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Virtually every time the fashion magazines publish pictures of red carpet events featuring pregnant celebrities, a debate erupts over their maternity wear. We’ve seen it time and again since we started writing for our website – there is always a barrage of comments and opinions about whether expectant moms should be wearing fitted or flowing clothes.


However, the celebrities themselves often seem to come down firmly in one camp or another. Lots of them wear figure-hugging dresses every time they appear in public, while others tend to stick to tops that skim loosely over their bump for the duration of their pregnancy.


But which will you choose? To help you out, we’ll present examples of each and suggest some outfits that could help you get the look.


Fitted and figure-hugging

Some women absolutely can’t wait to show off their bump and don’t mind who see it – they’re pregnant and they want the world to know! It’s not generally acceptable to go around with your tummy sticking out though, so the next best thing is a dress that clings to those curves and displays it in all its glory.


Celebrities who have adopted this approach in the not-too-distant past include Hilary Duff, Camila Alves and Jessica Simpson, with Jess telling Us Weekly: “I like wearing things more fitted. You want to show off your bump! It’s just so fun.”


Halle Berry is also showing she’s not afraid to wear fitted gowns to big events, having sported several lately.


Get the look with Seraphine:


Flowing and flirty

At the other end of the scale, there are women who aren’t at all keen on having everyone knowing they’re pregnant. If you have a friend or colleague who adopts this approach, it’s entirely possible you won’t even know they’re expecting until the third trimester. They tend to wear printed tops and pants that draw the eye away from the belly, or dresses that skim rather than cling as a cunning disguise. That’s not to say they wear anything remotely tent-like, though. They’re still fashionable, but subtly so.


Celebrities who have dressed like this include the Duchess of Cambridge, Rachel Zoe and – remarkably – Kim Kardashian. OK, so Kim wasn’t demure all the time, but we did see her in a great beige dress with a flowing hem just a few weeks ago and it really suited her.


Get the look with Seraphine:


So, which is best?

You might expect us to make a choice at this point and advise you accordingly on what maternity clothes to wear – but we’re not going to. Why not? Because we know you’ll be fabulous whatever you decide to embrace. Besides, why should you stick to one or the other? Go for what makes you feel good and change from day to day. If you’re feeling outgoing, wear a figure-hugging dress. When you just want to blend in (or you’re at work), try a flared tunic.


At Seraphine, we design each and every item with the pregnant form in mind so you can be sure you’ll look amazing, whether you’re in bodycon or flowing silk.



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