and your skinny jeans don’t quite fit like they used to, doesn’t mean you need to replace your whole wardrobe. The key is to invest in the right kind of clothes that will work for you during and even after your pregnancy. When deciding where to spend your money, look for clothes that are classy, that accentuate your body (more posts on that soon!), and that will last for years to come. Maternity clothes don’t have to be baggy and frumpy, in fact, since giving birth in November I’ve worn each of the pieces below on multiple occasions.


Here are the top three items that are definitely worthy of investment and that will last you through pregnancy, nursing, and beyond:


1. The Tunic

It’s the perfect balance between comfort and style. A tunic is flattering on most bodies, pregnant or not. Pair it with black leggings or opaque tights for an extra slimming look.


2. The Tregging

This super functional pant is more than just a pair of leggings. Because of its quality fabric, belt loop, and tailored fit the tregging can be worn as a regular pant or trouser! They are so comfortable you will want to wear them well after you give birth. Definitely a must-have in your maternity wardrobe!


3. The Shawl

One of the most, if not, the most versatile pieces I own in my closet! You can wear it over your shoulders to keep warm, as a nursing cover for stylish functionality, or a scarf to perk up any outfit! And its so incredibly soft and delicate you will want to wear it over and over again.


Read more about Karen Zaro’s fashion and lifestyle tips on her blog

Follow her on Twitter here.



What’s your maternity style? – Modern Mummy

Describe your pregnancy style?

Casual, comfortable, and a bit bohemian!


What is your fail-safe outfit?

Over the bump skinny jeans, ShoeTherapy ballerina pumps and a loose fitting cotton top or shirt.


What is your favourite piece from Seraphine?

My maternity denim shorts. I wore them all summer and into the autumn too (with leggings underneath!) They were so comfortable and flattering and I received so many compliments on them.


What is the one style tip you want to share with other pregnant women?

Invest in a decent pair of maternity jeans/trousers. Seraphine have a huge selection of uber stylish ones to choose from. Do not be put off by the elasticated waistbands, comfort is of utmost importance, especially when you’re really heavily pregnant! Most maternity trousers are available with either elasticated insert panels (just sections, usually above the pockets), with narrow jersey waistbands or with full over the bump waistbands. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money on these as it is likely that you will still wear them once you’ve given birth! Plus they are handy for when you want to visit the eat-all-you-can Chinese buffet



Katy is mum to two girls; Daisy, aged three, and Evie, three months.  She loves food, fashion, festivals and photography (even though that doesn’t begin with an F) and blogs at 

Follow Katy on Twitter @ModernMummyUK

Bye bye heels – by Modern Mummy

This week I have had to come to terms with something. I knew it would happen one day, although I didn’t expect it to be so soon. I’m only 32 29 for god’s sake! But yes. It has happened. Already. It’s official.

I can no longer wear high heels.


Before I got pregnant with Daisy, I was one of those women that had to wear them. I mean I really did. I physically couldn’t walk in flats – they made my feet ache and I’d trip up over myself. In heels I could power walk through Mayfair like no-one’s business (which was handy because I was late for my meetings 95% of the time). Four inch killer heels were a standard part of my daily attire.

When I found out I was expecting, I didn’t stop wearing them immediately. In fact I carried on wearing my beloved heels until I was 7 months gone and started suffering from SPD. Even then I would still wear them to my meetings and would wear trainers for the walk to and from the tube and bare feet in the office. I thought flats made my calves look chunky, there was no way on earth I’d give in and start wearing them. Just because I was going to become a mother imminently, that was no reason to start dressing like one!

Fast forward three years and now, as a mother of two under three, I wonder how I ever managed to get the bloody things on, let alone walk in them! On a rare night out over Christmas I donned a relatively demure pair (only 2.5inchers – ones that were well worn in and ‘comfortable’ and had chunky heels too) and an hour into the evening I felt like my feet were BLEEDING. I spent most of the night sat down with my shoes kicked off. Most unlike me. This mama likes to DANCE!

I’ve tried a few different pairs of flats over the past few years but have never found a brand or style I liked. They have always pinched or I’ve had to cling on to them with my toes whilst I walk so they don’t slip off. Or they’ve just been plain ugly! Plus there’s always been the achey arch of my foot that has made me prefer heels to pumps in the past. I’ve spent a fortune trying out different varieties from different shops to no avail.

