Get Creative – Celebrate Pregnancy in Art, Fashion, Movement & Music

Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Your nine months of pregnancy is a totally unique and special time in your life – your creative body is achieving something utterly remarkable, and you are playing a part in the miracle of life! It’s mind boggling when you stop to think about what is actually happening – so enjoy it, celebrate it and capture the moment in the best way you know how!

Get inspired and celebrate your creative body in art, fashion, movement & music:



One of the most popular ways of capturing those beautiful new curves is to organise a pregnancy photo shoot. Check out our photo-tastic Pinterest board for some ideas and inspiration for your own – however you decide to go about it, you’ll come away with some beautiful images to keep for years to come.

Or if you’re looking for a more unusual option, why not explore the weird and wonderful world of Belly casting – creating a plaster cast replica of your baby bump as a cool art project, and a physical reminder of the changes your amazing body went through.


Dance & Movement

Staying active throughout your nine months is great for you and for baby, and dance can be a wonderful way of staying in tune with your body at a time when it’s easy to feel out of control. Stunning Dutch super model Doutzen Kroes enjoyed ballet classes throughout her pregnancy and found that her Seraphine maternity leggings were perfect for dancing in!

And just check out this inspiring acrobatic mama who carried on with her trapeze training until she hit the 39 week mark!

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Having fun with fashion is a fantastic way to celebrate your blossoming body every single day. It’s a simple thing, but taking the time to put together outfits that flaunt & flatter your shape will provide a welcome lift to your day. Beautiful maternity lingerie is a great place to start for an instant confidence boost, then try a form fitting style in a fun pattern that emphasises your empire waist line – our brand new Polka Dot Asymmetric Twist Dress is perfect! Finish off the look with your favourite accessories, then get out there and strut your stuff!



If you’re more of a literary type, writing about your experience of pregnancy can be incredibly therapeutic. You could keep a pregnancy journal and document your thoughts, feelings and hopes for baby’s future as well as keeping a record of pregnancy mile stones like the first scan and the first time you feel baby kick.

Or if you’re feeling particularly inspired, you could even pen a pregnancy poem like this empowering piece recently shared by one of our Seraphine mummies:

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If you or your partner are blessed with a musical streak, writing a song to celebrate the new life you’re creating together could be a really wonderful thing to do. Back in March Tom and Giovanna Fletcher welcomed their son Buzz, and celebrated his arrival by recording an original song penned by the proud new daddy (who, when he isn’t on nappy changing duty, is the lead vocalist and guitarist of McFly)!


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