Baby, Unplugged: One Mother’s Search for Balance in the Digital Age

From watches that ping you the news to fridges that send you grocery lists… modern life is getting ‘smarter’ by the day. And, as writer and journalist Sophie Brickman discovered, parenthood is no exception.

In her new book Baby, Unplugged, the New York mother and self-confessed tech-skeptic embarks on a personal journey to find balance, reason and sanity in the digital age.

So, do we really need a smart baby monitor or a breast pump that connects to the cloud? We caught up with Sophie to find out more…

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First, we LOVE the book! What made you want to write it?

My husband is a tech guy. He works in tech and loves gadgets—loves to bring them home, strap them on his body, all that stuff. It didn’t really faze me until my older daughter was born five years ago. Her third day of life, she comes home from the hospital and bam, on goes a little tracker that’s supposed to monitor her heart rate.

In the wee hours of the morning, an alarm goes off—I of course thought something awful had happened, but it turns out the device had just lost connection to our wifi. In that moment I thought wow, all of this tech has been infiltrating my life for ages but I haven’t ever been really thoughtful about it, and now we have a baby in the mix—what is it doing to her?

So I went off on a journey to determine what tech was beneficial, which was awful, which should be shoved in the freezer and forgotten about until the new millennium. I spoke to a ton of experts who were all fascinating, and it helped me figure out a strategy for how to navigate all the tech that is thrown at us parents. The result is Baby, Unplugged.

When it comes to selling the latest tech, what do you think makes new parents such an easy target?

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Sleep deprivation! Well, not just that, but it’s part of it. We’re a particularly vulnerable population: we haven’t done this before (the first time around, at least), we aren’t sleeping much, and the most important little human just arrived in our house, and we’re supposed to not just make sure he or she stays alive, but also make sure he or she thrives and conquers the world.  It’s a tall order, and marketers know they have us by the jugular.

Of all the experts you spoke to, were there any that made a lasting impact on your own parenting choices?

I spoke to many, many experts who impacted my choices, from Alison Gopnik, lauded developmental psychologist, who told me that all these little choices we’re making won’t really have a huge impact on our child after all (a very comforting notion, actually), to Jenny Radesky, who taught me a simple test to figure out if the tech I was giving to my kids was beneficial or not: give it to them, and then take it away, and see what they do in that moment. Do they have a tantrum? If so, maybe it’s not the best way for them to be spending their time.

And did you come across any gadgets or apps that you would recommend?

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There are of course ways to use tech in your life to enrich it (the ability to use eCommerce on my phone to purchase diapers and the like at the click of a button proved invaluable). Part of the reason I wrote the book was because I felt I was in the middle of two extreme camps: those who said you had to live off the grid and never show your kid a screen, and those who said ok, let’s plug the kid into the wall and come back in 18 years and they’ll have been spat out a perfect citizen of the modern world. I wanted to find a middle ground, to incorporate tech into my life in a smart way.

What about your maternity wardrobe? Were there any pieces you wouldn’t be without?

I basically lived in stretchy black leggings and an oversized button down white shirt for most of my pregnancies. My third coincided with the pandemic, so I’d already been wearing stretchy pants and comfy tops—I didn’t have to change much!

You talk about balancing tech & data with instinct & common sense. Do you have any tips for finding that balance?

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Check your gut. Is the data gathering actually making you calmer, helping your child gain weight, or sleep through the night, or whatever it is supposed to do, or is it cluttering up your mind with extra info? Is your child truly enjoying whatever program they’re watching, or app they’re playing, or are they zoning out?

What about as a working mother? Does tech play a role in how you balance work and family life?

I have a little closet in our apartment where I write and work, and the only piece of technology in it, besides my computer, is a ring light I had to buy to do Zoom interviews for book promotion! And our family would probably combust if I didn’t keep a very up-to-date google calendar of everyone’s whereabouts (three kids = NASA-level coordination of schedules). Otherwise, I try to keep it simple.

You completed your first draft right before the pandemic hit. How do you think the last year and a half has affected our relationship with tech?

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It was an interesting time to finish the manuscript because of course I thought, ok, I’m going to have to take this and throw it in the fire and start again. I was pleasantly surprised that many of the conclusions I came to in the book, pre-pandemic, remained true after it arrived: boredom is ok for your kids, don’t constantly feel the need to enrich every moment, and nothing can trump cuddling up with your kiddo and reading a book.

Of course the pandemic was a huge stress test on our reliance on tech. I am forever grateful that FaceTime exists, so that my parents were able to communicate with our children while they were quarantined in their apartment eight blocks away, and happy I was able to share photos of our (monotonously similar) days with them, too. I’m also grateful that we dodged the remote learning bullet—our oldest, Ella, is just starting kindergarten now. I looked in awe at my friends with older kids, who had to become teachers overnight, while working remotely themselves.

Lastly, any advice to share with new & expecting mums?

You know your kid better than Silicon Valley. You just do. You got this.

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Online Prenatal Pilates Class with Shapes Studio Founder Paola Langella

Here at Seraphine, we are thrilled to be working with Paola Langella, Founder of online Pilates studio, Shapes. Paola is offering a free taster Prenatal Pilates class exclusively for Seraphine customers!

