2020: Celebrity Style Edit & Maternity Fashion Highlights

2020, what can we say?… It’s been a testing time for us all. Certainly not a year we’re likely to forget in a hurry!

But in amongst the challenges & uncertainty we’ve faced this year, there have been bright spots. Moments of joy, success & support. And of course, beautiful new babies welcomed into the world.

At the end of this uniquely challenging year, we’re looking back at some of Seraphine’s highlights.

Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg

Get the Royal Look: Navy Blue Silk & Lace Maternity Evening Dress

Seraphine has long been a favourite amongst royal circles, and back at the beginning of the year Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie, Princess of Luxembourg sported several Seraphine outfits for official royal engagements.

She chose our silk evening gown to attend the New Year’s Reception at the Grand Ducal Palace.

See more of Stephanie’s Seraphine favourites here>>

Seraphine’s Second Consecutive Queen’s Award Win

One of the highest points of the year for us here at Seraphine was winning The Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020. We last won this award in 2015, making this our second consecutive win!

The Queens’ Awards are one of the highest accolades for businesses in the UK & it is a huge honour & rare achievement to be awarded twice.

Find out more>>

Amy Willerton & Baby Demelza

Get the Look: 3 in 1 Winter Maternity Parka

TV presenter, model & new mama Amy Willerton welcomed her little girl back in January 2020. She was a big fan of our nursing clothes & absolutely loved our 3 in 1 Winter Parka – perfect for chilly walks with baby Demy.

See more of Amy’s outfits>>

Christina Milian & Baby Isaiah

Christina Milian wears a Seraphine babywearing hoodie in march 2020

Shop the Hoodie: 3 in 1 Maternity Hoodie

Christina Milian welcomed her baby boy Isaiah back in January. She was a fan of Seraphine maternity clothes throughout her pregnancy & loved our 3 in 1 Maternity Hoodie.

She kept herself & her baby cosy in it on their flight back home to LA ahead of the US travel ban in March 2020.

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Rosie Wicks & Baby Marley

Get Rosie’s Look: Denim Dungarees & Mama & Mini T-Shirts

While her husband Joe Wicks the Body Coach kept Britain moving through lockdown with PE with Joe, Rosie was busy with baby Marley, who was born in December of 2019. We caught up with her early in the year for a photoshoot.

See Rosie’s Post Maternity Must-Haves>>

Millie Mackintosh & Baby Sienna

Shop Seraphine Lingerie

Model & Made in Chelsea allum Millie Mackintosh welcomed her little girl Sienna in 2020, with partner & former co-star Hugo. She was a big fan of our soft bamboo basics, from maternity leggings to nursing bras & tanks. She also loved our maternity dungarees.

See more of Millie’s faves>>

Seraphine Launches at Macy’s in NYC & LA

Seraphine X Macy's 2020

This was the year that we launched our partnership with Macy’s. You can now shop Seraphine maternity clothes at Macy’s flagship department store at Herald Square in NYC & South Coast Plaza in LA!

Find out more>>

Storm Keating & Baby Coco

Get the Matching Set: Mama & Mini Sweatshirts

Storm & Ronan Keating welcomed little Coco earlier this year. She wore several Seraphine outfits while pregnant & they both clearly love our Mama & Mini Sweatshirt Set… the look on their faces says it all!

See more of Storm’s faves>>

From all of us here at Seraphine, we wish you a fantastic start to 2021!

Celebrate Seraphine’s 18th Birthday with Founder Cécile Reinaud


Seraphine is turning 18 this week & we are celebrating our milestone birthday in a BIG way!

Seraphine’s 18th Birthday Promo & Prize Draws

*The promo has now ended*

This week, in the run-up to our birthday, we’re offering a fantastic 20% off* across our collection! You better hurry – the offer ends on Thursday 29th!

Then the week of our birthday we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite mama & baby brands to plan a full week of prize draws on Instagram. We have over £3,000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

The prize draws are kicking off on Thursday 29th of October, so keep an eye on our social media to be in with your chance of winning!

The Seraphine Story So Far

Founder Cecile Reinaud celebrates Seraphine's 18th birthday

It all began back in 2002, at Founder Cécile Reinaud’s kitchen table. She was expecting her first child, along with several other pregnant friends, and none of them could find maternity clothes they were excited to wear. Cécile started designing & making maternity pieces for herself & her friends & Seraphine was born.

