Hygge for a Happy Pregnancy: Seraphine’s 5 Top Tips

So first off, for anyone who didn’t happen to receive The Little Book of Hygge for Christmas (and for those who did, but haven’t quite gotten around to reading it yet) – what exactly is Hygge?

Well, it’s a rather lovely Danish concept that roughly translates as cosiness. It’s all about finding ways to stop and enjoy life’s little pleasures; things like dinner with friends, early morning cuddles with the kids, or even just taking a moment to yourself with a nice cup of tea.
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Here at Seraphine, we think that pregnancy is the perfect time to enjoy a bit of Hygge – you’re probably doing it already without even realising it! So we thought we’d put together this little list to offer you some helpful Hyggeligt inspiration…


1) Host a Pot Luck Dinner Party

Host a dinner party with friends

One of the best ways to enjoy a Hyggeligt evening is to host a dinner party and invite only your favourite people in the world. You know the ones – your tribe – the people who feel like home without even trying. Don’t worry about catering – simply set the table, and ask everyone to bring a pot luck dish to contribute to the feast. Then sit back, relax, let the evening unfold and the good times flow.


2) A Beautifully Scented Bubble Bath

Relaxing bubble bath for pregnancy

There’s nothing like a relaxing soak in a warm candlelit bubble bath to ease away the stresses of the day. Soft music, gentle flickering light, luxurious scented bubbles – it all adds up to an utterly indulgent way to spend an evening. Afterwards, why not take some time for yourself to apply a rich moisturiser or body butter, taking extra care over the bump, then slip into your cosiest pair of maternity pyjamas to while away the rest of the evening with your love.


3) Find Your Hyggekrog

Pregnant women in black maternity pyjamas sits in a window seat

A Hyggekrog may sound like some kind of cave-dwelling goblin, but all it really means is a cosy corner or nook. It could be an upholstered chez surrounded by bookshelves, a chic window seat where you can watch the world go by or that particular spot on the sofa that is yours and nobody else’s. Once you’ve found your Hyggekrog, put on a pair of comfy leggings, woolly socks and your favourite cosy maternity jumper. Then curl up with a good book and a steaming mug of hot chocolate – the good kind, with plenty of cream and marshmallows.


4) A Country Walk with Family

Get the look - pregnant woman wears a navy maternity jumper

Why not take your Hygge quest out to the great outdoors! Take advantage of a sunny winter weekend with a frosty family walk in the country. Don your warmest maternity jumper and bundle the little ones up in their hats and scarves, then set out on a wintery adventure. Make sure to aim for a cosy coffee shop or family-friendly country pub where you can warm up afterwards.


5) Cuddles with Baby

Mothers wear warm clothes and cuddle newborn babies

After baby is born, there is nothing more Hyggeligt than enjoying a quiet moment with your little one. The first few weeks with your newborn can go by in a bit of blur if you’re not careful, so make sure that you take some time to make some memories. Wrap yourselves up in one of our soft knitted nursing shawls or venture out in our best-selling 3 in 1 Maternity Parka to enjoy a bit of quality time bonding with your new baby.


Happy Hygge seeking mamas!


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