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This week I have had to come to terms with something. I knew it would happen one day, although I didn’t expect it to be so soon. I’m only 32 29 for god’s sake! But yes. It has happened. Already. It’s official.

I can no longer wear high heels.


Before I got pregnant with Daisy, I was one of those women that had to wear them. I mean I really did. I physically couldn’t walk in flats – they made my feet ache and I’d trip up over myself. In heels I could power walk through Mayfair like no-one’s business (which was handy because I was late for my meetings 95% of the time). Four inch killer heels were a standard part of my daily attire.

When I found out I was expecting, I didn’t stop wearing them immediately. In fact I carried on wearing my beloved heels until I was 7 months gone and started suffering from SPD. Even then I would still wear them to my meetings and would wear trainers for the walk to and from the tube and bare feet in the office. I thought flats made my calves look chunky, there was no way on earth I’d give in and start wearing them. Just because I was going to become a mother imminently, that was no reason to start dressing like one!

Fast forward three years and now, as a mother of two under three, I wonder how I ever managed to get the bloody things on, let alone walk in them! On a rare night out over Christmas I donned a relatively demure pair (only 2.5inchers – ones that were well worn in and ‘comfortable’ and had chunky heels too) and an hour into the evening I felt like my feet were BLEEDING. I spent most of the night sat down with my shoes kicked off. Most unlike me. This mama likes to DANCE!

I’ve tried a few different pairs of flats over the past few years but have never found a brand or style I liked. They have always pinched or I’ve had to cling on to them with my toes whilst I walk so they don’t slip off. Or they’ve just been plain ugly! Plus there’s always been the achey arch of my foot that has made me prefer heels to pumps in the past. I’ve spent a fortune trying out different varieties from different shops to no avail.

I bet you can imagine how over the moon I was to discover a pair of flat shoes that are stylish, comfortable AND affordable!

Introducing SHOEtherapy!

Quite possibly the most amazing shoes I have ever worn. And being a self confessed shoe addict, I have worn a fair few pairs.

These ballerina pumps and loafers have been clinically tested (after ten years of medical research, no less!) to correct your body posture, relieve back and joint pains and stimulate tired and aching legs.

Not only are they completely and utterly BEAUtiful, check out the uber innovative design!

I can honestly say that I was SO excited waiting for these to arrive and can confirm that they are the very first pair of flats that have got me all a-fluster. It’s easy to see why though, eh? I opted for the purple leopard print ballerina shoes which are made and lined in top quality leather. I thought these would make perfect all rounders – smart with a work suit or party dress, or casual with leggings or skinny jeans. I needn’t have worried about them working with every outfit though as I fully intend to purchase another couple of pairs, I adore them that much. No one would ever think that these gorgeous shoes are designed to better your health!

I have been wearing mine ever since their arrival. They are super comfortable and super supportive – I even wore them on a 5.5km round trip doing the school run and walking into town.

SHOEtherapy are available from Seraphine here. There are heaps of styles to choose from and range in price from £65 to £85. If you are pregnant (these shoes are actually recommended during pregnancy), or running around after small children on a daily basis, and want some shoes that work hard to support your body but don’t want to compromise on style then these beauties are most definitely for you.


Katy is mum to two girls; Daisy, aged three, and Evie, three months.  She loves food, fashion, festivals and photography (even though that doesn’t begin with an F) and blogs at 

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  1. I do totally share the opinion. I have a pair of leopard and another black. They were the only stylish yet very comfy solution that got me through the end of my pregnancy. Now that I am discovering the crazy life, I am still wearing them…almost everyday.

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