Fast forward 18 years & Seraphine is now a global brand known for dressing the royal families of Europe as well as A-list celebs from rock stars to Hollywood actresses.

Pregnant celebrities wearing Seraphine maternity clothes

The first big hit for the brand was the maternity denim collection, which has remained a major staple in the range, adored by A-listers from Jessica Alba & Anne Hathaway to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Today Seraphine is a leader in the maternity fashion world. A one-stop-shop for mamas & mamas-to-be, with 2 consecutive Queen’s Award wins under our belt in the past 5 years & flagship stores in fashion capitals, from London to Paris, New York, LA, Dubai, New Delhi & Hong Kong.

Seraphine maternity store paris

And we’re only just getting started… this year we opened new concessions in New York & LA in partnership with Macy’s & our online business is growing from strength to strength.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without you, our wonderful Seraphine mamas. That’s why we’re celebrating Seraphine’s 18th birthday by treating YOU! Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us.

*Exclusions apply. See our site for the full T&Cs & how to claim your discount.

Seraphine Maternity at Macy’s: We are Open in New York & LA!

London, Paris, New York & LA to Dubai, New Delhi & Hong Kong… Seraphine maternity boutiques & concessions can be found in fashion capitals all across the world.

And right now we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding in the US… You can now shop Seraphine maternity clothes in selected Macy’s stores!

Seraphine in New York

The largest department store in the US and one of the largest in the world, Macy’s Herald Square is home to over 2000 sq. ft. of maternity fashion & that now includes all your favourite Seraphine styles!

Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, right on the edge of NYC’s world-famous garment district, it’s a must-visit for mamas & mamas-to-be.

Macy's Herald Square in New York

Plan your visit

Along with our 2 flagship Seraphine stores, on West Broadway in SoHo & on Madison Avenue, NYC is the perfect destination for a pre-baby shopping trip on the East Coast!

Visit us in store in New York

Seraphine in LA

Pregnant woman wearing Seraphine dress in LA. Seraphine is now at Macy's South Coast Plaza

If you’re closer to California, you can now shop Seraphine maternity clothes at the Macy’s in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. The South Coast Plaza is the largest shopping mall in California, and home to some of the biggest names in designer fashion, so it’s a natural home for the Seraphine collection.

Plan your visit

Whether you’re looking for statement maternity dresses, everyday essentials for pregnancy & nursing or even the perfect pair of maternity jeans, you’re sure to find it in the Seraphine corner at Macy’s!

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We can’t wait to see you in store soon, mama!

Seraphine wins the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020

In these uncertain times it’s important to stop & appreciate the victories, however big or small. So in that spirit, we have a rather exciting announcement to make…

We are delighted to have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2020, one of the highest accolades awarded to businesses in the UK!

A Message from Seraphine Founder, Cécile Reinaud

The winners of the Queen’s Awards are selected by Her Majesty The Queen herself, based on recommendations from the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee, as well as a panel of industry experts, so it’s a great honour to be chosen again.

We last won this award back in 2015, making this our second consecutive win – a rare achievement and an incredible mark of recognition for our continued outstanding international growth.

At Seraphine, we are proud to be a British brand with an international outlook. We believe that every woman deserves to feel fantastic throughout her pregnancy, which is why we continue to expand our horizons and work to make it as easy as possible to shop Seraphine maternity clothes, wherever you are in the world.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here, so this award is dedicated to you – the amazing mums & mums-to-be, both at home & abroad, who continue to support & inspire us.

While you’re here, why not check out our award-winning maternity clothes collection for yourself!

Coronavirus: GP’s Vital Advice for Pregnant Women

This week Sky News Presenter & mama-to-be Sarah-Jane Mee interviewed GP Dr Zoe Williams to clarify the current advice for pregnant women surrounding Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus.

Sarah-Jane, who is currently 26 weeks pregnant with her first baby, is self-isolating at home, so she conducted the interview online, along with a follow up Instagram post the next day, looking stylish both times in Seraphine maternity dresses.

You can watch the interview on YouTube, but we have also transcribed it below.

Do Pregnant Women Have to Self-Isolate for 12 Weeks?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sarah-Jane Mee (@skysarahjane) on

Get Sarah-Jane’s Dress: Red Midi Wrap Maternity Dress

Watch the Full Interview Now

Sarah-Jane: I spoke to Dr Zoe Williams about this and she said that the current guidance is that it’s only pregnant women with heart conditions who should be self-isolating for 12 weeks.

