Our CARIPOD™ – As easy as 1, 2, 3

The unique two-part Harness-POD design makes our CARIPOD™ a breeze to use. But just in case you get stuck when out and about, the sewn-in QR code means you can access instructions whenever and wherever you need them

We have three step-by-step videos on getting your CARIPOD™ ready:

We’ve made sure they’re simple to follow, and will show you clearly and slowly just how to fit your Harness correctly, set your POD up for your baby and join the two together.

We’ve sewn a QR code into each CARIPOD™ to make the videos super-easy to access – just point your phone’s camera towards it to go to a page on our website featuring all three. Essentially, you’re taking the guidance wherever you go.

What makes the CARIPOD™ functionality so simple?

Key to designing the CARIPOD™ was ensuring it gets used by parents, not abandoned because it’s too tricky to put together. This – along with the back-to-basics, readily accessible videos – makes the CARIPOD™ a hassle-free baby carrier option.

  • The way the CARIPOD™ is made means securing and adjusting it all happens at the front and within your eye-line
  • The numbered straps make it effortless to swap between users and remember what position they were in if you’re sharing the wearing with others
  • The two-part design means you can take your baby out easily for feeds, changes, nap transfers or anything else without having to take the whole carrier off

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