Pregnancy Announcement Planning: How to spill the beans!

pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcements are big business these days. From telling your partner, parents, family & friends to capturing the perfect picture for your Insta feed… there’s a lot to think about!

Whether you’re planning an elaborate pregnancy announcement or keeping things simple, here are a few of our favourite tips for breaking the big news…

Pregnancy Announcement No.1: Telling your Partner

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Assuming he isn’t in on the secret from the start, your partner is the obvious first port of call.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, now could be the perfect time for a romantic pregnancy announcement.

Why not slip the early scan or positive test result into his Valentine’s card, or take it one step further & write him a love letter from his baby on the way!

Or if he’s the pranking type, take the opportunity to get your own back & give him the surprise of his life!

Capture the moment!

If you can contrive a way to get him in front of a camera to capture his reaction – all the better! We love this clever mama’s photo booth ploy!

Pregnancy Announcement No.2: Telling your Family

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Why not drop a not-so-subtle hint at your next family gathering?

Our mama & mini sets – either the tees or the sweaters are perfect for this. You could make a big entrance in the mama tee, or keep it under wraps until you’ve presented the mini one to the grandma-to-be.

Watch her face to see how quickly she catches on!

Easter is a great opportunity to get the family together & make your big announcement.

If there are older kids involved, why not organise a special easter egg hunt & let them put two & two together themselves!

And if this baby will be your parents’ first grandchild, make sure to make your announcement extra special.

We love this sneaky personalised scrabble game announcement.

Grandma-to-be’s reaction is just priceless!

Pregnancy Announcement No.3: Telling the World

And of course, if you choose to share your news on social media, you have the perfect opportunity to get creative!

You could keep it classic with a beautiful baby scan shot, like this seaside inspired one from Seraphine mama @leena_anna_m_

Or if you have older kids, you could incorporate them into the fun!

Not only does this make for a super cute image, but it helps big brothers & sisters-to-be to feel more involved in your pregnancy journey.

Or if this is your first baby, why not get your fur babies involved!

It makes for super-sweet pics!

And last but not least, this little baby-shark-inspired gem.

Apologies in advance putting that song in your head – we couldn’t resist!

However you share your news, be sure to enjoy your pregnancy announcement moment and treasure the reactions!

Not ready to spill the beans just yet? Check out our top tips for hiding a baby bump in the first trimester!

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