If you’re having a healthy, normal pregnancy, you should be practicing strict social distancing rules as a precaution. That will involve working from home if you can. If you can’t, you need to operate that strict 2 meter social distance rule and put into practice all the other government guidelines – things like washing your hands regularly.

Why are pregnant women more at risk?

Dr Zoe: So far, from the evidence that we have, pregnant women are no more likely to get the infection and they’re no more likely to have the serious consequences of Covid-19. However, we know that pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, can affect your immune system and many women can be more vulnerable to getting unwell with viruses.

So, although this doesn’t seem to be the case so far with coronavirus, because we know so little about it, it’s really a case of taking additional precautions.

But the reassuring this is that so far with coronavirus we’re not seeing that pregnant women are more likely to run into the serious consequences.

Get Sarah-Jane’s Dress: Cerise Polka Dot Maternity Dress

Is there a greater risk depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re at?

Dr Zoe: During the third trimester, the interference that pregnancy can have on your immune system is more likely.

But there’s an added note – although pregnant women and young healthy people are very unlikely to get the serious consequences of Covid-19, a small number do, and if a woman is pregnant in the third trimester and she does require ventilation, it can be very difficult and very complicated. So, there are just a couple of reasons why women in the third trimester need to be a little more cautious.

Are newborns particularly vulnerable?

Dr Zoe: So far, the evidence tells us that newborns are not a vulnerable group – they are not more likely to get difficulties with Covid-19. Which is really good news, because obviously with newborns we wrap them up in cotton wool and we protect them from everything, and of course we should still do that, but they are not vulnerable. So, let’s annihilate that anxiety that many new mothers will have.

But it is important to say that everybody wants to come and visit when you have a newborn and at the moment, for a number of reasons, to protect the newborn but also to protect the people visiting and everybody else, unfortunately, no visitors allowed.

Here at Seraphine, we were all proud to take part in Thursday’s applause for the amazing front-line workers at the NHS. We are so grateful for your strength, courage & resilience in these challenging times. We were aslo pleased to spot Sarah-Jane joining in at home in her Seraphine dress!

Disclaimer: The above advice is aimed at healthy women with normal pregnancies. No two pregnancies are the same, so as always, please follow the advice given to you by your own doctors & health care providers.

Victory for NCT’s #Hiddenhalf Campaign: New Mums to Receive a Six-Week Check

It’s official – from April, all new mothers in England will receive a six-week check focusing on their physical & mental health, as well as one for their baby.

This fantastic news marks a landmark success for NCT’s #Hiddenhalf campaign, which we at Seraphine have been proud to support.

6-week check for new mums - NCT #Hiddenhalf

“It’s fantastic news that NHS England has responded to our calls for better postnatal mental health checks. This is a huge step forward and means more new mothers will be supported to talk about their mental health problems and get the help they need.”

Angela McConville, NCT’s Chief Executive

About the Six-Week Check

New mum's 6-week check, wearing a Seraphine maternity jumper

This new appointment will be separate from your baby’s six-week check, though it may be scheduled immediately before or afterwards to save you a journey. It’s an opportunity to focus on how you are coping, both physically and mentally, and to raise any concerns you may have with your GP.

The hope is, that this dedicated maternal health check will help to catch more cases of postnatal mental illness & get mothers who are struggling, the help they need.

Why it’s So Important

Seraphine's Mama & Mini sweatshirts. New mums 6-week check

Mental health problems affect at least 1 in 10 women during pregnancy or the first year after birth.

But around half of new mothers’ mental health problems don’t get picked up at all.

The old system of a combined mother & baby appointment simply didn’t offer enough time to tackle tricky issues like postnatal mental health.

NCT's #Hiddenhalf campaign - for the maternal 6-week check

Now every new mum will have at least 10 minutes with a healthcare professional to focus purely on her.

Here at Seraphine, we are thrilled to hear such positive news & would like to congratulate the NCT & everyone else involved in this campaign!

Find out more about NCT

Read more about Seraphine’s support for NCT’s #Hiddenhalf campaign here

Seraphine X Frip Ethique – 14,000 Maternity Garments Donated So Far!

This week on the blog, we’re taking a behind the scenes look at our charity partnership with Frip Ethique – Oxfam’s social enterprise, based in Senegal.

For the past 4 years, we at Seraphine have been donating all of our un-sold stock & un-used samples to the scheme – approximately 14,000 maternity garments so far!