With winter drawing in & many of us locked down once again, now could be the perfect time to explore online fitness options. Take the free 20 minute class & read on to find out a bit more about Paola & her Pilates philosophy below.

Free Online Prenatal Pilates Class (20 Minutes)

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Meet Pilates Instructor Paola Langella

Paola Langella - Pilates Instructor & Founder of Shapes Studio

1) Tell us a Little About Your Background – How Did You Get into Pilates?

My background is in dance. I studied Ballet for 10 years in Italy before moving to London.

I discovered the healing powers of Pilates after suffering a serious neck injury caused by a fall when my dance partner slipped. As part of my rehabilitation, my doctor suggested I explore the Pilates technique to strengthen the muscles of the neck and shoulder area. After a few sessions I felt much better, and once I understood the whole concept of Pilates (alignment, control, breathing), I was hooked.

I believe Pilates is a miracle for the body and I felt called to share this amazing technique with the world. After becoming a certified instructor in 2014 I taught for well-known studios in London as well as working with osteopaths to help rehabilitate their clients.

For the last two years I have taught clients one-to-one in my private studio in Notting Hill. And last year I launched, an online studio that helps people achieve their best shape physically and mentally, wherever they are in the world.

2) Is it Safe to Practice Pilates During Pregnancy?

Pregnant mum at Prenatal Pilates Class

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Prenatal Pilates can provide a safe workout for women in all stages of pregnancy. A few of the exercises are modified in order to ensure safe and comfortable movements for both mother and child, with emphasis on strengthening the back, exercising the pelvic floor, and increasing flexibility.

Of course, every body is different, and the repetitions and positions differ according to the individual’s stamina, stage of pregnancy, and bone structure.

Shapes Studio offers a Prenatal Pilates Package for £20 per month, which provides access to the prenatal videos as well as access to the Nutrition and Lifestyle Categories with tips to achieve a balanced lifestyle, managing stress, and improving diet.

3) And What About For Post-Pregnancy?

Rosie Wicks wearing Seraphine maternity activewear

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After receiving the green light from your doctor to start exercising, Pilates is great for postnatal women as it provides a gentle, but effective workout. As well as stabilising and working all the small muscles of the body, postnatal Pilates focuses on reactivating the pelvic floor using the Pilates breathing and controlled exercises.

Certain positions will be avoided initially, and care needs to be taken to avoid overworking the back. Pilates helps rebuild stamina and can help to alleviate stress. The body will recover quickly if the workouts are consistent.

4) As a Qualified Nutritionist, Do You Have Any Tips For Pregnant Women?

Pregnant mum and 2 daughters eating fruit

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To prenatal women, I would say that establishing your baby’s gut microbiome starts before birth. A balanced microbiome can help build a strong foundation for your baby’s own gut health.

A few of the best ways to improve gut health are regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and enjoying a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, and fermented foods.

A probiotic supplement can also help, though you should consult with your doctor to confirm what type and dosage of probiotic (if any) is best for you.

5) Any Final Words of Wisdom?

Paola Langella - Prenatal Pilates Instructor & Founder of Shapes Studio

I believe consistency is key. If you can find five minutes to spare each day, use them for exercise. If you’re consistent, you will gradually set your standards higher and before you know it, you’ll be exercising for 20-30 minutes daily.

Also, health is not just about diet and exercise. A healthy lifestyle needs to be achieved by both the food we eat and the other ways in which we nourish ourselves, like a good exercise routine, a job we love, fulfilling relationships, a spiritual practice, financial security, exploring new things that stimulate our brain, joy, creativity, home cooking.

It is important, for prenatal women in particular, to have a balanced lifestyle during this amazing journey in order to make healthier food choices for yourself and your baby.

Join Shapes Studio

Paola Langella - Pilates Instructor & Shapes Studio Founder

The most popular user category on Shapes is the full annual membership, which provides access to all the classes – Dynamic, Cardio, Prenatal, and stretching.

I include a complementary 45-minute Health Consultation for all new Shapes members, so we can pinpoint areas you want to work on and help you achieve a flying start.

WIN a copy of Rosie Nixon’s New Novel about Motherhood

Editor in Chief of HELLO! Magazine, successful author & mother of two boys, Rosie Nixon is a super mama & long-time friend of Seraphine.

When we heard that her latest novel, Just Between Friends, is about two mums-to-be who meet at a baby group, we absolutely had to find out more!

The story follows Aisha & Lucy, who are both expecting their first babies. They meet at their local baby group & quickly become friends, but one of them has a big secret, which could change everything… Intrigued? … We sure are!

Just Between Friends is quite a departure from Rosie’s two previous books. The Stylist & Amber Green Takes Manhattan are both fun, feel-good reads, whereas this new book has been described as a gripping page turner with a hidden secret at its centre. Just the thing to curl up with on these dark November evenings… We can’t wait to get stuck in!

