Hannah’s top fashion tips for pregnancy

Finding out that you are un-expectantly pregnant a matter of months after launching a brand new business is scary to say the least. While everyone else was wishing away the next 9 months, I have to say, I had a mini panic attack wondering how on earth I was going to balance the playground, client meetings and social excursions through this pregnancy without resembling an ill dressed baby whale!

Unfortunately, this being my second child, the stretchy clothes requirement came quicker than I had anticipated, and after a horrific trail along the high street, moaning and sighing at the awful, bland maternity clothes on offer, I resigned myself to wearing bin liners for the next few months! Even Finn, my 5 year old, observed my trauma and helpfully informed his teacher that the reason we were running late for school was because “Mummy was having a strop because she said that she didn’t have anything to wear!”

Let’s face it, no one likes to look bigger than they are, and when you’re growing another human being inside you, your body seems to be changing out of your control, so it’s more important than ever to feel amazing about yourself and how you look. Thankfully, Seraphine has gorgeous, fashionable pieces that will see you right through your pregnancy and those first few months afterwards! I have been following these simple rules, and with a bit of help from the Seraphine fashionistas, am sailing stylishly through, (touch wood).

Avoid baggy clothing

Wearing baggy jumpers and shirts is going to do nothing for you when you’re sporting a huge bump. The best way to embrace your new shape during pregnancy is to show off your gorgeous curves, whether it’s your new womanly hips or feminine bust, with fitted clothes that make the most of your new shape and show off your bump to its best.

The Seraphine black shift maternity dress is fantastic for flattering your bump and is versatile enough to dress up or down.

tessa_burgundy_1-1Accentuate your bump

Belts might not fit your hips anymore, but you can accentuate your curves by placing it just above the bump/under your boobs (which are also probably huge at this point) to really show it off. It gives you a “waist” back and flatters your new/changing body shape. We want to show our bumps off because after all, they’re beautiful! So use a belt to accentuate your bump, whether it’s over a dress, vest top or blouse, it’ll look fab!

Seraphine have some gorgeous maternity belts, my favourite is the double wrap skinny belt, only £15!

Wear solid colours

Solid colours really help to flaunt your bump. Patterns have far too much going on and tend to make you look larger than you really are. Solid coloured maxi dresses, maxi skirts, or a brightly coloured pair of skinny jeans with a neutral top can be easily accessorized with bags, scarves, belts, and jewellery – your options are endless!

Check out the Seraphine Cobalt blue slim leg jeans, currently in the sale for only £19, I love these. They also have a range of gorgeous accessories to perfectly finish any outfit, one of my favourites is the Seraphine Tote Changing Bag, I can’t wait to put mine through it’s paces.

Invest in clothes that will grow with you

You want clothes that hug you in the right places, ruched maternity vest tops, body con style dresses, maxi dresses and skinny jeans with an elasticated bump band will all grow with your bump. Not only do these styles look great but they’re comfy as well. Whether it’s a casual or professional look that you are going for, well fitted, flattering styles will see you right through your pregnancy to the full 9 months.

I love the navy braided strap maxi dress that really shows off your waist and new pregnancy bust. The Seraphine basic vest tops with built in support are excellent wardrobe staples as well.

So with a packed new £1000 maternity wardrobe, thanks to the Seraphine Royal Baby competition, I seem to be set and now happily getting through “the change” (though my partner might have something to say about the “happily” part). Either way, it certainly looks like I’ll have to think of different reason to be running late for primary school in future!


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