10 things to remember when you become a second-time mum

Content creator Corinne Hately-Richards shares her thoughts on welcoming baby number two

When Corinne and River Hately-Richards met in London back in 2015, they loved seeing the world together. In February 2021 they welcomed baby Mila into their lives and continued to travel, documenting their trips – with the aim of helping other parents have the confidence to adventure with kids in tow.

Now they’re expecting baby number two and here, Corinne shares her top tips for getting ready for your second child.

I feel like there is a lot going on in my head as I prepare to become a mum for the second time. I wanted to jot down a few things to remember as I enter into motherhood again.

Corinne Hately-Richards

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Read on, and be sure to visit her Instagram @northsouthtravels or northsouthtravels.com  to see some of the incredible journeys the family has made. 

Second-time mums, remember…

  1. Ultimately, the extra work of raising multiple children will be worth it

I’m not under any illusion that transitioning from one to two won’t come with its challenges. Some I’m prepared for, some I can’t possibly foresee, but I know that, no matter what – it’ll be worth every single second. 

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2. You’ll be better prepared for labour this time around

 When I was pregnant with Mila, I was induced at 40 weeks + 3 days. In hindsight I feel it was too early to have been induced: she wasn’t ready yet, but I was living overseas where the maternity care varies from the UK.

Plus I feel when you’re pregnant with your first, you’re at the mercy of the midwives more. This time around, as long as baby is OK, I will be happy to wait a little longer until she is ready to come. I want to listen to my body and trust my natural instincts. 

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3. Choose devices with two in mind, eg, a baby carrier for indoor use, or a hands-free breast pump

I didn’t babywear lots with Mila. I had a carrier, but it was more for outside use when we went for walks etc. However, I feel I may come to rely on one more with the next so I can have my hands free in general to play / cook / look after Mila, too. 

4. Involve your older child 

The age gap between Mila and our newest addition will be just over three years. A huge perk of having a three-year-old is that she’s always happy and eager to help. She helps me with cooking, cleaning and laundry, so I’m definitely going to utilise her interest and get her to help lots with her little sister.

5. Get out the first-born baby clothes 

When we left Dubai we sold a lot of the big baby items, but I kept lots of Mila’s first clothes, a) because I couldn’t bear to part with them and b) in case we ever had a second baby.

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6. Remember the hard times will pass

When you’re a first time mum, you naturally worry about most things to do with your baby and stress over the various stages, unsure what’s wrong or how long it will last. This time around I know everything is just a phase and the time will pass.

I want to give Mila time to adjust, and on days when things perhaps aren’t going as smoothly as hoped, to pick my battles. Parenting is SO much easier when you’re not having to say NO all the time. 

Corinne Hately-Richards

7. Prioritise one-on-one time with each child

This is something I’m very conscious of. My bond with Mila is so special to me and I want to keep some one-on-one time for us to go on a baby chino date, shopping or to play at the park. Double plus: I will get one-on-one time with Mila and River will get the same with baby.

8. Enjoy the help 

When I had Mila we lived in Dubai and it was Covid times. I didn’t have the physical support of family or a huge network of friends to rely on. This time around we are back in the UK, close to my mum and family and River’s are only a short plane ride away. Mila is also enrolled in a forest nursery for a couple of days a week which will allow me dedicated time to bond with my newborn little love.

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9. Love will be multiplied, not divided 

This is something I’ve been told over and over. I really can’t imagine life with two little ones although I realise it’s about to happen. When it does I know the love I have for Mila will only multiply for her and her little sister. 

10. Be open to your new baby’s needs

Just because your first born did things one way doesn’t make it wrong / right for your new baby to do it differently. Likewise, just because you may have struggled with certain things (breastfeeding, naps, colic etc) with your first, doesn’t mean that will happen again with your second. Every baby is different.

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Mother’s Day “This or That?” reveals one standout result

Mother’s Day is soon in the UK (Sunday 10 March), so we were keen to catch up with our lovely social community of mums to find out what they’re looking forward to on this special day with a quick-fire “This or That?” quiz. Which would you have gone for?

Our recent Instagram “This or That?” quiz – where two similar options are pitched against each other and you have to choose your favourite – led to fairly even results all round about what our mums would like to receive, except for one question that tipped the balance more than the rest…

Classic gifts

The split was close, with 52% saying they’d love a piece of jewellery, compared with 48% who said they’d appreciate a handmade gift over new bling.

