Meet Coorganiz – The Organisation App Designed by Mums, for Mums


Keeping on top of things isn’t always easy. It’s hard enough alone, but add your partner, kids & childcare options into the mix and it can start to feel like you’re fighting a losing battle!

Enter, Coorganiz – the new family organisation app designed by mums, for mums.

Pregnant woman uses coorganiz app

Set up in 2017 by entrepreneurs and mothers Anne-Béatrice Sonnier and Emma Berger, the app is designed to help parents manage their busy lives more easily, coordinating between partners, grandparents, nannies and anyone else who helps out with baby.

You can share your little one’s schedule – from doctor’s appointments to your childcare rota – especially helpful for those heading back to work. And as your child grows, the app can handle all their weekly activities, play dates, appointments & more.

Everyone in your group will have up to date info, with automated reminders for all your events – Coorganiz takes care of it all.

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On top of this, you can share shopping lists, to-do lists, notes, documents, images & contact numbers with everyone who needs them. So you can be sure that everyone looking after your little ones is on the same page & has access to all the info they need.Coorganiz is available both on the App Store and Google Play as well as on your desktop with everything you need to organise your family life.

Almost 100,000 parents are already using Coorganiz to help them stay organised. Why not give it a try & see what all the fuss is about!

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