I bet you can imagine how over the moon I was to discover a pair of flat shoes that are stylish, comfortable AND affordable!

Introducing SHOEtherapy!

Quite possibly the most amazing shoes I have ever worn. And being a self confessed shoe addict, I have worn a fair few pairs.

These ballerina pumps and loafers have been clinically tested (after ten years of medical research, no less!) to correct your body posture, relieve back and joint pains and stimulate tired and aching legs.

Not only are they completely and utterly BEAUtiful, check out the uber innovative design!

I can honestly say that I was SO excited waiting for these to arrive and can confirm that they are the very first pair of flats that have got me all a-fluster. It’s easy to see why though, eh? I opted for the purple leopard print ballerina shoes which are made and lined in top quality leather. I thought these would make perfect all rounders – smart with a work suit or party dress, or casual with leggings or skinny jeans. I needn’t have worried about them working with every outfit though as I fully intend to purchase another couple of pairs, I adore them that much. No one would ever think that these gorgeous shoes are designed to better your health!

I have been wearing mine ever since their arrival. They are super comfortable and super supportive – I even wore them on a 5.5km round trip doing the school run and walking into town.

SHOEtherapy are available from Seraphine here. There are heaps of styles to choose from and range in price from £65 to £85. If you are pregnant (these shoes are actually recommended during pregnancy), or running around after small children on a daily basis, and want some shoes that work hard to support your body but don’t want to compromise on style then these beauties are most definitely for you.


Katy is mum to two girls; Daisy, aged three, and Evie, three months.  She loves food, fashion, festivals and photography (even though that doesn’t begin with an F) and blogs at 

Follow Katy on Twitter @ModernMummyUK



Pregnancy Style – by Modern Mummy

It is said that every pregnancy is different and, from my experience, I most definitely agree.

My first pregnancy was an absolute breeze; I had no symptoms whatsoever apart from my growing belly. I glowed through all three trimesters, enjoyed being made a fuss of and embraced my weight gain – all four stone three pounds of it.

My second pregnancy was a different story altogether. It started with severe morning sickness, which was superseded by heartburn and SPD. I then developed varicose veins and suffered from chronic insomnia. Running around after my two year old left me extra exhausted. To top it all off I was huge. GINORMOUS in fact. Despite only putting on half the weight that I gained first time round, my bump was twice the size. I got asked ‘are you sure there’s only one in there?’ more times than I care to remember. Overall I felt pretty wretched, both emotionally and physically.

My approach to style was also completely different with each pregnancy.

Pre-children I was fashion obsessed and thought maternity clothes were boring and middle aged and swore I’d never wear them. When I fell pregnant for the first time I lived in leggings and smock tops, both of which were on trend at the time, and which were just so EASY. I carried on shopping in my favourite high street shops and when I couldn’t squeeze into my regular clothes anymore I just bought the same ones in bigger sizes. I was uncomfortable, yes, and, let’s be honest here, there is nothing flattering about wearing clothes that are too big for you in some places and tight in others. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked but I WAS GROWING A BABY! – and I just couldn’t see the point in buying clothes that would only last six months. When I eventually saw the light and realised that maternity wear really was the way forward, I was 35 weeks pregnant and it was pretty much too late.

Second time round I decided to put together a full maternity wardrobe even before I got my positive pregnancy test. I didn’t want to look like a frump again and decided I would show off my bump with well fitting, stylish clothes and make myself feel glamorous and womanly.

When I found out I was pregnant, I spent an evening on the laptop browsing online maternity stores and discovered Séraphine. Stylish and affordable maternity wear that I had no idea existed! I then went on the shopping spree to end all shopping sprees and invested in everything, from underwear to every day jeans, t-shirts and knitwear – and even a cocktail dress. I didn’t spend a small fortune either, although I would have done quite happily and could have done quite easily. A couple of hundred pounds was a small price to pay for nine months plus of happiness, confidence and comfort as far as I was concerned.

And I was right. Some days, especially when sleep deprivation had got the better of me, it would have been all too easy to just stay in my pyjamas and feel sorry for myself. But wallowing in self-pity makes you feel ten times worse. Getting up and about, looking after yourself and making sure you’re comfortable really does make a difference. And if you’re looking a million dollars at the same time, that’s even better!