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Rosie Nixon on The Capsule in Conversation Podcast

And if, like us, you can’t wait to find out a bit more, Rosie recently appeared on Natalie Anderson’s podcast The Capsule in Conversation, which is well worth a listen. You can find it on all the usual podcast providers or watch on YouTube here.

As well as discussing her new book, Rosie opens up about motherhood, friendship, giving up on the concept of perfection & championing kindness in life & in her career…. All sprinkled with fantastic celebrity anecdotes from her years working closely with stars at Hello! Magazine.

The way Rosie describes it: “It’s basically like having a cuppa and a good old gossip with me and Natalie Anderson.” … Sign us up!

Rosie loved Seraphine maternity clothes through both of her pregnancies, especially our day to night dresses.

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Meet Helene Mark, New Mama & Founder of Outdoor Owls – London’s Outdoor Nursery

Originally from Denmark, long-time London resident Helene is the founder of Outdoor Owls, Richmond’s outdoor nursery. She also recently welcomed her first baby – a gorgeous little girl called Else.

We caught up with Helene to talk business & motherhood during a pandemic & to find out more about outdoor education for little ones.

Congratulations on welcoming your daughter!

Helene Mark, Outdoor Owls founder, with her daughter Else

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Thank you, I’m over the moon! She is the best little human ever! But I must admit that the first couple of weeks with her were mixed. She arrived just before the Corona crisis escalated so I was partly in a blissful baby bubble and partly stressed about the state of the world.

I also had to navigate a stressful time of temporarily closing the nursery and making sure that my team and our families would be okay through lockdown.

Tell us about Outdoor Owls – where did the idea come from?

Children at Outdoor Owls

My inspiration takes me back to my Danish upbringing, where there is a long-standing tradition of outdoor education and ‘Forest School’, so I guess I brought that idea with me to London.

We believe that not only is it healthy for children to be outdoors but it’s also a much better learning environment for them. With this in mind, we created a holistic, child-centred learning and development programme.

Children are very capable, so Outdoor Owls actively encourages ‘safe risk-taking’ to help build independence. For example, climbing trees (to a safe height) and using tools (under guidance of an educator). Our focus is much broader than simply getting each child school ready – we also want to help them get ready for life! 

What does a typical day look like for a child at Outdoor Owls?

We offer full time care from 7:45am – 6pm, 51 weeks a year. It was important for us to create an exciting full daycare option where parents can feel good about leaving their child while they work.

We start the day indoors with breakfast, then get dressed in our waterproofs and into our 6-seater buggies. After a lovely nature stroll, we arrive at our green space where we set up our tipi and basecamp for the day. Then we play, explore and learn for a couple of hours before lunch. In the afternoon, the smallest children can nap in our tipi (complete with camp beds and sleeping bags!) while we continue to play before packing up to return indoors for 4pm. The last couple of hours we spend indoors reading, playing and dancing, and enjoying a lovely warm dinner – appetite is usually high after an active day out in fresh air!

Most days are spent in our green space, but we also organise regular outings to places like Ham House, the local library, a school, a flower nursery… One of our favourite visits is to an elderly home – it’s so lovely to see that the visits are of mutual joy to the children and the elders.

Find out more about a day in the life of an Outdoor Owl here

What are the benefits of your outdoor approach?

Where to start! The major benefits are health, educational and environmental

Outdoors, children naturally move around more, building stamina, muscle strength, balance, and coordination. They also develop a stronger immune system with improved gut bacteria, while plenty of fresh air gives viruses less opportunity to spread. Not to mention the mental health benefits, from improved resilience, attention, and self-confidence to reduced anxiety.

As for education, i think of it as a ‘wall-less’ classroom where you can teach maths to a 2 year old by counting sticks and measuring up puddles, and literacy by talking about the things you see in an ever-changing environment. It’s a much more stimulating setting with hands-on opportunities for learning and endless room for curiosity, imagination and creativity!  

Finally, the time our children spend outside helps them build a positive attitude towards nature, biodiversity and our planet. Hopefully, they grow up to be custodians of it! 

Find out more about the benefits of outdoor education here

How do you see yourself balancing motherhood & business in the future?

Helen Mark, Outdoor Owls founder with her daughter, wearing the Seraphine 3 in 1 hoodie

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Not sure if it will be a ‘balance’ as such, it will probably more be the case of letting it all merge. I am really ambitious about running the nursery and in the last year my working hours have been pretty full on. Going forward I will surely have less time, but the good thing is that I can be really flexible. And since my business is a nursery, the surroundings are child friendly, so I can bring my daughter with me.

What was your best maternity buy?

Outdoor Owls Founder Helene Mark, pregnant

Get the Look: 3 in 1 Winter Maternity Parka

I’ve been living in my 3 in 1 Seraphine maternity jackets. I have the hoodie and the parka. During pregnancy they were the only ones that could zip over my belly and they’re also great after birth. The extra pouch on the front means I can snuggle the baby inside which is the best feeling!

I also recommend Seraphine maternity leggings – I’ve been using mine for the last 2 months of my pregnancy and they are even better after birth when you just want to be comfortable. I am conscious of not buying clothes too often so I like pieces like this of good quality that can be used again and again.

