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Postnatal exercise mummy and baby

So you’ve had your baby & are now raring to get back into your groove with some gentle postnatal exercises. It’s important to take your time with this – listen to your body and wait at least 6 weeks before you start in earnest. But once you feel ready, a little gentle exercise is a fantastic way to tone up, boost your mood and even bond with baby!

So slip into your post pregnancy leggings or Seraphine Active Kit & try these fun postnatal exercises at home with baby!


P.S. If you’re still expecting, scroll to the bottom to find a fabulous 25 minute pregnancy yoga video to follow at home…


Exercise with baby

This is just about the sweetest way we can think of to start toning your tum!

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet placed firmly on the floor in a position ready to do sit ups. Sit baby half way up the slope of your thighs, holding him in place around his middle. Then simply do a set of regular sit ups, kissing baby at the top of each one! Aim for 3 sets of 12.



Front stroller squats

Who needs weights when you have a little bundle of joy to lift!

Strap baby into his front carrier, stand with your feet just over a shoulder width apart and complete a set of regular squats. Bend your knees to lower your body into an imaginary chair, keeping your weight over your heels. Aim for 3 sets of 12.



Buggy Lunges

Tone up and make baby laugh!

Put baby in the buggy facing you, then complete a set of regular lunges, stopping at the bottom to pull a funny face and make baby laugh, before slowly returning to your neutral position. This is great for toning your legs and baby will love this fun new game!



Exercise with baby

Teach baby his ABCs and tighten up your abs while you’re at it!

Lying flat on your back with baby next to you, place your arms at your sides and extend your legs straight up toward the ceiling, feet together.
Recite the alphabet slowly to baby, drawing each letter in the air with your toes. Keep the moves slow and controlled, and be sure to keep your belly button pulled in toward the floor. Aim to make it through the entire alphabet.



Exercise with baby

Lie baby down on your mat and position your hands either side of her for a set of regular press ups. This is perfect for toning up your arms, and baby will find it completely hilarious. If those delighted giggles don’t motivate you to finish the set, we don’t know what will!



Keeping Fit Through Pregnancy

If you still have a while to wait before you meet your little bundle of joy, why not try some gentle pregnancy yoga! Yoga is a fantastic way to stay active through your nine months – It’s perfect for relieving tension both physically and mentally, and can even help you to prepare for labour and speed up your recovery time. With regular practice, you’ll feel energised and more connected to both your body and your baby.


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When it comes to pregnancy workouts and postnatal exercises, the most important thing is to listen to your body, and only do as much as you feel comfortable with.



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