Fashion Blogger & Insta-Star Eimear Varian Barry Talks Pregnancy

Eimear Varian Barry pregnant in white

Eimear Varian Barry is a super stylish Irish blogger and Instagram queen taking the fashion and lifestyle world by storm. She lives in Surrey with her partner Daniel & their gorgeous two year old Saoirse, and is expecting baby number two in March. We caught up with her to chat about fashion, pregnancy and her biggest inspirations.


1)      We love your style! Can you sum it up in 3 words?

Simple, androgynistic, structural.


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2)      How have you been styling your bump? Are you more of a fitted kind of girl, or do you like to keep things loose and flowing?

Definitely a mix of both! I don’t know what I did without my black maternity skinny jeans during my first pregnancy! I love pairing them with an oversized maternity sweater at this time of year. I have a few knitted dresses which I love to just throw on. I hate anything that restricts the bump or is in any way tight on it.


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3)      Do you have a favourite piece from the Seraphine collection?

Yes! The Wool and Cashmere Maternity Coats! I am obsessed with cashmere and love the structural style of these coats. I am wearing a lot of black at the moment, so all three shades go with everything!

Maternity coats


4)      What is the best part about being pregnant?

I think the fact that it actually slows you down. At the beginning, I was frustrated by it, but now I can see how much good it is doing for me physically and mentally.


5)      Have you had any weird pregnancy cravings?

Not weird, but I am eating a copious amount of apples at the moment!




6)      We are confiscating your makeup bag – you’re allowed to keep three essential cosmetics. What do you choose?

  • Primer- I use the Smashbox primer. It is like silk on your skin and keeps my foundation on for hours.
  • My Lip liner. It does wonders for the shape of my lips!
  • Eyebrow Kit. I use the Benefit eyebrow shaper.


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7)      Do you have any beauty or styling tips to share with other expectant mums?

I put oil on my bump as much as I can. In saying that, I use oil all over, to prevent stretch marks. On my boobs, bum and thighs too! I use Eve Lom cleanser which I cannot rave more about. My skin has been breaking out lately and their cleanser reduces the redness and is the best product I have ever used for taking off make up.


Eve Lom


8)      Finding the perfect balance can be a challenge – if you could have one super power, what would it be & how would you use it?

Well it’s like every working woman isn’t it? I would love to be able to commit to what I do full time, while also living like the devoted mother in Little House On The Prairie, while also being a more present friend to those who are dear to me. Oh and be able to have the apartment perfect 24/7 and perhaps be able to read a book now and again? And get to shave my legs in between all of that!


9)      Who inspires you?

I bought Lynsey Addario’s book this week. She is a photojournalist I have been following for a while and who I admire hugely. Hopefully I will get around to reading some of it soon!

Lynsey Addario

10)   What was the best piece of advice you received when you were pregnant?

It was from my mum and it was just to do my own thing. Not be scared, not do what the book says but what feels right for you. It worked well for having Saoirse, so i think i’ll do the same this time!

Baby dresses

For more beautiful images, follow Eimear on Instagram @eimearvarianbarry and check out her blog: TheEVBEdit.



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