The ultimate treat perhaps for new parents everywhere – a lie-in (yes please!) took 47% of the vote when it was pitched against breakfast in bed (53%). Though the second option here is kind of a like a lie-in with but snacks included, so we’re not too surprised by this one!

Foodie treats

Cake came in slightly less popular than a bunch of flowers (47% versus 53%). Admittedly we didn’t specify flavour. Would mentioning chocolate, lemon or a creamy red velvet have tipped the balance?

A homemade meal (55%) was a little more tempting than heading out for a fancy dinner (45%), which makes us think our mums live with some seriously decent chefs. Plus: what’s not to love about cosy indoor vibes and not having to travel for your supper?

The winner is…

There was just one “This or That?” which had a clear winner. When we we asked our mums if they’d rather have a family walk or some time to themselves, almost 3/4s opted for the walk with loved ones (68%) over the “me” time (32%): revealing that (for those we polled at least) there really is nothing like spending this special day with the ones who make us “mum”❤️ Ahhhhh!

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Our CARIPOD™ – As easy as 1, 2, 3

The unique two-part Harness-POD design makes our CARIPOD™ a breeze to use. But just in case you get stuck when out and about, the sewn-in QR code means you can access instructions whenever and wherever you need them

We have three step-by-step videos on getting your CARIPOD™ ready:

We’ve made sure they’re simple to follow, and will show you clearly and slowly just how to fit your Harness correctly, set your POD up for your baby and join the two together.

We’ve sewn a QR code into each CARIPOD™ to make the videos super-easy to access – just point your phone’s camera towards it to go to a page on our website featuring all three. Essentially, you’re taking the guidance wherever you go.

What makes the CARIPOD™ functionality so simple?

Key to designing the CARIPOD™ was ensuring it gets used by parents, not abandoned because it’s too tricky to put together. This – along with the back-to-basics, readily accessible videos – makes the CARIPOD™ a hassle-free baby carrier option.

  • The way the CARIPOD™ is made means securing and adjusting it all happens at the front and within your eye-line
  • The numbered straps make it effortless to swap between users and remember what position they were in if you’re sharing the wearing with others
  • The two-part design means you can take your baby out easily for feeds, changes, nap transfers or anything else without having to take the whole carrier off

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8 simple ways to celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (8 March) marks the achievements of women and calls for gender equality everywhere. This year’s theme, Inspire Inclusion, has the powerful message that when people understand and value female inclusion, the world is a better place

There are lots of  International Women’s Day events happening around the world over the next couple of weeks, and we encourage you to get involved in something local if you can. If that’s not possible though, here are some other simple things you can do just where you are…

  1. Sing it loud

Start the day off with an uplifting song by a soulful diva and – if you’re feeling energetic – dance along to it! We’re big fans of “Survivor” (Destiny’s Child), “Born This Way” (Lady Gaga) and, for a bit of disco, “I’m Every Woman” (Chaka Khan), but the list is endless here, so go for what you love and sing your heart out!

  1. Send a card

Old-fashioned maybe, but always appreciated. Write a note to a good female friend or family member telling them what they mean to you and why they’re so awesome.

  1. …or a few surprise texts or phone calls

An out-of-blue text or phone call to those women you really look up to will make their day. No need for an essay if texting: keep it short and simple, along the lines of “Just wanted to let you know, you’re an inspiration to me because…”

  1. Wear purple

Yep, it’s the official colour of IWD, representing power and status, alongside creativity, spirituality and imagination. It was one of three colours adopted by the suffragettes, as the colour of dignity, alongside white (purity) and green (hope). Not quite your shade? Paint your nails purple or wear a purple accessory or piece of jewellery (think amethyst, purple tanzanite or purple topaz).

5. Donate to charity with one of our dresses

We’ll be giving 25% of the proceeds of our dress sales on IWD to The Prince’s Trust’s #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, aimed at helping disadvantaged women build a better future for themselves through employment and access to education. So if you buy one of our gorgeous dresses on 8th March, you’ll be supporting a brilliant initiative, too!

