Natalie Pinkham’s Pregnancy Style Secret… Seraphine Maternity Clothes!

Natalie Pinkham wearing a blue dress

Gorgeous Sky Sports presenter Natalie Pinkham became a stunning second time mama last week, welcoming a beautiful baby girl named Willow Mirela – a little sister for 17 month old son Wilf.

Natalie has been a fan of Seraphine maternity clothes throughout both of her pregnancies, and this month, she looked stunning in one of our luxe maternity evening gowns to attend a glamorous charity gala. The event, held at London’s infamous Abbey Road studio and boasting a VIP guest list including Princess Eugenie, Mike Tindall and brother and sister Sam and Holly Branson, raised over £600,000 for Hope and Homes – a charity dedicated to ending the institutionalisation of children around the world.


Natalie Pinkham with Princess Eugenie


The gala was held just weeks before her due date, and Nathalie simply glowed in our Black Lace Detail Wrap Maternity Gown.

Last year we caught up with Natalie just after she welcomed her son Wilf, and she let us in on her top tips for styling a bump…


1) Describe your style in 3 words

A bit tomboy.


2) Was it easy to adapt your style for pregnancy?

Not always, but having Seraphine maternity clothes in my wardrobe certainly helped!



3) How did you manage styling your bump on live TV?

I felt proud to be pregnant, so quite enjoyed having a bump on telly! One of my favourite TV outfits was the Seraphine Striped Maternity Tunic – it was so comfy & looked great on screen.


4) What’s the best bit of pregnancy advice your received and who was it from?

My mum – the journey is an incredible one, enjoy every minute – even the tough bits, because you will never be pregnant for the first time again!



5) We are confiscating your makeup bag – you’re allowed to keep three essential cosmetics. What do you choose?

Don’t do it! Please?! Ok… I choose bronzer, mascara and gloss. Done. Happy.


6) What’s your favourite Seraphine piece & why?

I love so many pieces from Seraphine, but probably my most useful was the black maternity swimming costume that i took away on holiday.


Wilf ❤️   A photo posted by Natalie Pinkham (@natalie_pinkham) on


7) Any tips to share with breastfeeding mums?

Try and keep your baby on your boob until it is completely empty, as the best milk is at the back – the hind milk… It’s full of nutrients, antibodies and all round goodness. : ) Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t breast feed. It’s luck of the draw and doesn’t make you less of a mum, or in any way a failure if you can’t do it.



8) Tell us your idea of happiness?

My idea of happiness has been redefined since becoming a mum. He is the centre of my world; I feel very lucky to have him – so every minute with Wilf is pure happiness!

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