Sip and See – Debut Your Little Bundle of Joy with the Perfect Party

Sip and See Invitations

After 9 long months, your beautiful new little one has finally arrived & you can’t wait to introduce him or her to your nearest & dearest. And what better way than by throwing an intimate sip and see!


What is a Sip and See?


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For those who don’t know, a sip and see is a tradition that comes from the United States, specifically from the South.

The idea is that new parents open up their home for a few hours, and invite all their closest family & friends to enjoy some light refreshments and meet their new arrival in a relaxed setting.

It can work as an alternative to a baby shower for anyone who isn’t keen on the idea of being the centre of attention, or simply as an additional excuse for a party!


When to Throw a Sip & See

Sip and See ideas and inspiration


The beauty of a party like this is that it keeps you in control – you only have to make yourself and your home presentable for one day, instead of dealing with a constant stream of visitors wanting to meet the baby.

It also allows you to pick a date (usually when baby is between 4 to 6 weeks old) when you feel you have a good chance of being out of the newborn fog & into some kind of routine.


Sip and See Ideas


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There are no hard & fast rules about what a sip n see should include. The baby is the main attraction – everything else is up to you. If you want to organise party games, great! If you prefer a low key gathering, that’s fine too.



One activity that we recommend is to have a station where guests can write messages to the new arrival.

You could buy a baby book for the occasion, or even have them write in a special copy of your favourite children’s book – it would make a wonderful keepsake or surprise gift for a special birthday.


Sip n See Outfit Ideas


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This party is all about making your life easier – so there are really no rules when it comes to what you should wear. We suggest wearing something comfy and stylish with easy access for nursing.

Whether it’s a new nursing top and jeans or one of our flattering nursing dresses, as long as you feel confident in your clothes, you are sure to glow.


Sip n See Snacks

When it comes to the sip part of the equation, it will partly depend on the timings & theme of your party. If you’re hosting in the morning, then teas, coffees & croissants are a great option, with the optional extra of mimosas to wet the baby’s head.

If you’re hosting later in the day, why not make it an afternoon tea theme with finger sandwiches, scones & champagne.


Whatever you decide, the idea of a sip and see party is that it’s on your terms, so always do what feels right for you and your family & don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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