Show off your pins this summer for great pregnancy style!

We spend so long in our winter woollies here in Britain that it’s a real treat when good weather arrives and we can finally cast off those extra layers. However, we speak to lots of women who assume that because they’re pregnant, they can’t get away with short dresses and skirts any more. It’s as though they feel that being an expectant mum comes with a set of rules about how much flesh to flash.


Well, we’re here to insist that it’s fine to be a little daring with your pregnancy style this summer – and what better part of your body to show off than your legs?


Your belly and chest can start to expand really rapidly after the start of the second trimester, but those pregnancy pins are likely to stay pretty much unaltered. In fact, they’ll probably appear even slimmer than usual in comparison, so you should definitely take this opportunity to show them off!


First, ensure they feel good

You can keep your legs toned with plenty of walking and swimming during pregnancy, but don’t forget to keep putting your feet up to reduce swelling around the ankles. Rubbing plenty of moisturiser in will help to keep your circulation flowing and reduce any dry skin too. Finally, ensure you start wearing supportive footwear as soon as possible, as this will reduce the strain on your calves and feet.


Look stylish in smart shorts

Maternity shorts don’t have to be casual. If you go for a city style in a dark-coloured cotton, you could even get away with wearing them to work alongside a blazer and blouse. However, they will look equally as good with a summery top for a day out with the girls. You’re sure to turn plenty of heads while still looking polished and elegant.


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Feel cool in denim shorts

Denim is always a winner for maternity fashion, but sometimes a full-length jean can be a little too hot on warm days. Denim shorts are the perfect compromise, as they allow you to keep wearing that failsafe fabric while also showing off plenty of leg. Go for a style with a stretchy band at the waist and they’ll see you through the whole nine months – just wear them with tights as we move out of summer and into autumn.


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Feel flirty in a summery skirt

There are lots of different skirt lengths you can choose from during pregnancy, depending on your maternity style. A mini is perfect for a casual look, while a midi is ideal if you would prefer to cover your thighs. Don’t forget the sexy pencil either, which shows off a great lower body without being revealing at all.


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Feel understated yet sexy with skinny jeans 

Whether you’re feeling a little pasty-skinned or you simply prefer to keep your legs covered up, you can still look sexy rather than swamped in fabric this summer. How? Go for skinny maternity jeans that cling to every curve but are specially styled for comfort. They’re perfect with a T-shirt for rock chicks!


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Which style will you choose as the weather hots up?

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