Celebrity pregnancy news for Kate Winslet and Jennifer Love Hewitt!

It’s been a busy year for celebrity pregnancy news so far in 2013, but after weeks of nothing much happening, two have come along at once! Congratulations to Kate Winslet and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who have both announced they are expecting babies later this year. It will be Kate’s third child, although it is her first with new husband Ned Rocknroll, who she married last December. Mia, 12, and nine-year-old Joe are no doubt looking forward to having a little brother or sister to boss around!


I can confirm Kate Winslet is pregnant and she and Ned Rocknroll are thrilled. The baby is due at the end of the year,” said a spokesperson for the couple.


Meanwhile, Jennifer is expecting her first baby with her Client List co-star Brian Hallisay.


We’re so thrilled and happy to start a family,” they told Us Weekly, adding that Jen is around three months along.


It means both women will be having babies around the same time – and we can follow how their maternity style evolves this summer and autumn! So, what could be in store for their wardrobes over the coming months? Let’s take a look…


Kate Winslet


We can cheat a little with Kate, as we can speculate what she might wear based on her previous two pregnancies – although they were quite a while ago, so she’ll definitely need to update her maternity wardrobe. Last time, we spotted her in a cute white midi skirt and denim jacket, which would still work. However, we think she might translate some of the more old-school Hollywood glamour she has perfected into what she wears this time around.

Kate almost always goes for figure-hugging shapes that flatter those hourglass curves and there’s no reason why this should change just because she’s got a bump – the look definitely suits her. She also gets pictured in lace quite a lot, which would be bang on-trend for maternity wear this year.


However, she looks equally good when she’s androgynous – she has worn several flattering trouser suits for special events over the years and blazers are ideal for wearing open during pregnancy. We also like to see her in striking colours like red, black and blue to suit that peaches and cream complexion – pale pinks would only wash her out.


Seraphine’s Kate-style top tips:


Jennifer Love Hewitt

jennifer-love-hewitt-arrives-at-the-60th-primetime-emmy-awards-held-at-the-nokia-theatre-on-septmeber-21-2008-in-los-angeles-californiaJennifer has a very different shape to Kate, as she’s dainty as opposed to curvaceous – although she’ll obviously change a little once her tummy starts to bloom! We haven’t got a past pregnancy to go on here, but the actress has a definite style and we think she’ll stick to it as she progresses through the trimesters.


We have often seen her wearing cute tops in pastel colours, which really suit her skin tone and silhouette. She usually favours crochet and chiffon, both of which will translate well as maternity clothing, so there may be plenty more of these to come. It will be interesting to see if she takes to maternity jeans too, as we could definitely see her in a pair of skinnies, maybe in grey.


However, Jennifer can also rock a formal, fitted dress when she needs to – she looks particularly good in satin and jewel tones, although black and red suit her equally as well as they do Kate.



Seraphine’s Jennifer-style top tips:


We’ll be following these two very different women with interest, then, ahead of their new arrivals!

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