Read more about the campaign and our involvement

6. Arrange a meet-up

If you can manage it, IWD is a great day to catch up with the girls in real life. Coffee, cake and a stroll in the park: what could be better? If you’ve not got around to arranging an in-person chat, why not carve out 20 minutes for an online convo? Or promise that, by the end of the day, you’ll have a date in the diary for some face-to-face time with that top woman in your life.

7. Treat yourself to an empowering read or watch

IWD is a great excuse to treat yourself to a new book or find some time (if you can!) to chill and watch a good movie featuring some strong female roles. For books, try Becoming by Michelle Obama for pure inspiration, How To Build A Girl for a laugh-out-loud read or The Women by Kristin Hannah (Firefly Lane, The Nightingale, The Four Winds) if you’re looking for a brand-new read for 2024.

For movies, we suggest The Color Purple (Steven Spielberg’s 1985 version or the 2023 musical remake), Erin Brockovich or Hidden Figures, about the team of female African-American mathematicians who were vital to NASA’s early space program.

8. Journal about it

If you’re a fan of journaling, why not make today’s entry all about IWD? Put pen to paper and share your thoughts on all those ladies you love and admire, what it means to you to be a strong woman and anything else this day means to you. 

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Random Acts of Kindness: Little Things to Brighten Someone’s Day

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

We could all use a little more kindness in our lives these days. So this week on the blog, we’re thinking about the little things we can do to brighten someone’s day.

1. Send a Surprise

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Receiving something exciting in the mail is such a simple thing, and yet it has the power to make someone’s day… Just think how happy you were to see the delivery person with your latest online order!

Why not send a little something to let someone know you’re thinking of them… whether it’s a hand-written letter, a bunch of flowers or a thoughtful gift for a fellow mama-to-be.

2. Call Someone You Love

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A friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, an elderly relative, your parents… get in touch today & show them you care.

Whether it’s on Zoom, FaceTime or a good old fashioned phone call, a check in & catch up can do the world of good.

3. Smile to Brighten Someone’s Day

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The people you live with, neighbours you pass on the street, the person who serves your take-out coffee… you never know who could use a friendly smile.

4. Kindness for Kids

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If you have older children, now could be a great time to get them thinking about their new role as big brother or sister.

Ask them to think about all the ways they could be kind to the new baby, and the things they could do to help you when baby arrives.

You could even turn it into a fun craft activity by creating & decorating a kindness jar, where they can keep all their kind ideas.

5. Don’t Forget… Be Kind to Yourself!

Get the Look: Grey Bamboo Maternity Leggings & Bamboo Nursing Bras, Twin Pack

You know what they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup…

Growing & raising tiny humans is hard work, so make sure you’re taking the time to be kind to yourself – you deserve it mama!

Baby, Unplugged: One Mother’s Search for Balance in the Digital Age

From watches that ping you the news to fridges that send you grocery lists… modern life is getting ‘smarter’ by the day. And, as writer and journalist Sophie Brickman discovered, parenthood is no exception.

In her new book Baby, Unplugged, the New York mother and self-confessed tech-skeptic embarks on a personal journey to find balance, reason and sanity in the digital age.

So, do we really need a smart baby monitor or a breast pump that connects to the cloud? We caught up with Sophie to find out more…

Watch Sophie on Good Morning America

First, we LOVE the book! What made you want to write it?

My husband is a tech guy. He works in tech and loves gadgets—loves to bring them home, strap them on his body, all that stuff. It didn’t really faze me until my older daughter was born five years ago. Her third day of life, she comes home from the hospital and bam, on goes a little tracker that’s supposed to monitor her heart rate.

In the wee hours of the morning, an alarm goes off—I of course thought something awful had happened, but it turns out the device had just lost connection to our wifi. In that moment I thought wow, all of this tech has been infiltrating my life for ages but I haven’t ever been really thoughtful about it, and now we have a baby in the mix—what is it doing to her?

So I went off on a journey to determine what tech was beneficial, which was awful, which should be shoved in the freezer and forgotten about until the new millennium. I spoke to a ton of experts who were all fascinating, and it helped me figure out a strategy for how to navigate all the tech that is thrown at us parents. The result is Baby, Unplugged.

When it comes to selling the latest tech, what do you think makes new parents such an easy target?

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Sleep deprivation! Well, not just that, but it’s part of it. We’re a particularly vulnerable population: we haven’t done this before (the first time around, at least), we aren’t sleeping much, and the most important little human just arrived in our house, and we’re supposed to not just make sure he or she stays alive, but also make sure he or she thrives and conquers the world.  It’s a tall order, and marketers know they have us by the jugular.

