5 top tips for maternity style by Helen Canning

I’m pregnant with my second child and despite working in the fashion industry in one way or another since graduating from university, I still found it challenging dressing a bump the first time around.  You get to a point where you think you know your body then, bam! you’ve got a whole new shape to dress.  But somehow I found my way through my first pregnancy without losing my style and started a blog; cocomamastyle.com to inspire others and remind us all that you don’t lose who you are the minute that little plastic stick says ‘pregnant’.

Throughout my pregnancy I’ll bring you style tips I’ve picked up through the past few years as a mum-to-be, new mum and second-timer that will take you through those bump months and beyond as well as giving you a sneak peek into my own wardrobe to help you get the most out of your maternity style.


5 top tips for maternity style

1. Remember who you are and what you love. If you usually (pre-baby!) wear fitted dresses, then carry on doing so now you’re pregnant. Love a floaty frock?  Keep rocking those flowing, feminine dresses. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity. Look for the colours and shapes you know and you’ll feel right at home and remember to mix and match with your existing wardrobe. Here I styled the navy knot front dress with my trusty old leather jacket (with rolled up sleeves for a summer twist), a couple of layered necklaces and classic black heels.

2. That said it is a great opportunity to experiment if you felt stuck in a style rut before. Always wanted to wear figure-hugging dresses but felt too self-conscious?  Now’s your chance! Embrace those curves with body-con styles.

3. Accessories are your best friend. Wear your capsule wardrobe endless ways with a variety of scarves, belts and necklaces to dress your look up or down for any occasion. We live in the age of the statement necklace/bag/ring so make the most of it to accessorize your basics to the max. I’ve been rocking Seraphine’s leopard print scarf since long before I was pregnant!

4. As a high heel addict I’m not one to say ‘ditch the heels’ straight away but let your body lead the way and keep the flats to hand. You’ll know when you need them! In the meantime ease yourself down with wedges and this season’s must-have midi heel.

5. As you’ll know, your body doesn’t go from zero to big bump in an instant – nor, sadly does it go back to flat tummy again that quickly!  Our bodies are changing daily and not just our waistline but our hips and bust too!  Don’t go mad in your first trimester buying up your perfect jeans in every colour thinking that’s you sorted for the next 9 months as your fit may change as you expand. This also means don’t rule out one style of jean or dress the first time you try it on as it may turn out to be the perfect comfort fit come week 30 and beyond!  Be flexible and try different styles at different stages.


But most of all enjoy it! It may feel like you’ve been pregnant forever but it will be over before you know it!

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