Break the rules for great maternity style

Everyone has heard fashion commandments like thou shalt not wear socks with sandals – they’re passed down by magazines, friends and our mothers to prevent us making faux pas that might be embarrassing in public. However, while certain advice may still apply, we think some of these rules are outdated. We’re here to show you how breaking them can result in great maternity style that will really make you turn heads this summer.


1.     Horizontal stripes

You probably think that horizontal stripes are best avoided, but this definitely isn’t the case. Particularly during pregnancy, they can actually really flatter your figure and make for a cool nautical feel. Try maternity dresses in white and navy, or a top in darker colours paired with jeans to see what we mean. Alyson Hannigan often wore stripes when she was pregnant, so check out some past photographs online if you need some inspiration.


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2.     Patterns with prints

There was a time when you would never have seen spots mixed with stripes or geometric put with paisley, but this has gone out of the window as we get more adventurous with what we wear. Summer 2013 is the season of the print, so why not make the most of it and adorn yourself with more than one? As long as you go for similar base colours or complementary hues on the maternity clothes you choose, it’ll look avant-garde rather than appearing as though you ran through your wardrobe covered in glue.


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3.     Mixing black with brown … or navy with black

It’s often said that black and brown don’t go together, but look at women in many Mediterranean countries and you’ll see this isn’t the case at all. Black and tan look particularly nice as maternity fashion choices, as frequently demonstrated by Victoria Beckham. Likewise with navy and black – we don’t know who first said you shouldn’t wear them together, but they were wrong. However, mix them fairly evenly rather than just wearing, for example, a black dress with brown shoes, as this can look accidental.


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4.     Clashing colours

If there’s anything that the long-running trend for colour blocking should have taught you, it’s that clashing different hues is absolutely fine, contrary to popular belief a few years ago! We especially like to see bold shades coming together, as it creates a really summery feel. For example, maternity tops that are bright pink will look eye-catching with azure as opposed to just black. Even shades you wouldn’t think would go together (like rust and fuchsia, or purple and orange) can be dazzling – it’s just a case of trying them out and seeing what works.


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Go on – be a rebel and break the rules this summer!

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