Of all the experts you spoke to, were there any that made a lasting impact on your own parenting choices?

I spoke to many, many experts who impacted my choices, from Alison Gopnik, lauded developmental psychologist, who told me that all these little choices we’re making won’t really have a huge impact on our child after all (a very comforting notion, actually), to Jenny Radesky, who taught me a simple test to figure out if the tech I was giving to my kids was beneficial or not: give it to them, and then take it away, and see what they do in that moment. Do they have a tantrum? If so, maybe it’s not the best way for them to be spending their time.

And did you come across any gadgets or apps that you would recommend?

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There are of course ways to use tech in your life to enrich it (the ability to use eCommerce on my phone to purchase diapers and the like at the click of a button proved invaluable). Part of the reason I wrote the book was because I felt I was in the middle of two extreme camps: those who said you had to live off the grid and never show your kid a screen, and those who said ok, let’s plug the kid into the wall and come back in 18 years and they’ll have been spat out a perfect citizen of the modern world. I wanted to find a middle ground, to incorporate tech into my life in a smart way.

What about your maternity wardrobe? Were there any pieces you wouldn’t be without?

I basically lived in stretchy black leggings and an oversized button down white shirt for most of my pregnancies. My third coincided with the pandemic, so I’d already been wearing stretchy pants and comfy tops—I didn’t have to change much!

You talk about balancing tech & data with instinct & common sense. Do you have any tips for finding that balance?

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Check your gut. Is the data gathering actually making you calmer, helping your child gain weight, or sleep through the night, or whatever it is supposed to do, or is it cluttering up your mind with extra info? Is your child truly enjoying whatever program they’re watching, or app they’re playing, or are they zoning out?

What about as a working mother? Does tech play a role in how you balance work and family life?

I have a little closet in our apartment where I write and work, and the only piece of technology in it, besides my computer, is a ring light I had to buy to do Zoom interviews for book promotion! And our family would probably combust if I didn’t keep a very up-to-date google calendar of everyone’s whereabouts (three kids = NASA-level coordination of schedules). Otherwise, I try to keep it simple.

You completed your first draft right before the pandemic hit. How do you think the last year and a half has affected our relationship with tech?

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It was an interesting time to finish the manuscript because of course I thought, ok, I’m going to have to take this and throw it in the fire and start again. I was pleasantly surprised that many of the conclusions I came to in the book, pre-pandemic, remained true after it arrived: boredom is ok for your kids, don’t constantly feel the need to enrich every moment, and nothing can trump cuddling up with your kiddo and reading a book.

Of course the pandemic was a huge stress test on our reliance on tech. I am forever grateful that FaceTime exists, so that my parents were able to communicate with our children while they were quarantined in their apartment eight blocks away, and happy I was able to share photos of our (monotonously similar) days with them, too. I’m also grateful that we dodged the remote learning bullet—our oldest, Ella, is just starting kindergarten now. I looked in awe at my friends with older kids, who had to become teachers overnight, while working remotely themselves.

Lastly, any advice to share with new & expecting mums?

You know your kid better than Silicon Valley. You just do. You got this.

Get your copy of Baby, Unplugged now!

Nobody Tells You: The Must-Have New Book for Pregnancy & Parenthood

Pregnancy & postnatal expert & mother of two, Becca Maberly is the Founder of A Mother Place, a site which offers antenatal courses designed to prepare parents for pregnancy, birth & life with a new baby. This week her brand new book – Nobody Tells You – hit the shelves, so we caught up with her to find out more…

We had an early sneak peak & we can tell you, it’s an absolute gold mine of info, anecdotes & reassurance – a must-have for new or expecting parents!

Becca Maberly - Author of Nobody Tells You

First, tell us a bit about A Mother Place – What’s the Mission?

When I was pregnant with my first son, I was so lucky to have my dad, an Obstetrician at the end of the phone. It was amazing to have expert advice on tap throughout every trimester and to prepare me for my birth. I was like an A Grade student going in to ace my exam!  However, there was a bit of a gap in my knowledge as I failed to prepare myself for what came after the birth!