Any advice for other mums thinking of starting their own business?

As for anyone starting a business, you need to prepare and plan carefully. Adding motherhood to the equation means less flexibility, so you need to be realistic about the timing of each step.

Finally, I cannot stress enough the importance of a good team. My co-founder and I put a LOT of energy into hiring an outstanding team. I am reaping the benefits now – even through this extremely difficult time when we had to temporarily close and I had just given birth. I could trust the team to manage things in my absence with minimal guidance.

Outdoor Owls is now back up & running after a temporary closure during lockdown. If you are interested in finding out more, visit the Outdoor Owls website for more info.

Meet Sabine Roemer – Master Goldsmith & Mum of Two

Looking for something special & sparkly to put on your Christmas list?

Mum of two & master goldsmith Sabine Roemer might just have the answer…

Sabine is a classically trained master gold & silversmith who handcrafts beautiful jewellery pieces & objet d’art from her atelier in London.

She’s designed pieces for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, had her work worn on the Oscars red carpet & recently worked on a gold plated corset for Angelina Jolie, who wore it at the premiere of the new Maleficent movie… all this while raising her two gorgeous little girls (two & four).

Sabine Roemer jewellery

 After launching her own exclusive collection – Arabian Nights – at the prestigious ‘by appointment’ department at Harrods in 2010, she turned her attention to creating a more affordable ‘ready-to-wear’ line… allow us to introduce, Atelier Romy!

Atelier Romy

Beautifully crafted in sterling silver, vermeil and fine gold, these covetable pieces offer the look & feel of high jewellery and range in price from just £50 to £500… perfect for Christmas, or even a push present!

Our favourite pick for a push present is a ring or charm from Atelier Romy’s classic Emerald Collection. Select pieces can even be hand engraved on request, so you can personalise your gift with the initials of your new little one.

Atelier Romy jewellery

Such a special piece of personalised jewellery makes a beautiful gift for a new mum or mum-to-be, and can even be passed down to the next generation as an heirloom 18th or 21st birthday present.

While you’re thinking about gift ideas, take a look at our curated collection of gifts for mums & mums-to-be online.

Here at Seraphine, we are always inspired to see successful entrepreneurial mamas taking charge and doing what they love all while wrangling little ones – we think Sabine is doing an amazing job!

Marine Tanguy, Founder of MTArt Agency on Pregnancy, Art & Maternity Style

Last year she made the Forbes 30 under 30 list & this year she’s getting ready to welcome her first baby!

A passionate entrepreneur & advocate for artists, Marine Tanguy founded MTArt Agency in 2015 at just 25 years old – breaking from the gallery model to promote the artists she believes in across the globe.

We caught up with Marine to talk pregnancy as a CEO, art for newborns & maternity fashion.



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Marine with her partner Will


How have you found pregnancy so far?

Really lovely. I had so much anxiety beforehand – I worried that my investors, all men, would perhaps see it as affecting the company or that our talents would worry for their career.

Aside from a couple of negative people, I have received so much love and support. I feel very grateful for my friends, family and the people who I work with.

It’s so nice to think that we are slowly getting to a place where a woman can do the job of her dreams while becoming the mother she wants to be.



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Marine giving a talk at Annabel’s for @BeBold_lc in Seraphine


Any pregnancy cravings?

Many! Blueberries and tomatoes during my first trimester while my second trimester was all about bubble tea (which can be challenging to obtain at all times of day!).

My third trimester has been more varied – it perhaps doesn’t help that my friend Manon Lagrève (of Great British Bake Off fame) bakes the most delicious cakes around me constantly.


Marine Tanguy & Manon Lagreve

Marine & her friend Manon at her baby shower


Tell us a little about MTArt – what’s your vision?

MTArt is the first talent agency promoting the top visual artists and specialising in talent management: building, growing and accelerating careers.

I have plans for expansion in 2019 and want MTArt Agency to eventually rival the major Hollywood talent agencies that look after actors and celebrities.

I strongly believe that visual artists deserve to have a much stronger influence in our lives. In short: I love my talents and want the world to see how inspiring they are!



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How are you planning to introduce your son to art? Have you already chosen pieces for his nursery?

From the moment a baby is born, their first grasp of the world around them is through their eyes.

Surrounding new-borns with artworks that play with light, texture, colours, and different materials can have a positive impact on the development of their visual senses.

I am lucky to spend my life surrounded by artists who have specially commissioned works for the baby’s bedroom. My personal favourite is a mobile of butterflies, created by Jasmine Pradissitto, made from recycled materials which look like “holograms you can touch” from different perspectives as light hits them.



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How are you planning on juggling motherhood with your business?

I am planning to ride it the fast and furious way. I am very happy and filled with meaning with my job, I would hope for the baby to see this. It’s a great example that one can do what they love.

And I hope that my son enjoys the ride, the travels, the inspiring artists and the art!


Marine Tanguy with artist Adelaide Amoah

Marine in our Ivory & Ecru Silk Maternity Dress with artist Adelaide Amoah


What’s your pregnancy style?

