IVF Success Story: Izzy Judd Talks to Lorraine About her Fertility Struggles

Izzy Judd talks IVF

As women, the ability to fall pregnant and have children is something many of us take for granted growing up. It is often all too easy to assume that everything will fall naturally into place when the time comes. But, as anyone who has struggled with infertility will know, things don’t always work out exactly as we’d planned. Last week, author Izzy Judd, wife of McFly drummer Harry, opened up to Lorraine about their IVF journey.


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Izzy has documented her struggle to become a mum in her new book Dare to Dream – it follows her story from infertility, through IVF and the heartbreak of miscarriage, to the joy of welcoming her healthy baby girl Lola and the miracle of conceiving baby number 2 naturally.


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The book takes an open and honest look at the anxiety and loneliness that Izzy, like so many other women, felt along the way, while also sharing some of the things that helped her through the darkest moments.


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Izzy says:

“The struggle for a baby, the heartache of miscarriage and the happiness of finally falling pregnant with Lola after IVF have inspired me to share my own experiences, in the hope that they will bring comfort to those going through their own fertility struggles, and help the family & friends supporting them. My greatest wish is that, by telling my own story, I can be a companion to others and help them to feel less alone – that we are in this together.”


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To find out more, follow Izzy on Instagram @Mrs_Izzyjudd and check out her book Dare to Dream.


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