5 Pregnancy Perks You’ll Miss Once Your Baby is Born

Pregnancy perks

Towards the end of the third trimester, it’s only natural to start to feel a little impatient. You’ve waited almost 9 months to meet your little bundle of joy, yet somehow the last few weeks seem to drag!

But however excited you are, be careful not to wish away this special time. Today we want to remind you of all the really wonderful things about being pregnant that you may not realize you’ll miss.

Here’s a quick run down of our top five pregnancy perks:


1)    Guilt-Free Naps

As you’re likely all too aware, growing a baby takes a lot out of a girl! During pregnancy, catching a few Zs where you can is not just allowed, but practically prescribed! So we suggest that you take advantage of a sneaky guilt-free nap whenever and wherever the mood takes you…. It won’t be long before sleep comes at a premium, so why not treat yourself to a new set  of comfy maternity pyjamas!


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2)      Eating for Two

This may well be the only time in your life when your doctor is actively encouraging you to put on weight – so enjoy that extra slice of pie – you deserve it! What to Expect recommend that you ought to be getting an extra 300 calories per day during the first trimester, an extra 350 per day through the second and a completely decadent 500 extra calories per day through your third trimester. So go ahead and indulge those pregnancy cravings – your stretchy maternity jeans can take it!


3)      Stylish Maternity Clothes

No restrictive waistbands or harsh fabrics here! Good quality maternity clothes are specifically designed to be gentle against sensitive skin; so they will be some of the softest, most comfortable clothes you will ever have the pleasure to wear. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on style – At Seraphine all of our maternity wear is designed with a focus on fashion, so that you can continue to rock your style through every trimester.



4)      Beauty Bonus

All those extra hormones racing around your body may have you in tears for no apparent reason, but they do have their up sides too. Your hair may be thicker and a little more lustrous than usual, or you may notice that your skin begins to glow from within, and you will almost certainly notice a little extra va-va-voom in the bra department! Just a few little beauty perks to expect when you’re expecting.


5)   Taking Part in the Miracle of Life

It may sound cheesy, but it’s a really special thing you’re doing. You are creating a whole new little person and bringing them into the world! This is something that not everybody gets to do in their lives, and it’s an experience to cherish.


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