International Day of Happiness – 5 Little Ideas for a Happy Pregnancy

international day of happiness - smiling pregnant woman wearing a Seraphine maternity dress

Happy International Day of Happiness mamas! This Monday we are joining the global community in taking the pledge to look for little ways to help boost happiness in the world around us. Celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness & check out our top 5 ways to boost your mood through pregnancy…


The Happy Playlist

Take a few minutes each day to relax & reconnect with yourself and your growing baby. Why not start your little one’s musical education early by making a playlist of your favourite songs & playing your bump a new one each day! Your favourite music is guaranteed to put you in a great mood, and sharing the love with your baby makes for a special bonding moment. You could even save the playlist & give it to them as a bonus birthday gift when they’re older.


Love your Curves

Feeling great about your figure through pregnancy can sometimes be a challenge. But having the right maternity clothes in your style arsenal is sure to make it a whole lot easier. At Seraphine, our stylish maternity clothes are designed to grow with you, fitting and flattering your changing curves through every stage of pregnancy and beyond. When you feel fantastic in your clothes, your joy shows all over your face!


Eat Colourfully

Naturally colourful foods like fruit & veggies are jam-packed with great vitamins and nutrients, which you and your baby need to grow healthily. And that’s not all – nearly a third more of us associate yellow with happiness than any other colour. So a few mango slices alongside your breakfast or a fat lemon wedge with your garden salad is sure to put a smile on your face….it’ll look fab on your insta-feed too!


Pregnancy Exercises

Of course there’s nothing like a little exercise for an instant mood booster. A gentle jog, a few laps of the pool or a calming pregnancy yoga class could be just what the doctor ordered – quite literally! Staying active throughout your pregnancy is great for you and your baby, so grab your Seraphine Active Kit, suit up and hit the gym!


Start a Pregnancy Journal

Writing through pregnancy can be a really powerful way to stay in touch with how you’re feeling. Getting your worries down on paper helps you to pinpoint what’s concerning you so that you can start taking positive action to tackle it. And of course a journal is also the ideal way to capture the joy and anticipation that you’re feeling. Try writing down one thing each day that you’re grateful for right now, and one thing that you wish for your little one’s future.



Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a fantastic International Day of Happiness mamas, however you plan on celebrating!

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