Pamper Days at Home: Seraphine’s 10 Steps to Ultimate Relaxation!

During pregnancy you deserve to be pampered. And while a weekend at the spa isn’t always on the cards, at home pamper days are the perfect little luxury for an indulgent Sunday afternoon. So clear your schedule, relax, de-stress & unwind with our 10 steps to the ultimate at home spa day!


1) Set the mood – Before you begin, take some time to unwind & prepare your space. First, turn off your phone – nothing can compromise your Zen today! Next, slip into a soft pair of maternity pyjamas & brew a pot of your favourite herbal tea. Then dim the lights, put on a soothing playlist, light some candles & let the perfect at home pamper day begin.



2) Facial steam – Open up your pores & hydrate your skin with a relaxing herbal steam. Combine calming lavender, toning geranium oil & antioxidant green tea in a large bowl with warm water. Then sit with your face over the bowl & cover your head with a towel to create a sweet scented steam tent. Relax & allow the steam to work its magic for up to 10 minutes.

P.S. If you decide to create your own combinations of herbs, tea and essential oils – make sure to stick to the pregnancy-safe options, & always stop if you start to feel over-heated!


3) Exfoliate – Treat your skin from top to toe with a luxury exfoliating scrub. This will remove dead skin & impurities, leaving you with radiantly glowing fresh skin. Use a scrub from your bathroom cupboard, or whip up a home made batch combining sea salt, olive oil, lemon & lavender. Get the recipe here. Then rinse off in the shower & wet your hair.


Maternity nightwear


4) Hair mask – Smooth on a hydrating hair mask, then wrap up and secure your hair in a soft towel or old silk scarf and allow it to soak in. We love these DIY recipes from Hairspray & High Heels!


5) Soak in the bath – Lie back & indulge in a relaxing bath while you let your hair mask set. After all that exfoliation, your skin will be perfectly primed to absorb all the lovely things you can throw at it. Try adding 2 cups of full fat milk & half a cup of pure honey for a softening soak worthy of the queen of Egypt.


6) Rinse off – When you’re finished in the bath, rinse off the hair mask in the shower, and use a clarifying shampoo to prevent any product build-up. Once you’ve dried off, take a few minutes to massage your bump with bio oil, or any other anti-stretch mark product you like to use (if your partner is around, this could be a good job for him!)



7) Face mask – Slip back into your robe & apply a soothing face mask. You can find some fantastic DIY options at Wellness Mama, or check out the video above from Promise Phan for a miracle turmeric mask – and don’t forget the cucumber slices for your eyes!


8) Foot wrap – While the face mask sets, apply your favourite foot moisturising cream liberally, then wrap them up in cling film with a hot towel on top for 10 – 15 minutes. You can make a hot towel by getting a hand towel wet, wringing it out & microwaving it for 1 minute.


Pregnant women wearing black maternity pyjamas


 9) Mani Pedi – Rinse off the facemask & remove the foot wrap to reveal your beautiful soft feet. Time to paint your nails!


10) Treat – Slip into a pair of soft maternity pjs, stretch out on the sofa & indulge in a girly chick flick & chocolate while your nails dry.



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