I created A Mother Place because I wanted to make sure that no mother felt as alone as I did in those first few weeks, months and years. When I first had my son, I was so confused and angry that there seemed to be so much stuff surrounding birth and the postnatal period that nobody had told me about. Everything seemed to be shrouded in secrecy until you were actually a proper part of this mystical mum gang…and then suddenly people are dying to talk to you about their piles and postnatal depression! That’s great, but I wanted to know about this kind of thing before hand, so I could be prepared!

I created online courses to help prepare women and their partners. My wish is that new mums coming behind us embark on their parenting journey with their eyes wide open and armed with all the information and advice they need to for the nerve-wracking times ahead!

Now tell us about the book!

Nobody Tells You (book cover)

It’s called ‘Nobody Tells You’ and it’s a collection of over 100 honest stories about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. It covers everything that Nobody Tells you from infertility and miscarriage right through to giving birth and eventually going back to work AND everything in between! We have some amazing, brave, funny, sad and wonderful stories from the likes of Megan Rose Lane, Clemmie Telford, Anna Mathur and Cat Simms and amazing expert advice from Obstetrician Roger Marwood, who happens to be my dad!

It is inspired by my own frustration at the lack of honest information out there and I really hope it will become an invaluable guide to those who are thinking about becoming parents, already pregnant or have become parents recently.

There is no scaremongering, no sugar coating, just reassuring and practical advice alongside personal stories that prove there is no “right way” to do it!

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We love the bite-size format – perfect for dipping in & out of when you have a spare 5 minutes…

There are more than 100 different stories from men and women covering just about EVERYTHING  you can think of from trying to conceive right through to going back to work after having a baby, and everything else in between! 

Each story is accompanied by expert advice that explains any issues that are raised in the story and information about where to get help if you need it.  Despite the difficult and sometimes heart-breaking subjects we cover, the book is very positive, uplifting and funny too!

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How did you go about compiling the stories?

We have an absolutely amazing community on Instagram, @amotherplace, and everyone is so generous with sharing their stories, whatever the subject.  When I decided to write the book I asked people to submit their stories and they just flooded in! 

Did any of them hit particularly close to home for you? (Aside from your own, of course!)

Yes, the breastfeeding stories really hit home for me. I had a particularly difficult time feeding my babies and it was very emotional for me to read about the struggles that others went through too. I also suffered from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy a few years ago which went undiagnosed and almost killed me, so the story that we share about that is very personal to me.

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Having delivered over 5000 babies in his time, Roger Marwood provides invaluable medical insights to accompany the stories in the book. What was it like navigating your own pregnancies with him on the end of the phone?

I felt so lucky and so privileged to have access to such expert advice 24-7. All my friends were always on the phone too – they still are when they have any pregnancy related questions!  When I set up our Online Antenatal Classes on A Mother Place, it was because I wanted to be able to share this resource with everyone else. I wanted everyone else to feel as confident and prepared as I did when I went into labour. And the online Postnatal Courses I launched more recently to help new mums in that nerve-wracking first year!

Becca Maberly & Roger Marwood - the authors

Lastly, any advice to share with new & expecting mamas?

It’s wonderful but it is also VERY hard work, but I think if you know about the tough stuff and you expect this, then often it will be better or easier than you thought. So be prepared, do your research. Understand how the human body is meant to work and how we are designed to give birth, but also understand that Mother Nature doesn’t always get it right, and if this happens to you then you do not need to be afraid. We have amazing doctors and nurses who can help deliver your baby safely.

You need to appreciate that your body and mind will change, not for the worse, but things will be different. If things don’t feel good for you after you have had a baby, then again, you do not need to worry as there is help and support out there for you whatever issues you are having. And above all, remember that however you are feeling, whatever you are going through, you are not alone.


You can find out more about Becca’s book & order your copy of ‘Nobody Tells You’ here.

At Serphine, we pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions to support new & expecting parents at every stage of pregnancy & early parenthood. You can shop our full collection online here

Meet the Top 5 Baby Naming Trends for 2021

Are you welcoming a new addition this year? Looking for a little baby naming inspiration?

From travel & adventure to superheroes myths & magic, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top baby name trends for 2021.

Travel Inspired Baby Names

New mother kisses her newborn baby, wrapped in a Seraphine blanket.

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With travel plans scuppered for so many last year, some parents are wishing big adventures for their little ones.

