Twins & Celebrity Babies: Double the trouble, triple the fun!

twins babies wearing The Diana Collection

We want to talk about Twins. The arrival of a new baby in the family is always an incredibly special time, so just imagine what it’s like to have two, three or even more at once – we’re thinking double the trouble, triple the fun!



With one in every 65 pregnancies resulting in a multiple birth, twins and triplets are on the rise right now, and the celebs – as always – are on top of the trend! Both Beyoncé & Jay Z and Amal & George Clooney are getting set to welcome twins this year, joining the already glamorous list of celebrity parents with twins including Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie to name but a few…


Twins celebrity babies


And of course a fair few of these stylish celebrity twin mamas have rocked Seraphine maternity clothes! ‘Devious Maids’ star Dania Ramirez chose one of our silk maternity dresses for her baby shower back when she was expecting her non-identical twins John and Gaia.


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Stunning Spanish actress Elsa Pataky was a big fan of Seraphine knitwear while she was expecting her fraternal twin boys Tristan and Sacha. We love this picture of her husband, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth playing super heroes with his boys!



Holly Branson, the daughter of entrepreneur extraordinaire Richard Branson, is mama to twins Etta and Artie. She wore plenty of Seraphine maternity clothes throughout her pregnancy, and loved our Faux Leather Panel Maternity Leggings so much that she continued wearing them after the babies were born.


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If you are a mama expecting multiples, you may find that your bump begins to show earlier than your friends expecting singletons – sometimes as early as 10 weeks, so finding maternity clothes quickly becomes a priority! Shopping for maternity clothes online is an ideal option if you’re still suffering with first trimester queasiness, and here at Seraphine we offer free returns on all UK orders!


Check out more adorable multiples on Pinterest


One thing that all mamas of multiples agree on is that though twins mean a double work load, they also mean double the fun. There’s nothing like watching your twins’ bond strengthen as they grow. They’ll learn to play together, enjoying each other’s company, sharing toys, and even working together to get around mummy & daddy!


You also get to be a part of hilarious moments like this!


To all the expectant multiple mums out there, we salute you, and wish you the best of luck for your coming adventures!


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