How your pregnancy hospital bag can feature style as well as substance

Some great outfits in your hospital bag will be a real confidence boost before and after you give birth. You’ll no doubt have been told already that it’s a good idea to have a bag packed, put in the hallway and ready to go to hospital once you reach about 36 weeks of pregnancy. There’s no telling exactly when the baby will arrive and you don’t want to be scrabbling around in your wardrobe for clothes while you’re trying to cope with the early stages of labour, after all! It’s not going to be like packing a holdall for an ordinary weekend away though – what on earth are you supposed to take?


On top of all the practical items that your midwife and other mums will be able to fill you in on (like sanitary items, water, lip balm, baby clothes etc), we’d recommend putting together a few different outfits that will ensure you still feel like your stylish self both before the birth and afterwards. Don’t forget that you’ll have lots of visitors once the baby is here – and although they’re technically there to see your new arrival, you won’t want to feel like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, especially if they’re armed with cameras. Here are our top tips about what should be in your hospital bag.


Something cool and comfortable

Hospitals can be really hot, so it’s a good idea to pack plenty of light layers and natural fibres. Don’t forget that you might be sitting around for a while before everything starts as well, so a couple of changes of clothes are best. Take some long-sleeved tops and a cardigan or two, as well as some maternity leggings, as they’re really comfy for lounging in.


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Maternity Nightwear

The chances of an overnight stay are high both before and after the baby comes, as labour can take time and midwives usually keep you in if this is your first baby too. Make sure you don’t forget nightwear – this will ensure you don’t end up in one of those awful hospital gowns! You can go for pjyamas before you give birth, while a nightie is best for during and afterwards, especially if it has button-down panels to aid breastfeeding.


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Nursing clothes 

Speaking of breastfeeding, you’ll need nursing clothes too. Items that are specially adapted will mean you can feed your new baby comfortably and discreetly, which is ideal when you’re not used to it yet. A good breastfeeding top will also appear stylish in all your visitors’ photos, so they won’t know it’s not a regular top. We’d definitely recommend a shawl too, in case there are lots of people coming and going.


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A going-home outfit

Finally, don’t forget a fabulous outfit for when you’re let out into the world as a yummy mummy for the first time. You’re best off with maternity clothes, as your tummy is still likely to be quite swollen and the rest of your body might feel tender, but choose good ones and nobody will know anyway. Maternity jeans with a nursing top are always a good choice, but a dress might be nice if it’s a sunny day.


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Start packing now and you’ll have one less thing to worry about, plus you’ll definitely be the most stylish new mum on the ward!

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