Inspired by everything from maps & compass points to geographical highlights & dream destinations, we’re expecting great things from Atlas & Everest.







Powerful Baby Names

New mama holds her baby in the air. Strong baby names

Get the Look: Nautical Cotton Maternity & Nursing Jumper

This last year has understandably left many of us feeling a little powerless, so we absolutely love this emerging trend for strong, powerful names.

From superheroes & mythology to magic & everything in between… US comedian Nick Cannon named his daughter, born in December 2020, Powerful Queen!







Cottagecore Baby Names

Baby naming trends: mother with her new baby

Get the Look: Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Nightie

Cottagecore is a cultural trend that’s been steadily gaining traction over the past decade, all about longing for an idealised rural lifestyle.

But in 2020 the idea really exploded as many of us turned to slow-living & nostalgic pastimes in lockdown – everything from baking & crochet to planting & tending vegetable gardens!







TV & Music

Mum & baby in the Seraphine skin to skin top. Baby naming trends.

Get the Look: Black Cotton Skin to Skin Top

For many of us, music, TV & movies played a more important role than usual last year, many are turning to hit TV shows like Normal People & Bridgerton for naming inspiration.

Popular baby name site Nameberry even identified singer songwriter Billie Eilish as a trend all of her own – her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell – plenty of material to choose from there!







Bonus Trend: Valentine’s Day

Mama & Mini Valentine's Day

Get the Look: Mama & Mini Nautical Cotton Jumpers

For anyone expecting their new little love to arrive around Valentine’s Day, our bonus trend is one for you!








Happy baby naming mamas!

5 January Must-Haves for Your Daily Walk with Bump or Baby

Over the past year, many of us have developed new habits, routines & rituals to help bring a bit of structure to our time at home. And for us, a daily walk has become an absolute non-negotiable!

Beneficial for both mind & body, it’s the perfect way to get outside, get moving & breathe some fresh air.  

Check out our top 5 must-haves for your winter walk, ideal before & after baby arrives…

1) The Super-Warm 3 in 1 Puffer Jacket

Seraphine 3 in 1 Puffer Jackets - perfect for your daily walk

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Designed for bump, babywearing & beyond, our 3 in 1 Maternity Puffer Jackets will keep you & baby cosy in even the coldest climates.

The premium, ultra-warm coat offers a flexible fit that grows with your bump & comes with a detachable panel designed to zip up over your baby carrier after your little one arrives.

It’s even made using recycled plastic padding, so it’s good for the planet too!

2) The Baby Carrier

Caboo Baby Carrier for mama & baby's daily walk

Shop Baby Carriers

Of course, you can’t make use of the babywearing panel on our coats without a baby carrier to go with it! We love the carriers by Ergobaby & Caboo – both brands are certified as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

As an added bonus, you can enjoy a £20 discount when you buy a Caboo or Ergobaby Carrier with your 3 in 1 coat!

Find your perfect coat & carrier combo & get the offer now!

3) The Pram Mitt

Seraphine maternity Pram Mitt - perfect for your daily walk with baby

Shop the Pram Mitt Now

The absolute best way to keep your hands warm & cosy on your daily walk, treat yourself to our Pram Mitt!

Lined in soft faux-fur, it fits on any pram with a single handle bar, and the best bit… it has a touchscreen-friendly phone pocket on the front, perfect for listening to your favourite podcast as you stroll!

4) The Face Mask

Seraphine maternity face mask

Shop the Face Mask

Our constant companion this year – don’t forget to bring your face mask! Perfect to slip into your pocket, just in case you run into unexpected crowds or decide to pick up some groceries on your way home.

Ours comes in a handy pack of two, is constructed in pure cotton & features a cute graphic heart print.

5) Daily Walk with Dad

Men's Babywearing Gilet by Seraphine - perfect for your daily walk as a family

Get the Look: Men’s Gilet with Babywearing Pouch

You didn’t think we forgot about Dad did you? We have babywearing essentials for him too! Our Men’s Babywearing Gilet comes with the same innovative zip-on pouch to keep baby cosy in the carrier.

It’s perfect as a stand-alone piece, or worn under his regular coat for that cosy extra layer on your daily walk as a family.

Happy strolling mama!

