Marine Tanguy, Founder of MTArt Agency on Pregnancy, Art & Maternity Style

Marine Tanguy wears a Seraphine maternity dress

Last year she made the Forbes 30 under 30 list & this year she’s getting ready to welcome her first baby!

A passionate entrepreneur & advocate for artists, Marine Tanguy founded MTArt Agency in 2015 at just 25 years old – breaking from the gallery model to promote the artists she believes in across the globe.

We caught up with Marine to talk pregnancy as a CEO, art for newborns & maternity fashion.



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Marine with her partner Will


How have you found pregnancy so far?

Really lovely. I had so much anxiety beforehand – I worried that my investors, all men, would perhaps see it as affecting the company or that our talents would worry for their career.

Aside from a couple of negative people, I have received so much love and support. I feel very grateful for my friends, family and the people who I work with.

It’s so nice to think that we are slowly getting to a place where a woman can do the job of her dreams while becoming the mother she wants to be.



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Marine giving a talk at Annabel’s for @BeBold_lc in Seraphine


Any pregnancy cravings?

Many! Blueberries and tomatoes during my first trimester while my second trimester was all about bubble tea (which can be challenging to obtain at all times of day!).

My third trimester has been more varied – it perhaps doesn’t help that my friend Manon Lagrève (of Great British Bake Off fame) bakes the most delicious cakes around me constantly.


Marine Tanguy & Manon Lagreve

Marine & her friend Manon at her baby shower


Tell us a little about MTArt – what’s your vision?

MTArt is the first talent agency promoting the top visual artists and specialising in talent management: building, growing and accelerating careers.

I have plans for expansion in 2019 and want MTArt Agency to eventually rival the major Hollywood talent agencies that look after actors and celebrities.

I strongly believe that visual artists deserve to have a much stronger influence in our lives. In short: I love my talents and want the world to see how inspiring they are!



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How are you planning to introduce your son to art? Have you already chosen pieces for his nursery?

From the moment a baby is born, their first grasp of the world around them is through their eyes.

Surrounding new-borns with artworks that play with light, texture, colours, and different materials can have a positive impact on the development of their visual senses.

I am lucky to spend my life surrounded by artists who have specially commissioned works for the baby’s bedroom. My personal favourite is a mobile of butterflies, created by Jasmine Pradissitto, made from recycled materials which look like “holograms you can touch” from different perspectives as light hits them.



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How are you planning on juggling motherhood with your business?

I am planning to ride it the fast and furious way. I am very happy and filled with meaning with my job, I would hope for the baby to see this. It’s a great example that one can do what they love.

And I hope that my son enjoys the ride, the travels, the inspiring artists and the art!


Marine Tanguy with artist Adelaide Amoah

Marine in our Ivory & Ecru Silk Maternity Dress with artist Adelaide Amoah


What’s your pregnancy style?

Seraphine of course! I love soft textures – be it silk or cotton, almost like a second skin. Perhaps I am still a little girl at heart so a dress must twirl, because it makes me smile.

Finally, I am French about it – the style must be poetic at all times. I am so proud of my bump, I want a dress that shows it off.


Marine Tanguy at her baby shower


Which is your favourite Seraphine maternity piece & why?

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited as a speaker to a panel at Annabel’s organised by the Be Bold ladies.

I wore the Deep Blue Beaded Maternity Cocktail Dress and felt wonderful. It is so complimentary to the figure and you do feel like a princess.


Marine Tanguy wears a navy blue Seraphine maternity dress


What are you most looking forward to in new motherhood?

Seeing the world through his eyes!!


Any advice for other expectant mums?

Only surround yourself by the friends who make you smile – you have too much to think of to receive negative energy.


For more from Marine, follow her on Instagram: @MarineTanguyArt

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