Seraphine of course! I love soft textures – be it silk or cotton, almost like a second skin. Perhaps I am still a little girl at heart so a dress must twirl, because it makes me smile.

Finally, I am French about it – the style must be poetic at all times. I am so proud of my bump, I want a dress that shows it off.


Marine Tanguy at her baby shower


Which is your favourite Seraphine maternity piece & why?

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited as a speaker to a panel at Annabel’s organised by the Be Bold ladies.

I wore the Deep Blue Beaded Maternity Cocktail Dress and felt wonderful. It is so complimentary to the figure and you do feel like a princess.


Marine Tanguy wears a navy blue Seraphine maternity dress


What are you most looking forward to in new motherhood?

Seeing the world through his eyes!!


Any advice for other expectant mums?

Only surround yourself by the friends who make you smile – you have too much to think of to receive negative energy.


For more from Marine, follow her on Instagram: @MarineTanguyArt

Find out more about MTArt Agency:

How to Plan a Baby Shower – by Twenty Three Layers CEO Jessica Boskoff

If you are in charge of planning the perfect baby shower for yourself, a friend or a family member, it can be very exciting. Welcoming a new baby into the world is something to celebrate. As a host, you might feel overwhelmed – especially if you aren’t sure how to plan a baby shower.

Getting help from an experienced event planner like Twenty Three Layers can take the stress away from your baby shower. Here are some tips to help you to make certain that the special day will be smooth and successful.

And make sure to check out Seraphine’s stunning selection of baby shower dresses!


Choose the Right Date

How to plan a baby shower - Twenty Three Layers


Baby showers are traditionally scheduled about six to four weeks prior to when the baby is due. If that time period won’t work, a shower may also be scheduled after the baby is born.

Make certain that you plan the date well in advance so that you have time to mail the invitations to the guests around three weeks before you will hold the event.


Choose the Location

Get the Look: Woven Ditsy Floral Maternity Dress

In addition to choosing the right date, you will want to make certain that you pick an ideal location for your baby shower. You are not limited to hosting your shower in your home and may even consider hosting it outdoors.

The key is to choose a place for the shower that has comfortable places to sit for all of your guests. If you are planning an intimate party, you might consider hosting it at a restaurant.


Choose your Theme


Choosing a theme for the baby shower can assist you with the planning process. Themes aid in the organization of all of the details. If you are uncertain of the baby’s gender, you can incorporate colors that are gender-neutral.


Learn About Dietary Restrictions

A post shared by Twenty Three Layers (@23layers) on


Before you plan the menu, you should make certain to ask the expectant mother if she has any restrictions on her diet.

Some pregnant women have gestational diabetes and must limit their sugar intake and other carbohydrates. Others avoid eating certain types of foods because of pregnancy-related aversions or potential health risks.

In addition to including foods that the mother will be able to enjoy, plan to have other items so that there is a variety of options for all of the guests.


Decorate with Care

A post shared by Twenty Three Layers (@23layers) on


The best decorations for a baby shower are items that the mother-to-be will be able to use for her baby. For instance, you might decorate with baby accessories and clothes and arrange diapers together in the shape of a cake.


Plan Simple and Fun Activities

Get the Look: Broderie Anglaise Maternity & Nursing Dress


Your baby shower should include a mix of time to socialize along with a couple of simple, fun activities to fill in the time.

You can ask your guests to create small books for the baby and mother by giving them blank notecards. Ask them to write something in response to a prompt such as things that the baby might like to know about his or her mom or wishes that you have for the baby. You can then insert the notecards into a photo album to give to the mother as a keepsake.


Expect Guests to Ask for Gift Ideas

Get the Look: Baby Blue Polka Dot Maternity Dress


Be prepared for the guests to contact you before the shower to ask for gift ideas. You can ask the mother what she needs and compile a list. You can also ask her for her registry information and tell the guests where she is registered.

Or else send them the link to Séraphine’s fantastic selection of baby shower gifts – they have plenty of stylish options for mom and baby.


Have Thank You Cards Ready

How to plan a baby shower - writing thank you notes


Make certain to have thank you cards ready to send to all of the guests after the shower. You might want to give the mother addressed envelopes and blank cards at the party along with the guest list. This will save her time when she writes the notes.


Get Help from Professional Event Planners


If you happen to be in New York, Twenty Three Layers is the event planning company of choice. They are able to assist you with how to plan a baby shower from the creation of the theme to the party’s execution.

When you have help, you can be assured that your hosted baby shower will be perfect and memorable, allowing you time to relax and to enjoy yourself. Their creative team of professionals can lend their expertise to creating the event that you envision.

Maternity Fashion Tips for Every Trimester with Fashion Blogger Maya Williams

When it comes to maternity fashion, international blogger & insta-star Maya Williams certainly knows a thing or two! This week on the blog, we caught up with her at our head office in London, where she shared some of her top tips for navigating each trimester in style. Read on and watch the video for Maya’s maternity fashion tips and to see which Seraphine maternity clothes she recommends for each stage of pregnancy.