By donating unused maternity clothes, we are minimizing our waste & helping Frip Ethique to fight poverty & make a positive impact in Senegal.

So you can shop Seraphine maternity clothes, safe in the knowledge that none of our stock goes to waste.

How Does Frip Ethique Work?

Woman sorting clothes for Frip Ethique

Frip Ethique means ‘ethical second-hand clothing’. The scheme employs 36 full-time workers based in Senegal, most of whom are women. Their job is to sort clothes donated to Oxfam and sell them on to local market traders.

So not only does the scheme provide permanent, fair employment for its own workers, but it enables over 500 small traders to make a living running their own businesses.

All profits from the scheme are invested back into Oxfam’s work fighting poverty in Senegal.

Life at Frip Ethique

A worker at Frip Ethique

The women working on the scheme are paid a fair wage, offered job security, sick pay and a pension. These are just a few of the things they had to say about how Frip Ethique had positively impacted their lives.

“Working at Frip Ethique has changed my life. The work is good. We work together; we laugh together. It’s changed everything.” Charlotte Lopy, Clothes Sorter

“Now my children are all at good schools… I’ve worked at a lot of places but this is the best… We’re well paid, we’ve got job security, and we have sickness benefits and pension.”Amy Collet Gueye, Stock Manager

Women sorting clothes at Frip Ethique

Here at Seraphine, we are passionate about reducing our impact wherever we can. We are proud to work with Frip Ethique, minimising our waste & making a difference to the lives of people in Senegal.

A Free Personal Shopping Appointment to Kit Out Your Maternity Wardrobe

Ever fancied a personal shopping appointment?

Whether you’re looking for something special like a maternity wedding dress, or simply want help putting together a maternity wardrobe that works for you, pregnancy is the perfect time to try it!

Personal shopping appointments for mums-to-be

Get the look: Nautical Maternity Maxi Dress

Our expert maternity stylists offer relaxed one-to-one personal shopping appointments at all of our UK stores – completely free of charge!

Appointments are arranged outside of usual shopping hours, so you & your stylist will have the run of the store.

She will take the time to get to know you, making personalised suggestions based on your taste, lifestyle, budget & wardrobe needs.

Visit Seraphine's maternity store for a personal shopping appointment

Get the Look: Breton Striped Maternity & Nursing Top

All of our stylists are highly trained and know the Seraphine collection inside out.

They also come with years of experience styling baby bumps and can show you all the tricks to flatter your changing figure.

Seraphine maternity clothes store in London

The appointment is complimentary and there’s no pressure to buy, so really there’s nothing to lose!

What are you waiting for mama? Call at least a week in advance to book your personal shopping appointment now!

Book Your Free Personal Shopping Appointment Today

Kensington Store

179 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SH

Appointments available: Monday to Wednesday, 6pm – 7pm

Call to book: 020 7937 3661

Northcote Road Store

102 Northcote Road, London, SW11 6QW

Appointments available: Monday to Wednesday, 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Call to book: 020 7223 3370

Marylebone Store

45 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 5HG

Appointments available: Wednesdays, 6pm to 7pm

Call to book: 020 7224 4193

Leeds Store

10/12 Cross Arcade, Victoria Quarter, Leeds, LS1 6AZ

Appointments available: Anytime, Monday to Friday

Call to book: 0113 244 9868

Happy International Women’s Day from the Seraphine Team

We women are amazing.

We can do anything that men can and we can do it all while growing & nurturing new life.

If that’s not an achievement worth shouting about, we don’t know what is!

The Seraphine Team Celebrates International Women’s Day

Cecile Reinaud celebrates International Women's Day

Here at Seraphine, we are proud to be a company run by women, for women.

Our Founder & President Cecile Reinaud is the perfect example of a woman working hard & pushing boundaries to improve the lives of other women.

“I started Seraphine with the aim of empowering women to feel comfortable & confident throughout pregnancy. I am so proud of my team & how far we’ve come.” Cécile


Seraphine celebrates International Women's Day 2020 #eachforequal

This week the Seraphine team struck the pose for this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #Eachforequal.

Over 80% of our workforce is made up of women, so we feel like we’re doing a pretty good job at tipping the gender balance.

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating all women’s achievements – from the grand and historic like getting the vote & smashing glass ceilings, to the private miracle of building a family & welcoming a new baby!

Happy International Women’s Day mamas – how are you celebrating?

