Seraphine on Screen – TV Presenters Share Their Best Maternity Looks

Ginger Zee wears a Seraphine maternity coat

Every mama wants to look her best through pregnancy, but when your job is to appear on live TV in front of millions every day, the pressure is on! Expectant TV presenters across the US choose Seraphine to dress their bumps in style on screen. Here are a few of our favourite live TV looks…


Ginger Zee Loves Seraphine Maternity Clothes

Ginger Zee loves Seraphine maternity dresses


ABC News Meteorologist and soon-to-be mama of 2 Ginger Zee is a big fan of Seraphine and has rocked our clothes through both of her pregnancies. This week she looked stunning in our Black Wool & Cashmere Maternity Coat live from New York on Good Morning America.


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Get the Look: Cashmere Blend Maternity Coat

The glamorous US TV personality has a particular preference for our maternity coats. Back when she was expecting her son Adrian she wore our Natasha Cashmere Blend Maternity Coat to cover the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in New York.


Sara Gore Loves Seraphine Maternity Dresses

Sara Gore loves Seraphine maternity clothes


And of course Ginger isn’t the only on-screen mama rocking her Seraphine. NBC host Sara Gore loved our maternity dresses and had only good things to say about them….


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Get the Look: Cherry Blossom Silk Maternity Dress

Sara said: “Thank god maternity clothes have come a long way! When you are 8 ½ months pregnant you still want to feel feminine and pretty. This Seraphine luxe dress does the trick! Feeling good today.”


Heather Lake Rocks Our Little Black Dress


Heather Lake loves a Seraphine little black maternity dress

Get the Look: Black Zip Detail Maternity Dress

And Fox 5 San Diego reporter Heather Lake is also a Seraphine fan, rocking one of our classic little black maternity dresses on screen while expecting her son Sebastian.


Whether you’re dressing to impress an audience of millions or just your colleagues & clients at work, you’ll find a stylish range of smart maternity clothes at Seraphine – perfect for the office!

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