Watch Maya’s Maternity Fashion Guide


1st Trimester Maternity Fashion Must-Haves

“In my first trimester the first thing I did was run to Seraphine and get jeans. I immediately fell in love with over the bump – they’re just so comfy and they hug you in.”

Get the Look: Coral Pleated Maternity Dress


Maya recommends Maternity Jeans as the essential first maternity fashion purchase. After that, it’s all about The Bump Kit – our chic maternity starter kit complete with maternity LBD, stretchy black skirt, leggings & essential white vest. And of course oversize shirts are perfect for hiding a blossoming bump through the first trimester – just be sure to team them with a slim leg style to balance out the volume.


2nd Trimester Maternity Fashion Must-Haves


“This is my favourite trimester. They call it the honeymoon of your pregnancy – you’ve got your energy back, you’ve told the world you’re pregnant and you can show off your bump!”

Maya recommends chic maternity dresses for the second trimester, preferring bodycon jersey dresses to show off the bump, or woven A-line dresses for a chic look.


Get the Look: Nautical Maternity Maxi Skirt


Maya can’t get enough of our Tailored Cropped Maternity Trousers for the office:

 “The cigarette pants – you can wear these for work or you can dress them up in the evening. I actually really love these, I got them in black. They hug you in, they slim you down and they really dress you up if you wear them with heels and they look nice and stylish.”


Get the Look: Mint Lace & Silk Chiffon Maternity Dress


“Of course we still need to look fabulous, we still need to feel fabulous, so this is a cocktail dress that you can wear to a wedding, your baby shower, a friend’s birthday party…. I really love the pastel colour of this and the style, and the way it falls – it would really accentuate your baby bump.”


3rd Trimester Maternity Fashion Must-Haves

Get the Look: Sapphire Lace Top Pleated Maternity Dress


“And now I’m heading into the third trimester, which is so exciting because it means I’m going to meet my baby very soon! A lot of the pieces that you’ll invest in at this stage need to be super comfortable and versatile so that you can wear them later during your nursing.”

Maya recommends horizontal stripes to flatter your bump through your third trimester – she loves our Striped Maternity & Nursing Dress and our Red & White Striped Cotton Maternity & Nursing Top.

She also recommends thinking about styles that will adapt easily for nursing after baby is born, from chic nursing tops to wrap dresses, flattering maxi dresses and maternity & nursing bras.


Get the Look: Navy Lace Maternity Dress


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Meet Hannah Maggs – the Vlogging Mama behind YouTube Sensation The Michalaks

Hannah Maggs is a blogger, Instagrammer, YouTuber & founder of She lives in Bath with her husband Stefan and their three year old son, Grayson. They are expecting a new addition to the family this august. Each week they film their lives for their family YouTube channel ‘The Michalaks‘. Hannah also has her own separate YouTube channel, blog and online shop selling make up bags and prints.

This week on the blog we chatted with her about life on camera, pregnancy and maternity fashion…


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1)      We love your YouTube channels & blog – tell us a little about them. What made you start? Where does your inspiration come from?

I actually started my blog as a distraction from a really tough time in my life. My mother had just passed away, I had just finished university & I just felt lost, lonely and as though I needed some kind of stimulation and distraction.

My YouTube channel was originally started as my husband had seen me watching lots of beauty videos, and encouraged me to sit down in front of the camera and give it a go. When I fell pregnant, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and not being able to ask my own mother was very hard for me. I turned to YouTube and started watching other people talk about their pregnancy experiences and births. I wanted to help other pregnant women in the same way that they had helped me without even knowing it.

So I began logging my pregnancy really honestly each week, and built up a little following of viewers. As I neared the end of my pregnancy people began asking if they would meet the baby when he was born or if I would keep making videos. It was then that my husband started getting involved and we organically began filming our lives as new parents each week. The rest is history!



2)      Tell us about MaggsLondon. Did you always want to run your own business?

MaggsLondon was actually intended to be a baby clothing company originally. After I had my son Grayson I really wanted to design and make baby boys clothes from liberty prints. Unfortunately the cost of making them was too high, so we ended up deciding not to pursue it, leaving me with a lot of leftover fabric. Having a background as a make-up artist, the first thing that sprung to mind was to make the fabric into makeup bags – and MaggsLondon was born. Since then we have expanded to sell prints, and are just about to launch jewellery too.


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3)      Congratulations on the exciting pregnancy news! How has this pregnancy compared to your first?

Thank you! It’s strange actually – this pregnancy is the complete opposite of my first – in fact it couldn’t be any more different. With my first pregnancy I found every aspect hard… the physical changes in my body and then coping with the mental side of things too. I suffered with pre-natal depression and honestly, I just didn’t enjoy it. This pregnancy has been an absolute dream in comparison. I’m not sure if it’s because I know what to expect now, but I feel very content and calm this time around.


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4)      We love your style – how would you describe your signature look & how have you adapted it for pregnancy?

I think my style is pretty simple, I tend to go for plain, simple and classic pieces that I know I will like for a long time and that I can easily pair together without much thought or effort.

I’m staying true to my style in terms of keeping my pieces simple, although I’m wearing a lot more dresses than i would normally – they’re just so comfortable! With a maternity dress you don’t have to think about putting an outfit together, and with a toddler to run around after and a business to run I don’t have much time to spare.


