Maternity style & pregnancy yoga – by Pollyanna Woodward

Pollyanna Woodward shares her maternity style

Pollyanna is a television presenter, most recently on The Gadget Show. She and golfer fiancé Paul Casey are currently expecting their first child.


I don’t think I could ever fully prepare myself for impending motherhood. Even now as it looms closer, I still feel pretty overwhelmed by it all, but at the same time I’m also really excited! I will be very honest and admit that I’m not one of those mums-to-be, that has fully embraced pregnancy and is completely at one with it. The changes my body has gone through and is still going through, (that I have no control over!) have taken me completely by surprise. The ever increasing dress sizes, the dry skin, the tiredness and the dreaded ‘baby brain’ (!) are all aspects that I have found really hard to accept, especially being a bit of an adrenalin junkie! But knowing what my body is creating, has left me in complete awe of the gift us ladies have. It never ceases to amaze me what is actually happening, especially when I’m feeling it kick and move, it makes accepting my ever changing body an easier pill to swallow!



Throughout my pregnancy so far, style has been one of my biggest challenges, and I know this seems to be a common complaint with women across the land! To be honest I think I’ve only just found my comfort zone and realised what works for me….. long flowing maternity maxi dresses with under bust gathering – still feminine, comfortable and beautiful, but brilliant at disguising all my “unsightly” bits, whilst enhancing my best bit ….my bump. Finding these dresses had been a huge struggle until I recently discovered Seraphine ….. It was one of those eureka moments. I could kick myself for finding them so late, but as they say, better late than never! I think during pregnancy that’s one of the most important factors in feeling good; finding what suits YOU! Our shapes during this time are so individual, you just need to wear what makes you feel great and comfortable.



I have also started yoga, as I am unable to workout like I normally would, so I decided to try and help my body remain supple and strong – not only for baby but also to help recovery after birth and to be as fit and healthy a Mum as I can.  Yoga seemed like a great way to do this and I must admit I have found it extremely beneficial. I try to do it 3, sometimes 4 times a week if I’m not too tired – it is relaxing, soothing and does help with strength, but isn’t grueling like other workouts. And let’s face it; as a mum-to-be just being up and about is tiring! I decided to do it via a fantastic DVD from Tara Lee, as I have been travelling a lot during my pregnancy and this allows me to do it wherever I am in the world. I got the trilogy so I can do post natal yoga and yoga with our new arrival too! I really do think this is something I will continue, as I found the benefits so helpful, and as mums-to-be will know, anything that makes you feel great and relaxed is a bonus.


Really thrilled to be blogging for Seraphine – in my next blog, I’ll be sharing some of my top baby tech purchases, some of which are essential in terms of baby’s health and well being and others which are just lots of fun!



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