Easy Hairstyles for Working Mums – Make Everyday a Good Hair Day

Make everyday a good hair day with these easy hairstyles for working mums!

It’s no secret that time and energy run at a premium for busy working mums. With a family to look after, a home to organise and a career to progress, it’s often the little me-time luxuries – like styling your hair – that fall by the wayside. But not anymore!

We don’t know anything that works to lift your mood, helping you to feel more professional and productive like a great hair day (aside from maybe a few flattering maternity dresses), so finding 5 minutes in the morning to dedicate to your do is a challenge worth accepting.

Here are some of our favourite easy hairstyles for a polished professional look that’s quick and easy to achieve!


Easy hair styles


Here at the Seraphine office, we are a little bit in love with YetAnotherBeautySite.com, where we discovered many of the styles featured on this post. The site offers easy to follow step by step tutorials to achieve really impressive looks in next to no time at all! Click on the image to see the tutorial!


Braid wrapped chignon - easy hairstyles


The classic chignon is the perfect Parisian chic style for the office and it’s nowhere near as tricky to master as it looks.

Ulrika at Yet Another Beauty Site explains how to create the perfect chignon in seconds:

1. Make a low ponytail.
2. Twist it inside out: Create a little opening just above the hair tie, then flip the ponytail upside down and feed it through the gap.
3. Now take the ponytail and roll it up and secure with bobbypins.
4. Arrange it to look neat and nice!


Easy chignon for mums


For quick hair fixes that are simple & stylish, there are some ingenious products on the market. The fabulous Hairagami is a simple snap band designed to fix and hold your hair in the perfect bun all day long. And to protect your tresses the Invisibobble is a great new way of securing your hair back without damaging it. The smooth surface avoids breaking and scaring your hair, the coiled shape distributes pressure better than a regular band, preventing tension headaches, and it’s water resistant – perfect for sports and swimming! You can find the Invisibobble at Boots, and at only 3.75 it’s a bargain buy!


Easy hair accessories invisibobble


And of course there’s nothing like a hair donut to add a little extra oomph to your style. Simply feed your ponytail through the middle, spread it out and fan it over the donut, then pin in place!


making a bun with a hair donut


When you know you’re hair looks good, nothing can bring you down! Have fun trying out these quick and easy hairstyles, and discover the perfect maternity dresses to wear them with in our stylish maternity workwear collection!




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