Pregnancy Diet: Healthy Recipes, Perfect for You & the Bump!

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Hands up who’s still recovering from the Easter chocolate fest last weekend! You’re certainly not alone! Here at Seraphine we’re prescribing ourselves a much-needed health kick. Read on to find out which vitamins and minerals are most important for your pregnancy diet and why, and join us on our healthy eating mission.


Pregnancy Vitamins & Where to Find Them

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Get all your pregnancy vitamins covered in your diet and you’ll really feel the difference. When your pregnancy diet is right, you’ll glow inside and out! Why not show off your glow with some stunning new maternity clothes.


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Healthy Recipes for your Pregnancy Diet

Stunning food blogger Madeleine Shaw is a certified nutritional health coach, who creates amazing healthy recipes & shares them on her blog, in her Instagram and in her beautiful cook books. And right now, she is expecting her first baby! We had a quick look through Madeleine’s recipes & chose a few of our favourites for breakfast, lunch & dinner to help you get your recommended pregnancy vitamins and minerals naturally from your food.


Healthy Breakfast

Madeleine’s overnight oats with milk, topped with fresh strawberries, nuts & seeds, washed down with a glass of fresh orange juice. Get the recipe>>

Start your day like this, and you’ll kick start your body in the best possible way. This quick & easy ultra-healthy recipe gives you a great boost of ALL 8 of your necessary pregnancy vitamins & minerals – what could be better?


Healthy Lunch Ideas

Madeleine’s black bean salad with roasted corn & fried eggs. Get the recipe>>

This is ideal for an easy light lunch. Packed full of protein and vitamin A, eggs are delicious and nutritious, while the beans and leafy greens provide plenty of folate.


Healthy Dinner

Madeleine’s brown rice pasta with broccoli, pesto, toasted almonds & peas. Get the recipe>>

A positive folate explosion, every ingredient in this quick week night dinner helps towards your daily folic acid requirement, as well as providing a healthy dose of vitamin A & C. Why not mix it up a bit by throwing in some shredded chicken to ramp up your protein & iron intake.


Best of luck with your pregnancy diet mama!

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