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Mama Mio

It’s no secret: pregnancy can be tough on your skin. But with a little dedication, and the right tools in your cosmetics arsenal, you can minimise the damage, and in many cases avoid stretch marks altogether. So you can feel just as fabulous out of your maternity dresses as in them!

Read on for your chance to win a fabulous selection of skin firming Mama Mio products…


Why do we get stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear when your skin is put under pressure. During pregnancy you are growing faster than ever before and, just like your maternity dresses, your skin has to stretch to keep up. The problem is, that all of the essential fatty acids you need to sustain your skin’s elasticity are being hot-wired direct to your baby. And of course that’s where they should go, we’re glad to give them – but it means that your skin is going through its toughest ever challenge, while at its weakest point.

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What can we do to avoid them?

This is where Mama Mio comes in… They’ve developed a fantastic range of skin firming & elasticity increasing products designed specifically for mums during pregnancy, breastfeeding & afterwards, when you’re thinking about getting your body back to normal.

Prevention & protection is the name of the game; by applying those essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 directly to the skin, you can bypass the rest of your system, and feel the benefits exactly where you want them.

Mama Mio

Seraphine recommends:

For prevention try their Tummy Rub Oil or Tummy Rub Butter

For existing stretch marks opt for Good Bye Stretch Marks

To firm up boobs & stop sagging use the Pregnancy Boob Tube

For a post pregnancy tone up you’ll love Get Waisted


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Competition Time!

Here at Seraphine, we’ve teamed up with Mama Mio to give you the chance to win a fabulous selection of Mama Mio products!

One winner will be selected at random to win the Pregnancy Essentials Kit & the Fit Skin for Life Kit, and one runner up will receive the Pregnancy Starter Kit & the Fit Skin for Life Kit.

For your chance to win:

  • visit our Facebook page
  • Find the competition post
  • Like it
  • Leave a comment
  • Share the post on your timeline

*top tip* – your name goes in the hat twice if you share!


So what are you waiting for?… Best of luck mamas!



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