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5)      What are your favourite Seraphine styles?

I absolutely LOVE your summer maternity dresses, and I can definitely see myself continuing to wear them even after I’m no longer pregnant, which makes them such a good investment! I particularly love your jersey maternity maxi dresses as they are just so comfortable but still make you feel feminine – and of course they show off the bump!

Also your occasion wear pieces in the Luxe Collection are just stunning – something that can be a little trickier to find when pregnant, believe me!


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6)      As a mum you’ll understand the morning rush – what would you recommend for putting your face together in a hurry? Any tips for speedy makeup?

Oh yes, speedy make-up has become a must for me – i barely get time to look in the mirror these days so I think I’ve got it down!

I’d say get a good base – some tinted moisturiser that you don’t need to spend too long blending, a bit of bronzer to add some depth and a quick swipe of mascara and you’re good to go! You can always build on these basics later if you find you have a spare few minutes.


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7)      We are confiscating your makeup bag! You get to keep 3 essential beauty products – what do you choose?

Ooooh this is a tricky one! La Roche Posay tinted sun cream because it gives such a lovely even glow, without feeling like I’m caked in foundation; some Nivea lip balm (it has a sort of glossy sheen to it) because I can’t stand having dry lips; and an eyebrow wand to keep those brows in check. Having your brows neatened can pull together your whole look instantly!



8)   What is your idea of happiness?

The most important thing for me is knowing my family are healthy. As long as we have that, we have everything. Their happiness is intertwined with my own, so when everyone is smiling and content, that’s when I’m the happiest too!


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Ascot Dresses: Summer Event Dressing with Royal Commentator Katie Nicholl

With Royal Ascot last week, and the Wimbledon Championships heating up next week, the summer event season is getting into full swing. Choosing an outfit for this kind of occasion can be a challenge at the best of times, but with a baby bump to think about, it can become downright tricky. That’s where we come in! This year, royal commentator & author Katie Nicholl reported from Royal Ascot, looking utterly stunning in Seraphine luxe maternity dresses. Check out her Ascot Dresses for a little maternity fashion inspiration!


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“I was thrilled to be asked to be a co-presenter for ITV Racing’s coverage of Royal Ascot but there was a lot of pressure. My job was to commentate on the daily Royal Procession and so I needed to look the part. Being 33 weeks pregnant and broadcasting through the hottest June week on record since 1976 was a rather daunting prospect. I knew that I needed to feel comfortable and confident on air so I headed to Seraphine for Ascot Dresses! I felt elegant (so far as you can at 33 weeks pregnant in the sweltering heat) stylish and smart, which was really important. After all, it is Royal Ascot!” 


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“I chose four designs by Seraphine for Royal Ascot and made sure my looks were deliberately different each day ranging from florals to black and white polka dots to an elegant navy blue dress with white piping and a glamorous nude lace frock, my personal favourite. All the dresses looked great on camera and what I liked was that each look was very different. I love to experiment when it comes to fashion – even with a bump. Seraphine has such an eclectic collection, there really is something for everyone.”


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“When I’m broadcasting I like to wear elegant fitted dresses and fortunately maternity dresses aren’t the tent like creations they used to be! I’ve tried to stick to classic designs and experiment with colours. One of the things I love about Seraphine dresses is they are so comfortable and well made.”


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We love Katie’s style – she looked perfectly polished all week long in her stunning Seraphine Ascot dresses. For more summer event outfit inspiration, check out our Luxe Collection of chic formal maternity dresses and cocktail dresses – they’re perfect for looking smart in in the sun!


Katie Nicholl is an international royal commentator, author and journalist. She has written two books about the Royal Family and is currently writing her third, a biography on Prince Harry to be released next year. She lives in North London with her husband and their four year old daughter Matilda and are expecting a second baby this summer. 

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Maternity Fashion Inspiration: Meet Yanira The Fashion Bump Blogger

Yanira is the style guru behind The Fashion Bump – a fantastic source of maternity fashion inspiration for pregnant women & new mamas. Living in Montreal, Yanira is a pediatric registered nurse, and started her blog as a way of helping women to stay stylish throughout pregnancy by sharing her love of all things fashion.

Yanira has featured plenty of Seraphine maternity clothes on The Fashion Bump, and is a big fan of our Seraphine ballet pumps, which are super cute and comfy whether you’re pregnant or not!


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1) We love The Fashion Bump – what made you start the blog? Was there a big inspiration moment?

I’ve always loved the fashion industry and liked to have the latest trends since a young age. But, I never really knew how I could be in that field. I became a nurse at 21, and thought a career in fashion would be impossible at that point. But as more of my friends and colleagues were getting pregnant I started hearing them complaining about how they didn’t know how to style themselves anymore. At that moment, I realised that I could combine my skills, sharing my tips and expertise from a nursing perspective but also creating and sharing nice maternity fashion ideas for all the mums-to-be!


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2) How would you describe your personal style? Do you use fashion to say something about yourself?

