The rise and rise of mummy bloggers – how you can join in

The mummy blogger

Back in the early 1990s, nobody could ever have imagined how the internet would take off and become such a huge part of our lives.

Nowadays we all shop without leaving our homes, find information in seconds, and broadcast our own voices into cyberspace, without giving any of it a second thought!

One aspect of the web that has really taken on a life of its own is the blog. What started off as a few simple web-based diaries has boomed into a multi-million pound industry we now call the ‘blogosphere’.

Among the biggest bloggers are ordinary mums or expectant mothers just like you. There are hundreds of thousands of them, sharing details of their pregnancy and family life – everything from morning sickness to the latest maternity fashions! Some are even famous, while others get the opportunity to review the latest maternity and pregnancy products.

How to start your own mummy blog

1. Let your unique voice shine through

Try pretending you’re talking to someone you know well if you get a bit stuck with this. Don’t be tempted to swallow a thesaurus either – it’s better to keep it simple and readable than overly fancy.

2. Post regularly
Try to post at least once a week in order to build up the maximum number of followers. It’s a good idea to decide beforehand how long each one will be – if you know you have to write an essay each time, it’ll put you off – and a notebook for ideas will prevent writers’ block. Don’t forget to invite comments and follow others to generate traffic too.

3. Don’t fall into the trap of ranting
It’s good to have opinions, but try to be fair even if you have to say something negative rather than letting your emotions cloud your vision. Also, avoid responding to trolls who post in your comments section, hard though it may be!

4. Be very careful with your personal information
Your blog shouldn’t feature your specific location and you might not even want to name your children and partner – other bloggers refer to them as things like ‘Darling Husband’, ‘Spudlet’ and ‘Himself’ for privacy.

5. Blogging about fashion during pregnancy
One popular topic often covered by mummy bloggers is maternity fashion and how to style your bump. We feature regular guest blogger contributions on our own blog and these fabulous blogging mums have covered topics such as:

Why not give blogging a go and see if you can become an active part of this thriving bloging community?

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