My top picks:

1. Comfy, over the bump straight leg jeans are a maternity essential.

2. Black tie front maternity blazer is smart and stylish – a must for all working mamas-to-be.

3. Nursing jumper is great for the later stages of pregnancy, as well as nursing.

4. Two tone body-con cocktail dress is the ULTIMATE date night dress, so glamorous!

5. Pink/Mocha nursing bra, because nursing underwear can be sexy too!

 Katy is mum to two girls; Daisy, aged three, and Evie, three months.  She loves food, fashion, festivals and photography (even though that doesn’t begin with an F) and blogs at 

Follow Katy on Twitter @ModernMummyUK

What’s your maternity style? – Jocette Coote

Describe your pregnancy style?

Rock chic mummy!


What is your fail-safe outfit?

A black ballerina dress with leggings. Classic and comfortable.


How has your beauty & fitness regime changed since you became pregnant?

I walk and swim now, no more running.


What is your favourite piece from Seraphine?

The knitted cape that Sienna Miller wore. Beautiful design and I plan to wear it after the baby has been born too!


What is the one tip you want to share with other pregnant women?

Enjoy it! And rest when you need it!



Second Time Around – by Linda Mngwali

There is something different about my second pregnancy, not only am I sharing this experience with my partner, but also my six year old son. My son seems more excited than I am. Can’t wait for the baby to be born! He wants it to come now! I remember telling him I was pregnant when I was three months but he wouldn’t believe me – “Mummy, where is the baby? You don’t have a fat tummy!” At that point I wasn’t showing much at all. He believes me now.

Before our son was born, it was just my partner and I. I was very happy the moment we found out that we were having a baby boy and decided to call him Prince. A name that suited him to a capital T! We were eager to find out the sex the first time but with my second pregnancy there’s definitely a difference.

With my first I was nervous about the whole pregnancy experience. Being a first timer, I didn’t know a lot about dealing with a newborn and secondly I didn’t have any morning sickness feeling. Now with my second pregnancy I certainly feel a difference – I know what to expect once the baby is born, the feeding, sleepless nights, the crying – what to look for when they cry and so forth.

In my first trimester of this pregnancy I had a bit of heartburn, which was new and uncomfortable. Tried almost everything that my GP recommended but none of the medication worked. Soon found out my only cure was drinking very cold water, and by very cold I mean minus temperatures. Surprise surprise it was the only thing that did the trick! It hasn’t been a walk in the park like the first time. It was so easy. No sickness of a sort! However the heartburn has finally ended thank goodness! Now I can enjoy the next stages of my pregnancy.

Another big difference is my maternity wardrobe. My fashion has also changed a lot compared to my first pregnancy.

I’m more fashion conscious now, maybe because there is a lot more maternity clothes available so I have no excuse! When I was pregnant with my first I wasn’t so stylish. Friends had advised me that there was no need to buy maternity clothes as you only wear them for a short while and all you need is loose fitting pieces. Wrong!

My thinking process has changed with my second pregnancy. I want to make the most of this time and to look fabulous whilst pregnant, because you are only in this for a short period and your body has changed dramatically. This is the period when you have amazing skin, hair glows, nails and your curves changes to suit the growth of the baby. Loving the new me!!!

So to fit with my new body changes I want more vibrant pieces. Maternity clothes that make me stand out! Pregnancy doesn’t mean I should not pay attention to fashion and what I put in!

The first time I didn’t pay too much attention to the outfits I wore. Now there are so many brands and great maternity clothes out there which are passionate about embracing the different changes to women’s bodies (and amazing changes may I say!) I feel more passionate about my pregnancy style.

Working in the maternity fashion industry I can see amazing pieces for pregnant women. I take great pleasure in wearing clothes from Seraphine as I know how much thought goes into the design process. Not only am I selling these to my clients, but I can also recommend the right pieces with confidence as I’m also wearing them myself! – The beauty about the clothing is that they are comfortable, good quality, very durable and very transitional as you can wear them during and after without breaking the bank!

My concerns when I had my first son was why buy all those pieces when I’m only going to wear them only for nine months, so I didn’t spend much on my maternity wardrobe on my first child! With this pregnancy I so want to look great plus feel beautiful during my journey!

Seraphine makes clothes that you can wear for pregnancy and beyond. I’m excited to be sharing this with all my wonderful mothers to be!!!

Enjoy your pregnancy!!!!!!

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