I don’t think I have a specific defined style. I like to try different pieces and wear what I’m comfortable in and what looks good on me. Some days, I will wear something really minimal and, other days, I will be wearing something really colourful and extravagant! I use fashion mostly to represent how I feel on a specific day, so it definitely represents my mood. But, I also love to switch my style according to the city where I am at the moment.


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3) What are your top tips when it comes to maternity fashion?

My biggest tip would be to invest in maternity clothes that are versatile, meaning that you can wear them casually but also that you will be able to glam them up with accessories for more elegant events. Having said that, I really love silk and chiffon maternity dresses for special occasions – they’re so soft and easy to wear, which is perfect for pregnancy, and they look really elegant.


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4) We’ve spotted several Seraphine styles featured on your blog – do you have a favourite piece from our collection?

There are so many that I like! The off-the-shoulder maternity dress and the champagne silk maternity gown are two must-have maternity dresses! If we’re talking denim, the distressed jeans are my favourite. But shoe-wise, I have to say the Seraphine ballerinas are so comfortable – such a good investment! I actually love them so much i featured them on my blog – you can read my full review here.



5) We are confiscating your makeup bag! You get to keep 3 essential beauty products – what do you choose?

This question is so hard! (Haha) I have so many favourites, but if I had to choose, I would have to say my Maybelline Instant age rewind eraser dark circle treatment concealer, my mac lipstick in the shade “kinda sexy” and my new face Intensive Hydration Gel by Drunk Elephant.



6) What is your idea of happiness?

For me, happiness involves so many things! It means to feel good with myself, being able to do what I love and sharing good memories with my family and close friends!


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Traveling with Baby: Meet Karen Edwards, The Travel Mad Mum

Karen Edwards is the blogging mama behind the Travel Mad Mum blog. She lives with her husband and their daughter Esme, and is expecting a new addition to the family this summer. In the 8 years she has been travelling, Karen has visited over 60 countries, and little Esme has visited over 20! In her blog Travel Mad Mum, Karen documents her growing family’s adventures and offers tips for traveling with baby & while pregnant.


1)      First off we have to say, your blog Travel Mad Mum is such an inspiration! Can you tell us a little about it? Where did the idea come from?

I was on maternity leave and had already left the UK. We spent a few months in NZ. We soon realised it was quite unusual to travel during maternity leave so I thought the blog would be a good way to document our ten month journey. It was initially set up to keep our family and friend in the loop on our movements. I never anticipated it would gather such a large audience.


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2)      Little Esmé is one very well-travelled toddler! Do you know if she has a favourite destination so far? What about you? What’s been your best trip as a family of 3?

Its hard to say where her favourite destination is but she loved Bermuda and more recently Portugal.

My favourite destination as a family is most definitely Bali. We hope to spend some time there in the not too distant future and maybe even put Esme into school for a while. It has such vast geography for a small space and we just love the way of life.


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3)      Congratulations on expecting baby number 2! What are your top tips for travelling while pregnant?

Wow what a good question, I have so many. I wrote this a to z guide to travel during pregnancy.


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4)      What about traveling with baby? How did you manage when Esmé was tiny?

Traveling with baby is much easier than travelling with a toddler. There is a common misconception that you have to bring so many things for a baby. We managed with just one bag between three of us for the most extensive part of our ten month trip.

When they are not so mobile it’s less tiresome than when they are running around full of energy. Some may argue a baby is not going to remember the experience. For us, we feel it has shaped her personality and made her an extremely sociable little girl.


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5)      Do you already have baby’s first trip lined up, or will you be taking it easy for a while?

Yes of course, we are off to Canada late August. We are leaving for another family gap year. Baby will be around 8 to 10 weeks old. I am really hoping his passport comes on time. We have an extensive year of travel planned. Starting in Canada and hopefully finishing at the tip of South America. The next biggest hurdle, after the birth of course is going to be getting our house rented out.


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6)      How do you handle long haul flights? Do you have any must-have products in your hand luggage for traveling with baby?

Yes my must have product is a Plane Pal. An inflatable pillow that fills the leg room space in front of Esme’s seat. It creates a flat surface and essentially a bed in an economy seat so she can lie down or stretch out mid-flight. It has been a game changer for long haul flights with her.


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7)      What about maternity clothes? What are your must-haves for dressing a bump abroad – especially in a hot climate?

Being a minimalist when it comes to packing, I need something versatile that doesn’t crease when packed and can be dressed up or down. The Seraphine knot front dress collection ticks all the boxes for me and of course it comes in lots of colours to suit everyone’s taste.


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8)      Do you have any favourites from the Seraphine collection?

I love the Seraphine maternity swimwear collection. I have got great use out of my swimming costume. It’s actually quite difficult to find maternity swimsuits that don’t make you feel frumpy so it was a great find. Many of my pregnant friends and followers ask where my Seraphine halter neck swimsuit is from.


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9)      What is your idea of happiness?

Being in a new place where all three of us are enjoying exploring and experiencing a different adventure.


For more from Karen Edwards and to find out more about traveling with baby, check out her blog at and follow her on Instagram @travelmadmum


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