Spiritual Fitness: Kundalini Yoga for Before, During & After Pregnancy

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Kundalini yoga is a fantastic way to keep fit, fight stress and boost your mood.

It can help to keep you centred during early pregnancy & can even help to ease postnatal depression. Read on to find out more about this ancient practice.


What is Kundalini Yoga?

Originating from ancient Tibetan practices, this kind of yoga combines asana (postures), breath, meditation, mantras (chanting) and mudras (hand positions). It works directly on the nervous system and the glands to encourage positive brain chemistry.

Regular practice develops fitness, spirituality, positivity and creativity.


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Kundalini Yoga During Early Pregnancy

In normal circumstances, women can practice this form of yoga up until the 120th day of pregnancy (end of the 4th month). After this, it is generally recommended to switch to a specific pregnancy-centric yoga class.



How can it help combat postnatal depression?

Kundalini yoga expert Harmanjot Kaur claims that regular practice can help to rebalance the hormonal system after pregnancy, boosting oxytocin and dopamine. It also helps to bring the body back into shape and helps new mums to create stronger bonds with baby.

Kundalini practitioners believe that for the first 40 days after a baby is born, the aura of the mother and newborn remain closely intertwined. Harmanjot explains that this kind of yoga works on that magnetic pathway to increase connection and communication.


If you’re interested in finding out more, check out Harmanjot’s website.

You can also purchase her new DVDs Kundalini Yoga for Happiness and Health.

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