The baby naming challenge

Lots of eager parents will already know the sex of their baby before the birth these days, but that doesn’t mean choosing a name for the child is any easier.

Fearne Cotton recently gave birth to a boy last week and subsequently announced that she and partner Jessie have called him Rex Rayne. Unfortunately, this prompted comments on the social networking site such as: “Who the **** suggested that name, Scooby Doo?” and “What’s she had, a baby or a Labrador?”

But of course she is not the first celebrity to choose an unusual name for their new child, nor will she be the last. Just see this wonderfully amusing top 30 unusual celebrity baby names compiled by Mumsnet.

Do any of them pick your fancy? The name picking process can be a difficult one. Many friends report drawing up a shortlist and coming up with various ways to cross the contenders off, while others insist they want to wait until after the birth to see what the little girl or boy would suit. However, this can result in long periods where the newborn is ‘Baby Girl’ or ‘Baby Boy’ as indecision often strikes at this point.

The best way to go about it, in our experience, is to come up with a plan with your partner and stick to it. Don’t be swayed by relatives who try to persuade you to name the baby after them unless you really want to.

A nice way to go about choosing is looking for a name with a hidden meaning – for example, Verity means ‘truth’, while Jason means ‘healer’.

Need more help? See Mumsnet’s ‘Baby name dos and don’ts’ for a some baby naming guidelines!

Are you trying to come up with names right now? How are you getting on?

One thought on “The baby naming challenge”

  1. If I have a girl, I’m going to name it Cleo, or Laiken
    If I have a boy, Kenneth, Rory, Leo or Felix.

    Can dream about baby names for hours sometimes!

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