Meet Our Competition Winner – Hannah Damary-Thompson!

We had a fantastic time on Saturday when our lovely competition winner paid a visit to our Kensington store to choose pieces for her brand new Seraphine maternity wardrobe! Hannah came down with her partner Lewis to collect her prize after correctly guessing that the new royal arrival would be called George.

This win couldn’t have come at a better time for Hannah, who is five months pregnant with her second baby. The couple don’t know the sex yet, though 5 year old Finn is convinced that he is getting a baby sister.

Hannah’s shopping strategy was to start with the signature Seraphine tote changing bag and to build up a wardrobe around that. After a couple of hours of hardcore shopping, we caught up with her for a quick interview.


1) What made you pick the name George?

I can’t honestly say what made me pick the name George. I just thought that it was a lovely, traditional name that would sound great for the next Prince. I just cannot believe that I picked correctly, it must be pregnancy intuition!


2) How did you feel when you found out that you had won the competition?

I was absolutely thrilled! Appearance has always been very important to me and being totally out of control of my changing body and cut off from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, I was at my wit’s end. I had only recently discovered Seraphine and instantly fell in love with most of the collection so when I found out that I had won a £1,000 shopping spree I was over the moon!


3) What was your overall experience of the day?

I had such a fantastic day at the Kensington store – everyone was so friendly and helpful. It’s every girl’s dream to be able to walk into a shop and pick out anything without worrying about breaking the bank. The shop is lovely and the staff are wonderful. Even my partner, Lewis, couldn’t moan too much about his 3 hour long ordeal waiting for me to try on practically the entire shop, because even he had a great time in there!


4) What is your favourite new Seraphine piece and why?

I genuinely can’t pick my favourite piece, it’s all so gorgeous and comfortable and great quality! The designers have clearly thought long and hard about the collections because Seraphine manages to deliver on trend styles in a classic and effortless way. The clothes are so versatile, they can be glammed up or dressed down really easily so are perfect for the playground or the board room. I got a lot of dresses in various styles, from shift dresses to maxi’s and all of them are gorgeous!


5) Do you have any big plans for your new wardrobe?

Juggling my  five year old, Finn, running my own recruitment business and being pregnant, my new wardrobe is going to be put well and truly through its paces! We have quite a few parties and weddings coming up so I can’t wait to show off my bump in my new dresses! Is it wrong that I am already planning my outfit for my 20 week scan on Wednesday?!


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