Join Seraphine Founder Cécile Reinaud & Support NCT’s #HiddenHalf Campaign

Seraphine Founder Cécile Reinaud has spoken out in support of NCT’s #HiddenHalf Campaign, which aims to improve the 6-week postnatal check & get postnatal mental illness out of hiding.

Scroll to the end to see how you can lend your support to this great cause – it only takes a moment!

Cecile Shares Her Struggle with Postnatal Depression

Cécile was unexpectedly blindsided by postnatal depression after the birth of her first son.

Like countless other new mums, she suffered in silence and did not receive the help she needed.

Cécile says: “Postnatal mental illness cannot continue to be a taboo! Let’s talk about it.”

Visit the NCT’s website to find out more about their #HiddenHalf Campaign & the different ways you can get involved.

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Cecile with her two sons – Lorenz, 15 & Florian, 10

Cécile said: “I have suffered postnatal depression myself, and it was undoubtedly one of the hardest times of my life.”

“In my case, I think if I had received more support, it would have helped me to overcome that condition faster and with less difficulty and it wouldn’t have left such hard scars.”

NCT’s #HiddenHalf Campaign

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Mental health problems affect at least 1 in 10 women during pregnancy or the first year after birth.

But around half of new mothers’ mental health problems don’t get picked up at all.

NCT are campaigning at the government level to get full funding for the six-week maternal postnatal check so that health professionals have the time to give all new mothers their own appointment, rather than squeezing it in with an examination of their baby.

NCT hidden half campaign - treatment works

Join the campaign here and help us change the system

Let’s get postnatal mental illness out of hiding. #HiddenHalf

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