Ever Wondered What Your Lipstick Shade Says About You?

Maternity dress and red lipstick

Here at Seraphine, we like to think we can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her signature lipstick. The shade you choose to show to the world is a very personal thing; it conveys something about who you are & how you’d like to be seen. So whether you favour a deep plum or a pretty pink, check out our quick guide to see if we’ve got your number…


Maternity fashion with hot pink lipstick

Fun-loving and quick to smile, your enthusiasm tends to be infectious. You’re the type who likes to live life to the full & isn’t afraid to take on new challenges – big project at work? No problem. Travelling with toddlers? Sounds like fun. Run the marathon? Bring it on! You are always the first to laugh & the last to stop, though never at anyone else’s expense.

The Lipstick: Ilia – Neon Angel

The Dress: Fuchsia Knot Front Maternity Dress



Maternity fashion with red lipstick

A true Romantic with a hidden cheeky streak, you are passionate and ambitious; the kind of woman that men fall in love with from across the room. You secretly think that you might have been born in the wrong era, and tend to spend a lot of time inside your own head – life just has more sparkle when viewed through the lens of your incredible imagination.

The Lipstick: Ilia – Perfect Day

The Dress: Claret Knot Front Maternity Dress


Maternity fashion with berry lipstick

Intuitive and bold, you know your own mind and aren’t afraid to say what you mean. Your friends come to you for fashion advice, as they know you’ll always give an honest opinion & won’t sugar coat it if something isn’t working. A born risk-taker, you will pursue your goals wherever they take you, but will always remain grounded. No matter how busy your schedule, there will always be time for a catch up with the girls.

The Lipstick: Ilia – Around the World

The Dress: Woven Berry Maternity & Nursing Dress


Maternity fashion with nude lipstick

People often say that you’re too nice, and you always take it as a compliment. You are the mum of your friendship group – the shoulder to cry on, the baker of cakes, and giver of tea & sympathy. But just as you share in others’ trials, you take genuine pleasure from their triumphs too. Highly empathetic; you believe that kindness costs nothing, but can make all the difference.

The Lipstick: Ilia – In My Room

The Dress: Tiered Midnight Blue Maternity Dress


Maternity fashion with plum lipstick

Inherently seductive in all areas of life, you are all about the thrill of the chase. You are in no hurry but make no mistake, once you set your sights on something you rarely miss. You live in the moment and know instinctively how to take pleasure from the little things in life – your morning cup of coffee, the turning autumn leaves and sexy matching lingerie.

The Lipstick: Ilia – Femme Fatale

The Dress: Black Maternity Midi Dress


All products featured are by organic beauty brand Ilia Beauty. They are 72% organic & pregnancy safe!

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