8 simple ways to celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (8 March) marks the achievements of women and calls for gender equality everywhere. This year’s theme, Inspire Inclusion, has the powerful message that when people understand and value female inclusion, the world is a better place

There are lots of  International Women’s Day events happening around the world over the next couple of weeks, and we encourage you to get involved in something local if you can. If that’s not possible though, here are some other simple things you can do just where you are…

  1. Sing it loud

Start the day off with an uplifting song by a soulful diva and – if you’re feeling energetic – dance along to it! We’re big fans of “Survivor” (Destiny’s Child), “Born This Way” (Lady Gaga) and, for a bit of disco, “I’m Every Woman” (Chaka Khan), but the list is endless here, so go for what you love and sing your heart out!

  1. Send a card

Old-fashioned maybe, but always appreciated. Write a note to a good female friend or family member telling them what they mean to you and why they’re so awesome.

  1. …or a few surprise texts or phone calls

An out-of-blue text or phone call to those women you really look up to will make their day. No need for an essay if texting: keep it short and simple, along the lines of “Just wanted to let you know, you’re an inspiration to me because…”

  1. Wear purple

Yep, it’s the official colour of IWD, representing power and status, alongside creativity, spirituality and imagination. It was one of three colours adopted by the suffragettes, as the colour of dignity, alongside white (purity) and green (hope). Not quite your shade? Paint your nails purple or wear a purple accessory or piece of jewellery (think amethyst, purple tanzanite or purple topaz).

5. Donate to charity with one of our dresses

We’ll be giving 25% of the proceeds of our dress sales on IWD to The Prince’s Trust’s #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, aimed at helping disadvantaged women build a better future for themselves through employment and access to education. So if you buy one of our gorgeous dresses on 8th March, you’ll be supporting a brilliant initiative, too!

Read more about the campaign and our involvement

6. Arrange a meet-up

If you can manage it, IWD is a great day to catch up with the girls in real life. Coffee, cake and a stroll in the park: what could be better? If you’ve not got around to arranging an in-person chat, why not carve out 20 minutes for an online convo? Or promise that, by the end of the day, you’ll have a date in the diary for some face-to-face time with that top woman in your life.

7. Treat yourself to an empowering read or watch

IWD is a great excuse to treat yourself to a new book or find some time (if you can!) to chill and watch a good movie featuring some strong female roles. For books, try Becoming by Michelle Obama for pure inspiration, How To Build A Girl for a laugh-out-loud read or The Women by Kristin Hannah (Firefly Lane, The Nightingale, The Four Winds) if you’re looking for a brand-new read for 2024.

For movies, we suggest The Color Purple (Steven Spielberg’s 1985 version or the 2023 musical remake), Erin Brockovich or Hidden Figures, about the team of female African-American mathematicians who were vital to NASA’s early space program.

8. Journal about it

If you’re a fan of journaling, why not make today’s entry all about IWD? Put pen to paper and share your thoughts on all those ladies you love and admire, what it means to you to be a strong woman and anything else this day means to you. 

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