Award Winning Style: Seraphine Takes Gold at the Absolutely Mama Awards

Here at Seraphine, we are absolutely thrilled to have won the Gold Award for best maternity wear at the Absolutely Mama Awards!


Seraphine wins gold at the Absolutely Mama awards

Get the look: Star Maternity & Nursing Jumper


After extensive testing by a panel of experts, as well as a public vote open to all the stylish Absolutely Mama readers, our maternity clothes came out on top & we couldn’t be prouder.

The judges loved the fusion of fashion and function in our range and were also impressed by the scope of our collection.


Seraphine maternity dresses - Gold award winning style

Get the Look: Knitted Maternity Dress with Collar & Black Dot Woven Maternity Dress


We offer options for every occasion, from classic maternity dresses & jeans to everyday basics, smart maternity workwear and glamorous evening options for special occasions – everything a stylish expectant mama needs for her nine months.

Of course, Seraphine is no stranger to winning awards – we won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2015 and have been named several times in The Times’ Fast Track 100 list.


Absolutely Mama is the UK’s leading lifestyle & parenting magazine, providing real-life stories as well as fashion and lifestyle tips for both mamas & little ones.

You can see the full list of winners on their website – absolutely-mama.co.uk

Seraphine & Cecile Reinaud Raise Over £4,500 for Charity this October

Here at Seraphine we have been busy raising money through October for two fantastic charities – Breast Cancer Care & Shelter.


Thinking Pink for Breast Cancer Care


October was breast cancer awareness month, so last Friday we all donned our pinkest outfits to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

Everyone got involved, from head office to store staff, and together we raised over £400!


Spot the Seraphine styles on our lovely store staff 

Seraphine store staff wear pink for charity


Breast cancer care is a UK-based charity, which provides support and information to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, and we are delighted to support their wonderful work.

Find out more about Breast Cancer Care



Cecile’s CEO Sleepout for Shelter

A post shared by Cecile Reinaud (@cecilereinaud) on


And on Monday, Seraphine Founder & CEO Cecile Reinaud braved the freezing temperatures to spend the night sleeping outside as part of the CEO Sleepout in London.

Cecile was one of the top 3 fundraisers in the group, raising over £4000 for Shelter!



Shelter is a fantastic charity providing advice, support & legal services to people struggling with homelessness or bad housing, as well as campaigning at the government level to tackle the causes and consequences of the housing crisis.

Find out more about Shelter


NCT’s #HiddenHalf Campaign


Cécile has also spoken out in support of NCT’s #HiddenHalf campaign this month, which aims to get postnatal mental illness out of hiding.

Find out more here


We are so proud of everyone’s efforts this month to raise money & awareness for such fantastic causes.


Join Seraphine Founder Cécile Reinaud & Support NCT’s #HiddenHalf Campaign

Seraphine Founder Cécile Reinaud has spoken out in support of NCT’s #HiddenHalf Campaign, which aims to improve the 6-week postnatal check & get postnatal mental illness out of hiding.

Scroll to the end to see how you can lend your support to this great cause – it only takes a moment!

Cecile Shares Her Struggle with Postnatal Depression

Cécile was unexpectedly blindsided by postnatal depression after the birth of her first son.

Like countless other new mums, she suffered in silence and did not receive the help she needed.

Cécile says: “Postnatal mental illness cannot continue to be a taboo! Let’s talk about it.”

Visit the NCT’s website to find out more about their #HiddenHalf Campaign & the different ways you can get involved.

A post shared by Cecile Reinaud (@cecilereinaud) on

Cecile with her two sons – Lorenz, 15 & Florian, 10

Cécile said: “I have suffered postnatal depression myself, and it was undoubtedly one of the hardest times of my life.”

“In my case, I think if I had received more support, it would have helped me to overcome that condition faster and with less difficulty and it wouldn’t have left such hard scars.”

NCT’s #HiddenHalf Campaign

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Seraphine Maternity (@seraphinematernity) on

Mental health problems affect at least 1 in 10 women during pregnancy or the first year after birth.

But around half of new mothers’ mental health problems don’t get picked up at all.

NCT are campaigning at the government level to get full funding for the six-week maternal postnatal check so that health professionals have the time to give all new mothers their own appointment, rather than squeezing it in with an examination of their baby.

NCT hidden half campaign - treatment works

Join the campaign here and help us change the system

Let’s get postnatal mental illness out of hiding. #HiddenHalf

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