What’s in Your Hospital Bag? With First Time Mama Christina

Packing your hospital bag is the perfect way to feel prepared & empowered for labour. But it isn’t always easy to judge what you’ll need on the big day.

We caught up with Seraphine model & first-time mama Christina to find out what she’s packing in her hospital bag.

What’s in Christina’s Hospital Bag? Watch the Video

Here’s Christina’s list & the links to everything included… just in case you’d like to nab any ideas for your own hospital bag!

What to Wear During Labour?

Pregnant woman wearing maternity leggings & a tank top. Must-haves for the hospital bag

Labour can be a long & often messy process, so we advise a few changes of clothes to keep you feeling fresh. Some comfy leggings & tanks are ideal for the early stages, then our two pack of black button-down nighties are ideal for the main event.

They’re super soft & stretchy, and the practical button down design allows access to the bump during labour & then for skin to skin & breastfeeding immediately after.

Bamboo Maternity Leggings

Maternity & Nursing Tanks – Twin Pack

Black Button-Down Maternity Nighties – Twin Pack

What You’ll Need After Baby Arrives

New mother hugs her newborn baby in the Seraphine skin to skin top. A hospital bag must-have.

For the first 24 to 48 hours after having your baby, the hospital will usually want to keep you & baby in for monitoring, so make sure you have enough comfy clothes to recover in & everything you need for an overnight stay.

Nursing bras & clothes with easy access will be important – our Skin to Skin Top is also a must-have.

Bamboo Nursing Bras – Twin Pack

Skin to Skin Top

Maternity Joggers

Grey Marl Crossover Maternity & Nursing Sweatshirt

Seraphine Sleep Kit – Including a sleep bra, nightie & dressing gown

Things to Remember for the Hospital Bag

Don’t forget all those bits & pieces to help you through, from speakers, toiletries & snacks to a camera to capture those first special moments & all the chargers you’ll need to keep your devices alive.

Seraphine Travel Changing Mat & Pouch (perfect for toiletries)

Bluetooth speaker



Birth plan


Water bottle

The Going Home Outfit

New mum wearing Seraphine maternity & nursing dress with her baby

And finally, you may want to pack an outfit that’s a little more presentable (while still remaining super-comfy, of course!) for pictures with baby & any guests who visit as well as that all-important trip home with your precious newborn.

Cotton Chambray Maternity & Nursing Dress

Striped Maternity & Nursing Dress

Black Bamboo Maternity Leggings

From the softest essentials & nightwear to nursing must-haves & those first precious skin to skin snuggles – we’ve got you covered mama! Check out our full hospital bag packing guide online & shop the full selection here.

Happy packing mamas & best of luck for the big day!

WIN a copy of Rosie Nixon’s New Novel about Motherhood

Editor in Chief of HELLO! Magazine, successful author & mother of two boys, Rosie Nixon is a super mama & long-time friend of Seraphine.

When we heard that her latest novel, Just Between Friends, is about two mums-to-be who meet at a baby group, we absolutely had to find out more!

The story follows Aisha & Lucy, who are both expecting their first babies. They meet at their local baby group & quickly become friends, but one of them has a big secret, which could change everything… Intrigued? … We sure are!

Just Between Friends is quite a departure from Rosie’s two previous books. The Stylist & Amber Green Takes Manhattan are both fun, feel-good reads, whereas this new book has been described as a gripping page turner with a hidden secret at its centre. Just the thing to curl up with on these dark November evenings… We can’t wait to get stuck in!

Enter on Instagram Now

The book is out now, so if you don’t happen to be one of the lucky winners, you can order your copy here.

Rosie Nixon on The Capsule in Conversation Podcast

And if, like us, you can’t wait to find out a bit more, Rosie recently appeared on Natalie Anderson’s podcast The Capsule in Conversation, which is well worth a listen. You can find it on all the usual podcast providers or watch on YouTube here.

As well as discussing her new book, Rosie opens up about motherhood, friendship, giving up on the concept of perfection & championing kindness in life & in her career…. All sprinkled with fantastic celebrity anecdotes from her years working closely with stars at Hello! Magazine.

The way Rosie describes it: “It’s basically like having a cuppa and a good old gossip with me and Natalie Anderson.” … Sign us up!

Rosie loved Seraphine maternity clothes through both of her pregnancies, especially our day to night dresses.

Shop some of Rosie’s fave maternity dresses now!

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